December / January LeoAds Report | Tokenized Attention and Platform Ownership

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As @trumpman will remind you, we missed the December ad report. Working with Lightning and preparing our other projects like LeoFi and ProjectBlank, we got distracted from the normal report schedule. As we quickly ran through January, I decided to push the ad report back and just combine December and January into one report.

We'll resume our normal monthly reporting schedule (including author / curator reports etc. from this point forward)

In this report, we'll talk about the December / January numbers and also discuss the future of tokenized attention on LeoFinance. There are some major updates on how we operate our tokenized attention model this year, especially with the introduction of ProjectBlank - which will have direct tie-ins to the tokenized attention model for the entire LeoFinance project.

As our user base and overall traffic continue to grow, our model for tokenized attention needs to be optimized. We've played with a few different ad locations and have started looking into multiple ad networks and even affiliate networks to improve our tokenized attention revenue.

Right now, the model is far from optimized. In moving from our old UI to the new UI we built from the ground up, we decided to opt for a less-intrusive ad experience. We want to maintain this experience but also scale up the number of ads displayed by finding strategic locations. A few members of the community have already stepped up to give suggestions for new ad placement locations (including the homepage which has a lot of potential ad space that isn't utilized).

Tokenized Attention is one of the most important aspects of the LEO token economy. When we first introduced this model, we were earning pennies per day on ad revenue. Now, we consistently earn upwards of $20 per day in ad revenue which comes out to $600-$800 per month depending on CPM fluctuations and impressions.

These numbers are still small and there is a lot of upside potential. Platforms like Seeking Alpha and others have shown the potential for ad revenue.. easily bringing in 6-7 figures per year in revenue. With LeoFinance, we aim to reach similar figures in the long run.

I'd tell you to imagine the impact that this level of ad revenue would have on the LEO token economy, but you don't have to. @nealmcspadden has written/recorded several posts discussing the topic with his infamous spreadsheet wizardry. I'll let you explore those and dream up the future of our tokenized attention model.

All-Time Ad Revenue

Our Ad revenue since the launch of the tokenized attention model has been on a constant uptrend in the long-run. This is a healthy sign as our economy continues to expand and new users join the LeoFinance platform and utilize the applications we continuously develop.


Over the last 2 months, we've seen a slight dip in average ad revenue per day. This is primarily due to fluctuating CPM - since the ad impressions are actually on the rise.

In previous reports, a few community members have made suggestions about how we can improve our CPM. Here, I've included a chart of the CPM and how it has fluctuate since our ad program started:


Here are some ideas for improving our CPM and driving more ad revenue back to the tokenized attention model:

  • Increase and optimize ad locations
  • Sign with multiple ad networks
  • Introduce affiliate banners

Ad Optimization - Improving the Tokenized Attention Model

Ad Placements

Many users have suggested that the ad placements on are far from optimized. We agree with this. As it stands, we've opted for a cleaner user experience with non-intrusive ads and we will always prioritize that as having ads all over the place makes us look like CNBC (which sucks).

We have a few ideas for additional ad placements that don't interrupt the user experience. We're planning to add those in the near future in a new version release of (after ProjectBlank is launched).

Having additional strategic ad placements should further increase impressions and possibly increase our CPM depending on how strategic those placements are.

Ad Networks

We currently use only 1 ad network. Many in the community have suggested that we could use rotating banners to bring in much higher CPMs - since networks will have to compete with CPM bids.

We've submitted a request to one new crypto ad network and plan to submit a few more. Our current network is known to have pretty high CPMs relative to other networks, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. Especially if we take on this more competitive model for ad placement.

Affiliate Banners

Affiliate banners are an interesting idea that someone brought up in the past. With the introduction of rotating banners, we can also add in a rotation for various affiliate links. Crypto affiliate links are typically high impact in terms of the revenue you can generate. Imagine affiliate links for things like Binance sign up, etc.

Since our site is primarily crypto focused and we may often bring in new and existing crypto users to various pieces of content, there's a huge potential to tap into affiliate revenue.

Following the ad revenue model, this affiliate revenue would be brought in used to burn LEO for the tokenized attention aspect of the LEO economy. This is something we'll have to play around with.

December + January Ad Report


We combined all of the December and January numbers for the sake of time so we could roll this report out and get on to the ProjectBlank and LeoFi announcements/developments.

