LeoFinance Met With an AI Marketing Agency | Let's Discuss Why We Should Hire Them or Not

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@Nealmcspadden and I (@khaleelkazi) recently had a Zoom call with a company that does AI content strategies. This company works with pretty large players in a wide range of industries.

On the call, they gave us a rundown of the opportunities they see for LeoFinance.io.

Our goal with LeoFinance is to create a vibrant platform for crypto & finance content creators and consumers. To have amazing content and fulfill that coveted goal of becoming "the homepage of crypto".

During the call, I was impressed with the ideas they had for LeoFinance. Clearly, they know the content and SEO ranking game better than we do.

In this post, I'll run through a few of the ideas they had for us as a platform and also discuss the possibility of working with them more closely. They're essentially a new-age marketing agency for content platforms and this could be a major opportunity for LeoFinance to step up our ability to rank on every imaginable keyword for crypto content.

There are some in our community who are well-versed in the SEO and content marketing field. I'm interested in hearing everyones' opinions on the ideas outlined in this post and get some feedback as to whether this would be a worthwhile move. This is not a cheap integration, but the potential payoff would be a massive evergreen content library that would draw eyeballs and new signups to our site for the years to come.

In short, it would take LeoFinance from being a community for content creation to being a powerhouse for targeted content that is backed by AI research to discover the best topics and how to format our content to rank on search engines.

LeoFinance Content Inventories

This tool has a feature which takes an inventory of all the content on LeoFinance.io. By doing this, it discovers possible holes in our content web. It also exposes opportunities that we aren't fully capitalizing on.


This screenshot shows a very simple example of this. Their team gave us a demo of a few of the core features that we'll discuss in this post and this screenshot shows an inventory of some of the top ranking pages on LeoFinance that have a great deal of opportunity to be optimized.

The first is "andrei jikh portfolio" and is actually a 3speak video that was posted by @schubes which turns out to be one of the highest ranking pages for leofinance on the Google search engine. This page is driving massive traffic to LeoFinance and this tool is telling us that we have a lot more opportunity here that we aren't leveraging.


Use Case - the general use case is that we'll see - in real-time - which pieces of content are doign well and which aren't. We'll gain deep insight into how we can optimize the content that is doing well but has opportunity to do even better. Schubes, for example, could go in and edit his post to optimize it even further based on the data collected by the AI inventory tool.

This also points out topics that should be written about more heavily. For the @schubes example, he or others in the LeoFinance community could see that there is underleveraged opportunity for the above keyword and then write more posts about this topic so that LeoFinance gains even more authority surrounding it on Google.

Competitive Content Inventories

The next tool is the same as above but instead of just creating an inventory of our own leofinance.io content, we actually pick a competitor and inventory their content.

By doing this, we see the exact same data as above but we see it for someone like Coindesk or Cointelegraph. We see the content they're creating that ranks highly but more importantly, we see the content topics that they aren't fully leveraging.

During the call, this was described as "finding the flaws in your competition". We would be able to see the missing pieces in the content webs of news outlets like Cointelegraph and CD and then create massive quantities of posts that are designed to outrank them on search engines.

The value of this is that continually doing this will improve our authority in comparison to Coindesk and CT. I don't think this needs any further selling from my end - if this strategy is successful, then the value of ranking alongside or even above CT and CD on search engines would result in massive traffic, ad revenue and new user signups for LeoFinance for the long-haul.

Content Optimization

We've been demo'ing the tools from this company and @nealmcspadden's favorite is the content optimizer tool.

This tool is a writing UI that allows you to plug in a broad topic and then it scrapes the internet and looks for content that is ranking well for that topic. It then compiles that info and then gives you recommendations to not only rank well, but also generate ideas and subtopics for your post.

You can see a real example of me using this tool to create a piece of content. Earlier this month, I wrote a post titled: Square's Cash App Reports Record Breaking Bitcoin Revenues in Q3 and BTC Treasury Position up $25mm.

This was specifically created to target keywords on google for Square's Cash App and specifically how Bitcoin impacts their quarterly revenue.


Everything down to the length of the post, the wording, the general topics I discussed, etc. was generated by AI and recommended as the best way to rank the post on Google.

What I Learned From Using this Tool

My personal experience with this tool is that it helped me write a better piece of content. Not just a piece of content that ranked well on Google, but it actually helped me come up with ideas to write about.

I started with a broad topic: square cash app bitcoin. Then the tool took me through several other related subtopics that I could talk about related to my broad topic. It helped me craft a post and do some research. In fact, I actually felt like I learned a thing or two about Square and their cash app because I was led down a few different rabbit holes thanks to the keyword recommendations that I wouldn't have otherwise gone down.

