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RE: Spinvest-leo update - SPEW update. October 1.

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Greetings, I have a doubt, I am really interested in participating in the Pool, but I would like to know how the distribution of the profits would be? Knowing that of course, you are in charge of placing the ETH

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Basically everyone has a share of the pool, depending on how much is contributed. The assets in the pool are owned proportionally to that share. When profits come in (from the LEO bounty) the following happens:

  • 20% is deducted from the payout as the fee - sent to @spinvest-leo account.
  • The remaining funds are then split proportionally to each participant in the pool.

I took the starting values, and each fortnight will re-balance the pool ownership by each individual depending on new funds added, or any withdrawals. Trying to keep the number of transactions to a minimum, to reduce GAS. Full update coming soon, and then all will be clearer once the first bounty payout is received.

Sorry for the delay in answering.

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