These two months were nearly identical to November, save for the lower CPM. Ad Impressions and USD that we brought in were roughly the same. Again, we're still growing slightly but the CPM seems to be holding us back from capitalizing on the additional impressions and overall traffic that LeoFinance is getting.

I've found someone to help us with some ad optimizations - including reaching out to these ad networks and implementing rotating banners. We'll hopefully rollout a few updates for the tokenized attention model by the end of February.

Sources of Ad Revenue

LeoFinance continues to dominate the source of our ad revenue. No surprise there as this is where most of our users spend the majority of their time. External traffic also plays a huge factor in this as LeoDex and Hivestats do not cater much at all to anyone outside of the Hive blockchain.


With the introduction of ProjectBlank along with another stats-based UI we're building (to service people on the Ethereum network), it will be interesting to see how this model changes. ProjectBlank will have somewhat of a standalone ad program (for BLANK token burns), but LeoFinance will take a cut of the revenue for LEO token burns since it is all housed under the Leo umbrella.

Ad Revenue Per Day

Ad revenue per day has remained relatively consistent. On certain days (especially when crypto is mooning) we see upticks in ad revenue. Outside of that, you can see a pretty regular fluctuation in revenue each day - which again, is mostly related to CPM. Our impressions are remarkably consistent, while our CPM has been all over the place in recent months.


Over the past 2 months, we've averaged ~$21.77 USD per day in ad revenue.

Other Updates

The suspense is building for #ProjectBlank and #LeoFi. Between these 2 developments and our work on the Lightning DB layer, it's been a crazy month in January. February will be even crazier but we'll have a lot to announce and unveil which makes it more fun than just backend work that nobody sees.

The infamous Leo Whitepaper (now nearly 100k words) is going to be published soon. Part of the hold up is that it includes a lot of information about ProjectBlank that we're not ready to share yet.

This whitepaper covers everything from what Leo has done since we launched nearly 2 years ago to what we're doing today and what our plans are in the future. This project is only getting started as we've shaped our vision around becoming a social finance platform.

Coming up:

  • Major Publishing UI Update - Advanced Drafts and Publishing Features (through Lightning and LeoInfra, we're going to introduce a drafts/publishing feature that works... very well. There's a familiar experience here to how Twitter handles scheduling and drafts - which is why we're rolling this out before #ProjectBlank). We've got this feature live on our development site and we're aiming to push it into production by tomorrow morning
  • Announcements of announcements for #ProjectBlank - every day is another 24 hours closer to the launch
  • LeoFinance Whitepaper/Book (Shane and a few others want me to publish it on Amazon in kindle version.. 🤷🏽‍♂️)
  • LeoFi Dashboard Unveil (roughly 3 weeks out)

Stay tuned. Our announcements have announcements that they'd like to announce to you.



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"About fucking time." -Trumpman

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Finally got him to shut up 🙌🏽

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Forgot to mention! Happy new ATH 🥂 $0.62


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Dump on me..

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Now that's what I'm Talkin' About !! @leofinance

Good stuff! I just skimmed through it, so I may have missed it, but does it show how much LEO was burned during this same period as well?

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You did not miss it. As it is the short version of 1691, this info is not included.

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🤦🏽‍♂️ there was supposed to be a section in here on that. Will either edit it in or just include the full burn details in Feb

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Yes, you kept it short this time, not 6000 words for 2 months in one post. No worries, as #projectblank needs more time so better you invest in there, than rather then in a post!

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Affiliate links would also be welcomed, I think they're a great form of revenue. Nevertheless the as revenue per day is consistent and the charts shows the progress and how far it's come. It's been totally progress for project Leofinance so far.

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Progress is always good to see, but we can do better :)

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Good to see the stats and coming uodates.
I got a question as we are currently buying and burning leo with ad revenue. And if ad revenue gooes to bigger figures, burning that much of leo will be making it very hard to look for liquidity. Price of leo would be obviously high but liquidity also matters. Are there any other plans of using that revenue? May be buying leo and power up or add in liquepools or use it to promote leo in outside world or any otger usecase.


This is a good question and one that many in the community have brought up. In the beginning, our ad revenue was only about $100 per month. It has obviously grown exponentially since then and will continue to grow with time.

