LEO Roundtable #27: Exploring AI Content Tools, 2 New LEO Token Investors Onboarded and the Future of LeoFinance

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This is the 75th episode of the LeoFinance podcast and this might be the most wide-ranging episode we've ever recorded. We covered even more ground than usual and even had 2 of @scaredycatguide (Mitch)'s friends join the show.

These 2 investors recently bought 10k + LEO each and had some questions around tokenomics, staking and security. It's always fun to see new faces on LeoFinance and this time, we got an even deeper insight into who is attracted to LeoFinance and why. Shoutout to Mitch for turning himself into ScaredyCatBroker for this one and getting these new users/investors onboarded to the platform.

This episode was so long in fact, that it couldn't even be posted on 3speak because the video file is over 7GB. That's part of the reason why you're seeing it here on @leofinance. The clips from this podcast will be chopped up and posted on 3speak via @khaleelkazi... and there will be a lot of clips from this one.

Most of this episode was spent talking about the AI consulting agency that LeoFinance is considering. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this move and I am all for giving it a shot. I think there is a lot of potential in trying this out and it truly is up to the community to make it work. If we have enough authors utilizing the tools each day, then I think it's a no-brainer.

On the roundtable, we walked through a number of the different tools that this company is offering us. One of the main tools is the content optimizer but another interesting one is the content briefs tool.

At the end of the day, I equate this entire AI content marketing pursuit as creating an internal newsroom on LeoFinance. We've got a community of amazing authors and many just want to keep creating content the way they've been creating content.

With that said, we've got a few dozen authors who are more than willing to step up their content game and start learning how to produce targeted content that is aimed at driving more readership to the entire platform.

The internal newsroom would essentially be us creating a group of authors who would be "official authors" who basically take these tools each day and create amazing content that ranks well on search engines and is relevant to the trending keywords in the crypto/finance space.

A good way to look at this is how we have official team curators and then the community curators. Anyone can be a community curator by staking LEO. With authors and these AI tools, it's the same - anyone can be an author, but a dedicated group can spend additional time adding value to the project by becoming an official author. One who works with the other official authors to make the most of these AI tools to grow the community.

This episode covers a lot of the different tools that are offered to us. It also talks more philosophically about how this might bring a ton of value to LeoFinance as a platform in the long-run and how this all impacts the LEO token value as well.

Again, much if this will be clipped up but I think this whole episode is a fascinating listen as we covered so many different aspects of LeoFinance and where we're headed as a community and social platform.

In This Episode:

  • 00:00:00 Explaining the AI Content Optimizer Tool
  • 00:05:08 Content Briefs Feature on MarketMuse
  • 00:10:28 2 New LEO Investors that Mitch Onboarded Who Bought Thousands of LEO
  • 00:15:55 Real Estate Markets - is a Crash Imminent?
  • 00:22:29 How LeoFinance Can Be Used for Passive Income
  • 00:25:15 How LeoFinance Empowers Creators in Other Parts of the World
  • 00:32:10 How LEO Tokenomics Work
  • 00:43:51 Neal's Analogy For Understanding Hive Keys
  • 00:49:25 Massive LeoInfra Updates and the Future of This Project
  • 00:51:57 LeoFinance - Tracking Growth on All Fronts
  • 00:57:37 The Value of High Ranking Content on Google
  • 01:03:57 Market Muse Chats Continue - Exploring the Features
  • 01:11:35 How Will MarketMuse Actually Deliver Value and Make the LEO Token Price Appreciate?
  • 01:17:18 Exploring Content Briefs and How We Can Utilize Them to Grow LeoFinance
  • 01:22:45 How MarketMuse Can Create Internal Content Webs
  • 01:35:08 LEO Payouts - Earning Way More than Hive
  • 01:38:14 Analyzing Neal's Post Using the AI Optimize Tool
  • 01:48:36 A Body of Authoritative Content - How Much Interest is There From the Community?
  • 01:56:10 The Daily LEO Newsletter Returns in a Big Way
  • 02:00:07 Exploring MarketMuse's Newsroom Feature
  • 02:08:34 Crypto Chart Analysis on BTC, RUNE, LINK, ETH and XRP
  • 02:19:00 Options Trading Rabbit Hole Update and Khal's Portfolio Strategy
  • 02:27:00 "If LEO's Price Does What We All Think It's Gonna Do, We're All Good" - Rolland
  • 02:31:19 The LEO Bat Signal
  • 02:33:30 RealBlocks - Tokenized Real Estate
  • 02:35:50 LEO's Price Jump and How it Now Tracks the Broader Crypto Market

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Wow, 2:43 hours... looks like I have my evening laid out for me ;-)

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Haha it's a lengthy one but we covered a lot. I had a lot of fun :)

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I'm at 1:40 now - already learned a lot :D

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Boom! This episode was fire! Glad we could show some new blood, hopefully I can onboard some more leo buyers.

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This was one of my favorites.