Use Case: The use case for this tool is pretty interesting. You need to login to their app in order to access the tool so we would generate logins for the most consistent authors on LeoFinance who want to utilize it. These users would then be able to login and optimize their content.

This might take a little extra time when publishing posts, but as I said - it's not only a great way to benefit LeoFinance's ranking purposes, it's also a great way to generate ideas to write about.

We're considering a few ways to actually increase the rewards for authors who consistently take the extra effort to optimize their content. I think we have 30-50 authors who are more than willing to do this just for the benefit of LeoFinance as a platform. They own LEO tokens and they see the value in contributing as much as possible. I think LeoFinance is ultra unique in this way. Our community is our lifeblood.

Outside of that, we can also use curation stake to upvote users who optimize their content. Bringing more awareness and rewards on the LeoFinance.io platform. Optimizing your content should be a badge of honor that you wear each time you publish a piece of great content that is designed to benefit LeoFinance in the long run (which gives me an idea. Maybe we'll actually add a badge to the UI next to authors who optimize their content).

Content Briefs - Bringing a New Level of Author Engagement to LeoFinance

Since our platform is based around User-Generated Content (UGC), their team focused on "Content Briefs" as being our #1 opportunity.

I relate content briefs to being somewhat akin to a newsroom where you've got an editor who comes up with topics to cover and then delegates those topics to his writers.

Instead, we'll use AI to generate those topics that are particularly relevant in the moment and then we'll open that report up to the community of authors on leofinance.io.


At the time of the call, the topic of the day was the ETH chain split. This call took place on the day that WLEO relaunched and you probably remember that ETH had a chain split the day before and everyone was talking about the Infura API nodes, how the chain split, what it meant, why gas fees were high etc.

The AI content brief tool picked up on these subtopics and crafted a brief that pointed out all of the opportunities that could be leveraged around this idea.

The authors can then take that content brief report and then create their content using it. The report details everything an author needs to craft a well-informed post around the topic that is trending in the moment. They gave us an example content brief which we can utilize as a test.

Use Case - As mentioned above, the unique thing about LeoFinance as compared to most blogs/content platforms is that we're based around UGC. The community and crowd mind generates massive quantities of content.

It's almost like having a staff of full-time writers who are self-motivated by also having ownership (LEO stake) in the business itself.

These content briefs would be released by @leofinance on a regular basis and we would increase the rewards for authors who created content around these briefs. Think of it almost like ongoing writing contests on AI steroids.

Authors can pick topics that they have an interest in and then utilize the brief + optimize tool to craft the perfect piece of content that ranks well on search engines. This will generate massive amounts of traffic that benefit LeoFinance.io immensely in the long run. More traffic = more potential signups = more ad revenue = more LEO burned = 🔄

There are more tools offered - like deep research briefs and more. This post outlined the core opportunities that their team discovered when looking into LeoFinance.io and our business model. Please give your feedback below.

What's it Gonna Cost?

For the sake of full transparency - the package they tailored for us is $18k USD per year. Not a small number, but one that is on par with other investments I've made into various aspects of the project such as the LeoFinance apps. Why invest in building a great app if you don't also invest something into bringing new users to it?


If this content marketing strategy lives up to the expectations they set around what kind of traffic/new users we'd generate, then I know that this investment is 100% worth it. The question is if it will work the way that they say it will work.

Their response to that is that it is up to us and our community. If our community leverages the tools, reports and insights that we gain from this, then we are going to increase the authority of LeoFinance and rank incredibly high on search engines for crypto & finance keywords. We'll create an evergreen library of content that is optimized to draw in attention.

Many on the LeoFinance Growth Team (our private room on Discord) know that I've been reaching out to dozens of crypto companies and influencers to inquiry about ads on their platforms. Paid marketing is one of the next major steps for LeoFinance as a platform, but we want to do it in an intelligent way. To me, this $18k is an investment into long-term marketing.

We likely won't see the results right off the bat, but if it turns out to be successful, LeoFinance will reap the rewards for the years to come as we generate massive amounts of content that rank well and draw in new potential users, LEO investors and readers in general.

This is an investment that I am more than willing to make, but I still would like to hear from the community to get a general sense of who would be willing to step up their content game and participate in making LeoFinance the homepage of crypto.

Please leave your feedback below 🦁

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This service is more valuable to one actor than to 100 actors. How will you be sure that you haven’t been infiltrated by bad actors who work for your competition, or will start their own niche websites? Would this agency give you the sole rights to their tools within the crypto niche? What keyword database are they are using? Do they have a single other client paying at this price point of $18k/year? Can you see that contract? Their margins are close to 100%. At least try to get this piece of shit for way less money. A good keyword research tool is free. A great keyword research tool costs under $300 per month. A great SEO could be paid less than $250 a month to do all the keyword research you need and generate all the possible article titles you ask for.