As our ad revenue starts to reach the thousands and even tens of thousands +, I think it will be important to explore a multi-faceted approach to utilizing ad revenue. LEO liquidity is already extremely thin (less than 175,000 liquid LEO currently - the rest are either powered up or in the Uniswap pool).

Using ad revenue to grow LeoFinance - gain more users, readers, token holders, etc. - would be a better use of the revenue. I think this is something we'll start to experiment with in the near future as our ad revenue breaks $1000. We may decide for a 50/50 split or something along these lines. Before any change happens, we'll open it up for a community discussion 🦁

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finally I don't have to hear wen from you

Now I just have to release everything else to get everyone else to stop saying wen too.

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I really hope Leo Finance will have notifications, it's a pain under the lion's tail to be using Leo finance and another hive front end at the same time.

Echoing you.. Same pain here.

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When will be 0 hours for #projectblank? Or how many hours have left?

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Was there a drop off in traffic at the end of the month that results in the sudden drop in revenue?

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but LeoFinance will take a cut of the revenue for LEO token burns since it is all housed under the Leo umbrella

Nice,....more value props for Leo token. Love it.

Sweet!love to see it! Can't wait for the Ethereum UI also, if it can offer some sort of important statistics, ethereans will gobble it up daily, I'll love to see that one, I'm super optimistic about it....

LeoFinance Whitepaper/Book (Shane and a few others want me to publish it on Amazon in kindle version.. 🤷🏽‍♂️)

I don't have Kindle 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Keep it up champs. Let's fucking go!

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Amazing growth and love to see you lean towards optimizing the ad revenue. As we grow the income can be adapted to get the maximum out of it. Competing ads is a great idea the same as affiliate banners as imagine only the beginners that reach the site and don't have any exchange accounts, could bring some nice affiliate revenues.

The roadmap is teasing as always and nice to see it laid down. This way we can refocus on what is to come.

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my suggestion is inserting leo own ads with text abd banner at every users posts. the ads is from advertisers. leo can make its on space and offer to advertisers.

Other type is using publishox model. Cooperate with other start up and offer review contests.

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I've been an idiot and had ad blocker enabled on LEO. Disabled for leo now :)

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Congratulations on the hard work that is being done through these projects in development. It is a really good reason to celebrate and the way things are going, we will be celebrating more and more ATHs going forward.

It’s great to see that we’ve seen a huge increase in ad revenue and I have no doubt that it will increase even more.

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OK, that's good. I also want to make money from advertising

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Now, we consistently earn upwards of $20 per day in ad revenue which comes out to $600-$800 per month

This figure is quite impressive and I hope it will grow even further. THis means that more people are visiting Leo and its a plus.

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Beautiful to see the Leoads report for December and January. Still seams LeoPedia is still so underutilized and many are going to that project. Crypto education is the key and LeoPedia could be a crypto school.

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very good. A CPM for around 10$ is not that hard to archive. In the finance area with optimization are between 20$ to 40$ is also achievable.

A lot of potential because 2,17 is not the end :)

I hope Leo becomes the ultimate Blueprint for Hive Tokens :)

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To the moon first and then to the Sun !

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Neal's case for $2 and $37 LEO is all we need to know ;)

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I published a post about 2 months ago; Layout & Ad Placement Suggestions To Improve Results, with some of my suggestions to improve Ad Revenue, potentially reduce bounce rate & increase overall time spent on site.

An average of $21.77 USD per day in ad revenue is awesome though and equates to approximately $7950 per year. I think a good idea would be to use 50% of that income to burn tokens (if you decide to continue with that) and use those other 50% for something else, like marketing.

Instead of the "regular" marketing, you could even have various contests with LEO tokens as a prize for participants. That way, you'll still buy tokens using the Ad Revenue, but you'll spread it across active, engaging community members instead.

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What is the likely source for a dip in ad revenue per day towards the end of the 2 month period?

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Magical time we are living in!

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The infamous Leo Whitepaper (now nearly 100k words) is going to be published soon. Part of the hold up is that it includes a lot of information about ProjectBlank that we're not ready to share yet.

Eagerly waiting while buying bits of LEO almost everyday. I trust in LEO so much. LEO deserve a place on Top 100 for real!

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495 K impressions is pretty impressive I only got 96k impressions on Twitter in January 😏