Get er' done. More ScaredyCatBroker deals inbound

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That first like and the 283th subscriber.

Need to watch it whole tomorrow as I have flown over it, but I agree with some good points from it, like we are on the first inning at the moment.

The exchange will moon the price, that is for sure, that is why I think a lot of people sell Hive to buy Leo at the moment, myself included.

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Nice! Our YouTube doesn't get enough love but we're going to make a push for daily uploads for that and the podcast to draw in new users.

We've got a lot of marketing plans. Now is the time to execute!

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Youtube is a great organic growth opportunity with a reach of billions. I think it can drive a lot of users to leofinance on the long run. I will watch the video and come back to you :)

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Thanks for the breakdown of what happened in the video, at least it's possible to give one the opportunity to navigate and watch what particularly interests one. I particularly liked talking about the growth of leo and it's future, lovely hearing about the innovations as well and of course dabbling into prices too

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#batsignal :)


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Just pumped through about 80% of this in the car today (maybe the next step is getting a more structured show under an hour ;) ?)

Cheers for the 67 shoutout, @scaredycatguide! Definitely got a laugh out of it!

I also just filled in @khaleelkazi's Google form which I had missed in the Discord. I'm keen to get on board with writing targeted topics, so count me in.

I've been a long time proponent of running some sort of contest to get our army of writers to create content that targets certain keywords, so this is great to see.

One thing you may consider putting more consideration into is how you structure your internal linking. For example if you have 1 cornerstone page on a certain topic, you may want to only be primarily linking to that page from all of the less valuable pages. Not just randomly interlinking them all.

In SEO, there is a concept called 'link juice' which basically passes SEO value from the lesser pages and makes the cornerstone page more authoritative in Google's eyes.

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Hell yeah @forexbrokr, the 67 gang! Forever crypto brothers mate! And agreed, I think we'll need to structure these roundtables with a time limit. That was crazy!

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Because of I am a user who don't know Blockchain technology, I have no say about Technology. But, I really like
the way you are going on your Roadmap.

I am learning about LeoFinance daily.
But, I have just still barriers deal with English listening Skill and Blockchain Linguistics.
But, I will do to grow my account's Power and Reputation gradually.

Thank you so much!

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a warm welcome to new investors, it is always a source of pride to see our family grow.

unfortunately I am not an author suitable for this type of content, I do not have a lot of technical and rooted knowledge in the crypto sector.

In my own small way, I will support authors and interact particularly with their posts, wherever possible

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Now i know which Podcast to watch & listen when i wake up in the morning, after i read and reply to comments as well as curating! I am already curious but i need sleep...

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Alright, now that I've seen and actually understood the AI tool I have to say, it really is amazing.
I'd love to work with it!

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I changed the speed to 1.25 and I've been listening for about an hour now..

  • This is fire.

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i did not understand, how many people would get access to the tool if you pay 18k for it? i am on 1:30 now so maybe you mentioned it after that.

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From my understanding, there's an unlimited amount of spots, so everyone could potentially use them, but they will start with a group of ~20 authors and scale things up with time.

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sounds interesting, i just don't have enough quality topic for the 4-5 a week :D and even it sounds good to earn leo, don't want to spam

This is actually where I think you can really benefit from these tools. You will be able to see posts that can be optimized, which gives you an idea of what to write as well. I mean, I don't think that many users will optimize their older content, so you could in theory just re-write content and add new things while you optimize the new content.

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Listening to you guys talking about Marketmuse content optimization, I had been wondering how the community at large would be able to make use of it (outside of a small circle, given the limited access to the tool @ approx 60 uses/month)...then I heard what I understand to be the core of the following:

  • there is a topic that LeoFinance would like focus given to
  • the Marketmuse tool is run for this topic
  • the results provide an overview of the metrics for optimising posts around the chosen topic
  • these results are published in a post for the community to make use of when writing about/around this chosen topic

If I've understood right, this would be an excellent way to do it!

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This is a looong podcast...lol. I will watch it tomorrow.

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Great show!! I've been on LEO for over a year but I learned more about the platform in that podcast than any other piece of content...especially about security and future developments.

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Hi @khaleelkazi
I know from the LeoRoundtable podcast that you are excited about the use of SEO .

So I am sharing with you something I am doing after reading a post by @SEOmaster?

I make the title four keywords instead of a regular narrative title, to help make what the article is about rank higher on google search.

The title becomes a google meta tag I and if it is in normal narrative form it doesn’t rank well, but if it’s just 3-4 keywords it ranks higher.

So we can’t edit our meta tag once we publish, but we can edit the title. So I make the title 3-4 keywords that I want to represent the article on the google meta tag, publish the article, then I go back and edit the title.

In the picture below I have highlighted the Preliminary Title with 3-4 keywords that rank high on google search and describe the article.

I have also highlighted the real title, which is a narrative one, which I will use to replace the SEO KEYWORD title by a simple edit after publishing it to establish the keywords for the SEO meta tag


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