This whole service is just a few SEO tools that have been around since the dawn of Google being pawned off as AI now.

The first tool is a simple keyword research tool. Any SEO/webmaster that knew what they were doing would see they are getting traffic for the search term “Andrei Sikh portfolio”. They should then think… maybe I should make a blog post with the optimal keyword for the title and url on the post. Then I’m going to write a better article than the one ranking 4th for that search term, add photos, add videos, add a bunch of real comments from our community, and build some high quality back links. To put the cherry backlink on top, edit a link into the old article that is already ranked 4th for that term to your new “money page article with the perfect url”.

The second tool is called reverse engineering the competition. This is the most obvious work any SEO provider will do for you.

The third tool is called content spinning. Many writers consider content spinning to be quasi illegal.

Calling spun content or a keyword research tool “AI” is a stretch to me. I had “software company” in 2010 that autogenerated content using articles that that were hand spun with only perfect synonym choices. The articles would have 3-10 variables that I would then have humans insert into my software, or was it AI? I don’t think AI was a buzz term back in 2010 that you could use to attract money. Remember in 2018-19 when every public company was putting out a press release with the word “blockchain” in it and their market cap would pump 8% in the 2 days? In 2010 my software was probably making better content than this AI. At the time I thought saying I had software company was far fetched because in reality I just paid a dev $500 to spaghetti code up my ideas to auto generate content.

The help coming up with article ideas is just giving you long tail keywords that are related to the original term. Anyone with a sharp SEO mind be able to pick the easiest long tail keywords to rank for. It’s humorous to me this write up uses the ethereum chain split example. When the ETH chain forked I was literally thinking… can LEO Finance get one fucking article on the front page about the chain split? 24 hours later... can we get one freaking post on the whole website about the chain split? It was crickets for days on LEO Finance about the biggest topic in crypto. We have Roland Thomas writing about every subject under the moon, but he is flat out a massive crypto noob and his content shows it. Do we need AI or do we need more knowledgable writers? Would it be hard attracting a world class crypto writer because we make robot content that sucks up the reward pool?

2 SEO ideas that will generate way more alpha than this “AI” SEO service company;

  1. Buy leofinance.com
  2. Find a way to get the Leofinance website to load much much faster.

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This is how "SEO" was done in 2009.

Content manipulation will not work. Content has to be organic. A wide range of topics was a good move. Now you need content early published on current crypto topics on a regular basis. Good content.

And page speed.

You have tons of basic work to do:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-20 um 10.47.59.png
Source: https://tools.pingdom.com/

You want a load time of 1sec and max. 200-650kb page size.

You are driving with the handbrake on.

State-of-the-art-"SEO" is not about manipulating content, it is about identifying and avoiding technical OnPage errors and revealing handbrakes. All websites are full of technical OnPage errors. This is the most efficient lever to increase your reach in the search engines. Especially for large and content-rich websites. https://en.ryte.com/

Content manipulation leads in the worst case to the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Google is not that stupid.

This is one of the most accurate comments on this post. Everyone else says "I have no clue about SEO, but this sounds like a great idea."

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Let me start be stating the obvious: We're already miles ahead because you're actively examining and considering marketing, the lack of which has been one of the major downfalls of Steem, Hive, etc. So... YAY for that!

Marketing is a long term commitment. But it can have psychological value as well as tangible value in that marketed projects tend to send a message that they are serious about what they are doing, and not just dabbling.

SEO is a great tool but should be placed into the greater perspective that many web users are "browsers" rather than "searchers." On top of which, most people actually don't know exactly what they are looking for, except in very general terms.

Lastly, if your project has a CLEAR VISION, it's really important to keep firmly in mind that marketing (and SEO) needs to serve the project and not end up in an inverse position where the project serves the marketing and ends up being a "caricature" of what it set out to become.

So, the cost is $18K. And I see a bunch of tools and potential promises. What is the quantitative objective of this investment in LeoFinance's future?

Looking forward to more!


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many web users are "browsers" rather than "searchers."

So I'm left wondering if creating content that appeals to the clicker who spends an average of a few seconds to a few minutes viewing before hitting the back button - ignoring the rest of the site - is worth more than attracting the page flipping online magazine style consumer who spends an average of 7.5 hours browsing media online.

I can see how it's beneficial to attract outside eyes, and I realize there's a traditional approach to all this. I can't remember ever signing up for a site that offered me the quick fix of info I was looking for. More often than not, I'm annoyed with those boxes that pop up asking me to sign up.

Attracting eyes is a good thing but a new approach in keeping eyes might be necessary. Of course, part of that new approach has existed and been overlooked for over four years, and I'm certain people are sick of hearing me point out how attracting consumers and eventual paying consumers is absolutely necessary but the fact remains, this business model does reward consumers, and those consumers typically spend a lot of money without ever getting anything in return. 7.5 hours daily on average consuming under subscriptions, tipping, donating, yadda, yadda, yadda, getting nothing in return, throwing their money away, and they enjoy doing it.

So if they're planning to attract the clicker, a quick and easy guest account would be a necessity. That guest can comment, people with stake can upvote those comments, but that guest can't receive those rewards until they've signed up. Once that happens, they can be taught about the benefits of spending a few bucks and converting themselves into the browser who then enters a world of an endless stream of shit posts that they can't seem to put down for some stupid reason, much like how Youtube works.

I'm sorry. I got bored of writing and that's why this comment turned into that. I'll just go away now.

You hit a lot of really valid points here.

Attracting eyes is great, as is SEO... but you're exactly right in that the ocean of pablum and mindless pseudocontent we see everywhere is the result of the primary objective being to generate ad exposure and doesn't have squat to do with community building for the long run. If you're into pattern recognition at all, you might have noticed how you can be watching an authentically interesting YT video (for example), but if you follow a path of clicking on the most promising "suggested" in the sidebar, you will invariably be pulled towards more and more average and bland content because even though the algorithm is somewhat "smart," it nonetheless pulls the "most likely" (most popular) keywords from a stack and suggests those. So even though you may have started at X-ray Spex, after 20-25 clicks, your "suggestions" end up being Green Day and Linkin Park.

What does that have to DO with anything? One, discernment in attracting those eyeballs is essential, and two, retention is way more important than just bulk attraction.

Yes, consumers are essential. There's little point in creating if there's nobody to consume those creations. Similarly, there's little point in rolling out an endless stream of dApps if nobody actually uses them. It's about as meaningless as building the world's greatest shopping mall with the world's best shops... in the middle of the Sahara.

a quick and easy guest account would be a necessity. That guest can comment, people with stake can upvote those comments, but that guest can't receive those rewards until they've signed up.

From a raw marketing perspective, you're onto something there. Hells, yeah, guest account. You can even pick your ID. And you can see your rewards, as Guest-EdBob maybe for up to a month before they start dropping off. But you have to make a real account in order to become just EdBob and collect your rewards. Why not? Basic psychology: People hate losing out on free stuff they feel like they earned.

converting themselves into the browser who then enters a world of an endless stream of shit posts that they can't seem to put down for some stupid reason, much like how Youtube works.

Sad, but true. Because it works. Because entire floors of design devs known as "retention specialists" sit in office cube densepacks doing nothing other than planning what path of clickery will lure you to pursue a series of dopamine rewards that will leave you red-eyed and open-mouthed after watching eleven hours of videos on how to cheat at Scrabble.

I think we're still a really long way from being able to elevate the level of human consciousness with this gig.


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I've always viewed this platform as something more like Youtube, and not social media. Social media is what consumers use to distribute content and awareness free of charge/at no cost to the creator or platform the content lives on. The people do all the heavy lifting.

I've made more money and gathered more attention with my product here on this platform than several thousand people who authored books then attempted to sell them in a marketplace like Amazon. The special sauce is placing the work directly in front of people, in a social setting, like we have here, which is similar to Youtube. You don't want the market to come to you, you want to be right in there with all the people scurrying about. That's why these massive distribution style platforms do so well compared to these random sites hosting fluff articles surrounded by awkward celebrity gossip clickbait ads.

Hmmm.... I think I wrote about this once.

These are some helpful observations. My biggest concern with writers shooting for Search Engine Rankings is the content often feels unnatural. This comes from personal observations when I look at my own past content.

My fishing blog goes from a forced SEO writing style to a much more fluid style when browsing my posts in chronological order. The part I find helpful for Leos is the suggestions on trending subjects.

It would be helpful to have a few more WordPress like editor's tools. Introducing an SEO Plugin (or other SEO system) could have an adverse effect on post quality.

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Part of my concern with an SEO focus is that content quality and "flow" tends to suffer. Which is natural enough, since SEO has largely been a tool to drive traffic and Ad impressions not necessarily a tool to stimulate quality content. So the "secret sauce" becomes how to make the most SEO-friendly authentic content. I do hate that stilted writing style where it's clear someone said "You MUST use these 12 words four times each in the first paragraph!"


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You got it. Neil Patel perfected the art of engaging content creation that rules SEO. It's all about that clear and concise, yet engaging content. On top of that, the post that provides the most amount of useful, relevant info usually ranks the highest.

Another helpful tool besides trending topics might be a keyword finder. It's just as important to know your competiton and shoot for those low hanging fruit subjects/keywords as it is to try to rank for the near impossible.

One last observation about Google and changes the past couple years. It used to be that organic content was dwarfed on top of the fold by ads. Now it's the same, but Google presents blocks of videos above the fold when that type of media is available.

Written organic content is pushed way down to the bottom or below the fold at best these days. Video and ads directed to mobile users is the new Google fad. IMPO.

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Without doubt, the entire nature of content is changing, as a result of mobile devices. Smartphone users would rather watch video than read text.

Personally, I feel ambivalent about it, BUT my level on engagement declines when I'm on my phone because I hate typing on that tiny screen. Sure, we have speech-to-text, but perfection of that technology remains a few years out.

Google has a huge amount of power and influence... I remember way-back-when working with Spam Czar Matt Cutts over there on ways to avoid having some of my online communities relegated to the garbage can in searches. That said, Google did manage to put a substantial dent in Black Hat SEO.


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Good stuff. For sure. Ditching the paid backlink ranking brought a great improvement to the quality of content matching the search results.

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$18k/year is very reasonable based on the presented tools in this post.

And, surprise surprise, I would be down to work with/use this tool. Even though I do not post that often, but that could change.

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Hmm.. $18K is a rather hefty amount, but if people were to use these tools, I am sure it would yield great results. I've talked about optimizing blog posts previously, and I started to do that quickly once I became an active Lion. I know how much we could benefit by it, especially as most people are not optimizing content at all nowadays. If authors would do just a fraction of optimization on their posts, we would get insane amounts of organic traffic, all due to increased rankings on google and other search engines.

You would definitely see results within the first year, but the outcome will very much depend on this community.. Would these different tools be available for only a limited amount of users? - If so, how many?

I mean, for the best results you would basically need as many authors as possible willing to do this. Willing to spend the extra time etc. So I guess it depends on quantity in terms of users to improve the overall quality of the content.

Question: The inventory tool.
I didn't really understand your explanation, but I suppose that is (or can be) used to analyze existing content?

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My first thought is this sounds amazing for the growth of Leo Finance. I look forward to seeing these tools in action. My second thought is wow, I should buy more Leo!

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I think that the SEO game is something that will bring massive value to the Leofinance community.
However this game is a long-term game, we'll not see results in 1 month, it usually takes 12-18 months for a regular website to improve significantly in their Google rankings.
I think that for Leofinance.io we will be able to see results earlier.

If there is something that I can to do make my content better and help Leofinance along the way I will do it!
Glad you are focusing on bringing new users to the platform, that is exactly what we need.

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it usually takes 12-18 months for a regular website to improve significantly in their Google rankings.

Exactly, so we are likely to see the real impact from these tools within the first year. If we aren't satisfied with those results, we can always look for something else the second year.

This is- or at least can be a game changer for LeoFinance and Hive. We've never really focused on organic traffic before, so this is the first step. I am glad it is LeoFinance who's thinking "outside the box" and paves the way for Hive and communities.

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This sounds really interesting, s I think it will help a lot of authors who are interested, but struggle with consistency and focus. I think that if it does drive traffic, the cost can be offset by either ad rev or perhaps redirecting some of the burn to it. If it has attractive value, it will more than be worth the inflation sell.

Personally, I am interested to give it a go, but not sure what it would do to my "style" :D

I guess I can try to look forward to reading your newfound robotic side. Nothing like some good ole generic info of the day.

Disclaimer: I was trying to be sarcastic funny, not sarcastic jerk. If I've failed, that's somehow your fault.


To @tarazkp's point - I don't think it will impact your writing style. After using the tool myself, I think it actually made my content better and more topic-driven.

I've been a stalker of your content for a while and I think it would improve upon an already great base of content. You have topics that you like to write about regularly and IMO these tools will simply help you branch into adjacent topics that also happen to rank well on Google.

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All those tricks of the trade, with a dash of personality. A winning combo every time. Even when the personality is SHIT like mine!

After using the tool myself, I think it actually made my content better and more topic-driven.

This is why I think it will hurt my style - I am for "erratic, irrelevant and ranty" :D

At the next stroke, the time will be exactly eleven twenty nine and thirty seconds

This is neither the time nor the place to be stroking.

"If my stuff ain't tight enough, you can stick it up my..."

My What? My algorithm does not compute

ha ha ha

Great insight which is brought about LEO Finance and its competitors in the space. Nice features out there and good optimization tool for increasing the ads revenue model and search engines improvement.

There might be other tools out there as well, maybe search for competitors for this app and see what similar offerings are out there. First compare, afterwards choose as we are in a buyers market.

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There are many similar tools out there, and probably identical ones as well. There's even a good chance that you could get something like this for less than the $18k, but they seem to be (from what I've seen so far) legit and they've worked with many big companies, and that speaks for credibility.

If this doesn't yield the results we are looking for, we could always skip this the second year and look for something else instead.

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It's a brilliant idea. Not only does it help authors find topics to write about but it also helps authors write the posts. Tailored to trending keywords at each moment in high precision is what this platforms needs. $18k per year is $1500 month. It's not a huge amount. The goal is to have LeoFinance.io generate 10x to 100x more ad revenue on a monthly basis. It think that investment is worth making.

In fact, I believe this is pretty much what Steemit should've been looking into from day 1 instead of being the rudderless ship it always was.

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In fact, I believe this is pretty much what Steemit should've been looking into from day 1 instead of being the rudderless ship it always was.

They paid a few selected people very large amounts of tokens for rather crappy marketing in the 'good old days', so this is definitely something they should've considered instead.

Someone once told me that tech-savvy blockchain gurus doesn't have marketing skills or that they might even lack social skills, so I guess that might be the reason for the piss-poor so called 'leaders' we've seen.

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This sounds very interesting l.

My take:
Rather than becoming a community of circle-jerks and shills, this technology will immensely improve content quality and reach. Reading this alone has engender my confidence in this project even more and gives me more reasons to setup my game as a content creator. SEO is something I have been meaning to learn but have stalled for quite sometime. I think this is enough motivation to start now.

I welcome this initiative. One might argue that is a bit artificial as content and engagement would be prompt to meet certain standards. However, it would be open for those willing to use these set of tools.

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I think hire them. We need to start paying for marketing and that includes influencers. The effect might not be seen immediately as you say but it's cumulative and gathers pace. Like LEO will!

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I know it's irrelevant but, you could make a proposal for such a tool/service for LeoFinance, or for the whole hive blockchain that has all kinds of content not just financial.
Otherwise yes, good ambition, I agree, the process of standalone interfaces on the chain must go on to ultimate independence ... like d.tube, for example, huh ...

That sounds awesome. I've got to agree with Neal that the second tool is extremely useful.

I'd love one of those log-ins to be able to use it - I love the thought of gaming Google, and doing a bit more writing around crypto and investing is something I was planning on doing anyway.

So I guess this is my applying for one of those log-ins.


That's quite a good price too - $18K doesn't sound too bad.

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18k is quite the amount but with the fast evolution we got it's a must. As a user i 3 big benefits out of it and i really mean what i say:

  1. If we use all of the above as community we gonna see massive numbers of people getting in and ofc our posts will be more visible in google. From the perspective of new onboards, this is one of the point we are all trying so hard to achieve. More visibility=More People= New Ideas & Money!

From the perspective of more visibility except the above which greatly applies as an author, one of my main goal when i am writing something is for people to see and interact with me. I don't care so much about writing for money i extremely enjoy meaningful comments, that's what gives me motivation to write more!

  1. Honestly it's great that are gonna learn something new "for free" If we can use all these tools when creating our posts and basically given to us "for free" then i am more than excited to learn how it works and become an "expert". Either we like it or not SEO is needed in content creation so we better learn if we want to become better as community and authors!

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AI is the future and I think it is very wise for Leofinance to get involved.

It will certainly offer excellent development and economic opportunities

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Find alteenative reliable blockchain first. Hive is not ready for the load if you ask me. But hey, what do I know?

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Agreed. Leo and gaming are the only things keeping Hive alive and it would seem prudent to not be dependent on the Hive chain working properly for us (Leo) to move forward. I'm not sure if it's possible/probable and there are some good things about the Hive blockchain but can you imagine Leo Finance going full steam ahead and then we get another Hive hardfork to bring things to a screeching halt?

I do love the idea though and think there are enough good folks here on Leo to make it work.

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I'm also on this wavelength. I bought 35k LEO when it was cheap from the Uniswap hack, and staked most of it for a while, but now I've sold off 2/3 and will probably get rid of the other chunk next week. Not because I don't like LEO - I think this project is already 90% of what Steem could have been if anyone in leadership ever gave a shit - but because it's dependent on two platforms I consider unsustainable.

Having some sort of a roadmap for not being dependent on Hive or Hive Engine would make me a lot happier with this project, and more likely to actively participate.

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Having some sort of a roadmap for not being dependent on Hive or Hive Engine would make me a lot happier with this project, and more likely to actively participate.

I have to believe this is on a shortlist that is just not public yet @oleofinance

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Looking at it, it seems it is ready to bring more good to the leofinance platform generally which is quite good I must say. It is great though just like you say, $18k is not small but I see it later paying in the future

As I finished this post I realised something; we'll definitely have more people deciding to be better content creators than they were and a few others choosing to even up the ante especially now it's understandable that great contenting can bring exposure for Leofinance and the writer in themselves. I love the optimisation tool best because sometimes we have a topic we want to talk about but we need guidelines to make it SEO top quality. And imagine having close to top 50 SEO quality posts on a daily basis.
In truth, this is the next step to making Leofinance gain traction and value come to Leo as a token aside from the huge addition we'd get from being listed by somewhere big.
Well-done Khal and @Nealmcspadden, we're moving gradually and I'll like to see all these integrated and in full effect

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This is just huge as I feel part of a decentralized community writing on topics that I love (Finance, Crypto, Tech...) and compared to some other platform, WE HAVE A GOAL and some initiatives coming from the top to improve our community, our tool and of course... our Token Price !

It just feels great and if you keep building and iterating on such important features, WE as the LEO Community will get very far !

Cheers and get ready Bloggers !

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Why not, if people are willing to use it. It feels a bit unnatural but writing is some people's job. So yeahcan't see downsides if it doesn't affect other people's experience.

18k sounds more or less okay. Imagine the potential growth here... I would totally start seo writing based on actual useful topics. The editor needs more options to optimize / auto optimize posts for SEO and readability anyways.

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I like this, it never hurts to have outside help.I wouldn't qualify to be a content creator, but i would also vote on these posts to help out with thier visibility.

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Amazing 1.jpg

Really happy to see you are focused on marketing for the site.

I like the tool but I'm on the fence about this one for one reason:

There is no incentive for the average blogger to increase their views on this site. We should all care about SEO as it will help the value of the coin but we cannot depend on what people should do. A lot of users will not bother using it as it will not directly effect them. If these tools automatically clean up posts or we add a view count that pays people for views on top of the Leo they make then it can work.

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If it works, it is a no-brainer.

The cost likely will be paid out of the increase in ad revenue. We all know what kind of traffic the likes of Cointelegraph generate. However, that is just crypto. These tools could be used for traditional finance. Then you get into the Yahoo Finance and Marketwatch of the world. That is much bigger traffic.

Here is a keyword according to Alexa:


This is something that will really help Leofinance. It will attract readers which means everything is increased.

A great way to get the site out there more.

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Wow! The tools look amazing. I am not worthy.

I did not even consider LeoFinance competing with CT and CoinDesk. The idea creates a powerful vision, in which new professional writers would be attracted to the platform. These writers would have provable stack in the platform.

Consider this is a disruption to the status quo of crypto/finance journalism. Perhaps this was your vision all along, but I’m only starting to grasp it now

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SEO optimized content will help in bringing very organic traffic and it is very welcome step and necessary for long term growth of Leo finance.

But will it kill fun for amateur blogging in this platform? May be it is time to adapt and gaining more skills.

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If the team and the community decide to go for these tools, I will commit to improve my content to benefit the platform.

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This is quite an investment, however, we have demonstrated the commitment we have as authors in Leofinance that we can do things very well. Bringing new users to Leofinance is the goal, I have a project on the way that I have been planning with other users and I think it would help a lot in this sense. Besides this I am of course willing to improve my content and use the tool for that purpose.

Financial Markets Analyst

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Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

Project Activity Update

I'm in. Don't know how much my contribution will weigh, but definitely in. Will educate myself more about SEO and how to get the best out of my posts, will throw my words on a page more carefully and definitely feel excited about it. Good news over all and it seems that the long term view for leofinance is starting to have a shape and a goal.

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I think the tool is cool but hella pricy, I think it would bring a lot of value I’d love to see an algorithmic feed that let’s say “suggested” as well as it added to the bottom of posts to help drive stickiness through data but not over taking the full control that we do enjoy but to supplement it

Also you cannot compare leo to publications because places like cointelegraph for example are signed up to googles publishing network they get biased rankings, knowledge graph placements, instant article placements and google discover placements as well as being part of the google news tab! This is a manually added feature at google and heavily policed

They also have the same agreements with Facebook as well as running AMP pages and instant articles on Facebook which load natively in google and Facebook, so googles mobile index is bias to their content as well as the facebook edge algo

I think for 18k it is a lot for Leofinance these dazs with sub 1$ LEO price and ads revenue less than 1000 USD per month. But and it is a very big one BUT I still think it (or something like that) should be tried.

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LooKs good for all of us! I'm on board. I know my opinion is considered early, as I haven't been a member very long. The amount for the services seems minuscule compared to the profit that more traffics gonna bring. Which is a problem I'm seeing all around on the HIVE blockchain. So ya I'm game.

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I think that it would be fantastic to have access to these tools and insights. Could also be a strong selling point to bring content creators from elsewhere in to LEO. My only concern would be people gaining access to the tool, and then using it to boost their content on other platforms, personal blogs and so on. It looks like a really powerful tool, we'd need to monitor to make sure it is only used for LEO purposes.

Generally 100% onboard and would love to have access to it.

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The idea is perfect. In my opinion, we should be prepared for the top of crypto hype. These days can be used for preparation to the summit. On the other hand, Leo is a place where one can learn something every time he/she visits. Increased engagement through SEO will bring new content creators, too.

It's a worthy investment. I'm in.

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Many on the LeoFinance Growth Team (our private room on Discord) know that I've been reaching out to dozens of crypto companies and influencers to inquiry about ads on their platforms.

Happy to be reading this. Keep up the good work team!

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This is very smart and forward thinking. If this is within the budget this is a no brainer in my opinion. Enabling writers to optimise content helps both the platform and the content producer as well.
I can vouch for that as I sometimes have a general thought on a post but get stuck in the execution. This tool seems to be a solution to that.

I am hereby posting my application to be a user of this tool.

awesome article

18 k is a small investment if in return leo can get funded 1 mill usd.I think before decide.to hire.you can compare.to other marketing agency that has good portofolio in cryptocurrency.

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This sounds like a fascinating tool but as others have pointed out, the actual advantage for LEOfinance is uncertain. I also don't really like the idea that only the top authors would get access and then even have to leave the website to go somewhere else, to return later with some strategies for their posts.

Instead, I would rather see some basic SEO tools within the LEOfinance editor, that will point out some fundamentals to ALL authors, just like any SEO plugin for Wordpress does. This could already help a lot and could be further incentivized somehow. In regards to find valuable topics and analyze content on LEO and from competitors, there might be hive-mind strategies possible, that do not require such an investment and be also more transparent and engaging. I am sure there are many excellent brains among us, that know one or two things about how to drive more traffic from search engines to LEOfinance.

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Better do a trail & check how worthy it is, then implement if necessary.


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For if the goal is helping the Leo finance platform grow along with its community members, I feel the prize paid should be the least of our worries.

Reading about what the platform stands to gain makes the 18k a bargain and with Leo's finance vision, I think the deal should be undertaken.

The fact that they are not just helping to put the leofinance on the map but also showing us the best way to go about it and sincerely speaking, this seems like the next way forward for the betterment of the platform.

I will also be checking out the writing tool to help better my writing skills. I am due for an upgrade already

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As a non tech blogger I can certainly see why this could work, but I also think any ways to optimise content would need to be made very easy to understand - another key thing holding back Hive is that it is too complex - if the success of this plan is dependent on the authors modifying their content, are most of the people posting willing or able to do that?

Having to focus on key words and topics could be a bit of a creative straight jacket.

And is the 18K a one off expense that buys the tools and the report, or an ongoing expense?

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3xc3llent investment, please do this for the sake of bringing new users to Hive!

18k.. that should be easy to raise on a platform about investing.. maybe set up a fund on Hive-engine and sell LEO backed tokens to get 18k.. hell I'd be down to buy some

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I hope it will be a union of forces that will bring even more engagement, credibility and success to our community.

In life we all have to take risks. I'll try to do my part to post variety of content with right keywords etc. Considering we can directly compete wit top crypto publishers like Coindesk/Cointelegraph I'd even say $18K is a damn fine deal.

If we get enough traffic to bring in good enough organic traffic, from then on we'd even manage without paying any marketing agencies.

Never Loose A 1st Mover Advantage

Neither BTC nor ETH are great tech. They are tech that came 1st to market and they got most of the devs and most of the cool projects. #Dash #EOS and many others are unable to beat BTC/ETH becuase of this one thing they have; 1st Mover Advantage!

We need to have all the tools ready for this bull market. It's a smart move I fully support!

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What's that old saying? "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Could test it to see what happens. However someone mentioned leofinance.com and I'd hope someone here owns that domain. It's hard enough just to get an American to visit a .co.uk website, let alone a .io. That might be an easier sell to spark some interest from the masses. Wishing you the best in whatever you decide to do.

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I think 18K$/year in exchange for tools to make writers life easier are always a good deal. I prefer this x100 times before paying for sponsored tweets/videos for ~300$ or more in Twitter/youtube. In the long term, we'll thank much more organic growth rather than 'artificial spikes'. Some SEM isn't bad though (no idea in the SEM field btw, some in the SEO).

User/writer retention is key, and I think that 18K isn't 'that big' if we're going to profit massively from these tools (the content optimization tool is slick).

Obviously, I'll be using these tools to improve my content! :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

SEO is something I've always struggled with - I do like writing blogs and want to make them as helpful as possible but if there is a way to embed this SEO tool on the post editor so that there are prompts to guide folks in to writing to optimise SEO, I think it will be worth that 18k. Especially if it then brings more traffic due to better ranks in Google Search and benefits long term growth of the whole platform.

One idea I had as I was writing the comment was if you had the SEO tool available for "pro users" or those with x amount of tokens staked or pay 1 off/monthly amount of LEO for access to the SEO tool or have someone from the Leo curation team review your post for a fee? Just thinking out loud here.

I'd be up for trying out those content prompts/"contest on steroids" from time to time though, always up for learning new things!

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