LeoInfra Onboarding Report | 300+ Active Hive Lite Accounts Onboarded and Counting

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LeoInfra has been one of our more interesting projects. With LeoInfra, we've created the first iteration of Hive "Lite" accounts.

Many have talked about Lite accounts in the past, but with LeoInfra they have become a reality. Users can sign up and login to LeoFinance using only a Twitter or Metamask account. They don't even need to store their Hive private keys unless they choose to download them from their wallet page.

Alongside Lite accounts, we also created a completely revamped direct-to-Hive signup process. This process allows users to create a Hive account and custody their keys from the start using only a Phone # verification or Twitter account verification.

Many on the blockchain are curious about our onboarding programs and if they've been successful. Our goal has always been to grow the user base of Hive rather than focus on serving the existing user base that's already on-chain. Through LeoInfra, LeoFinance has been achieving this goal every single day.

We've seen an influx of new users at an exponentially growing rate. One of our highest profile onboards is Crypto Wendy who utilized LeoInfra to create a Twitter Lite Hive account with the help of @shortsegments who reached out to her about joining.

Side note: she also got 224 comments and over $87 in LEO Post Rewards on her introduction post. Proud of the 🦁 community for this.


By verifying with Twitter, she was able to sign up in less than 30 seconds. With LeoInfra, anyone can sign up to Hive and LeoFinance with just a few clicks.

With LeoInfra V3 around the corner (Google, Email and Facebook Lite Accounts), we've decided to put together a progress report on our onboarding thusfar.

This data will give you an overview of how many accounts we're onboarding each day, how active these accounts are and what exactly these accounts are doing on the Hive blockchain.

Number of Accounts Created Per Day

Since the launch of LeoInfra, we've onboarded a total of 587 Hive accounts. If you remember, LeoInfra V1 allowed users to sign up with Metamask. This was a great step forward, but it wasn't until early December that our onboarding really started to pick up.

In December, we launched LeoInfra V2 which enabled:

  • Direct-to-Hive Sign Up Using Phone # Verification or Twitter Verification
  • Twitter Lite Accounts


Twitter is clearly a big winner here. Crypto Twitter is our perfect target audience which is why we also spend a majority of our marketing efforts over on Twitter aimed at getting these users onboarded.

The cool thing about LeoInfra is that it can be plugged-in to any Hive dApp. LeoFinance is launching a new app in the next few weeks which will bring Twitter to the Hive blockchain. This app will allow microblogging in a way that we've never before experienced. Allowing authors to create thousands of microcontent pieces per day directly on the Hive blockchain. Earning both tokenized rewards and the benefit of immutably storing their "Tweets" on a decentralized, public blockchain.

When this app rolls out, we expect LeoInfra onboarding to take its next leg-up as we create a direct offramp from Twitter. For the first time ever, Twitter users will have an alternative platform to Twitter that is built on top of a blockchain and allows them to sign up in less than 30 seconds.

LeoInfra V3 will also have a similar effect as we implement Google, Email and Facebook logins and start both paid and organic marketing campaigns on those platforms.

New Accounts By Activity

Just creating accounts is meaningless. We've seen this many times before on this blockchain and on others. Some other blockchains are even called "Ghost chains" for the fact that you see a lot of wallets being created but if you actually go there it's a ghost town.

The key to LeoInfra's success is that we're not only onboarding hundreds of accounts per month, but we're actually retaining active users.

Out of the 587 Hive accounts we've created through LeoInfra,

  • 241 are Not Active at all
  • 244 Have Voted on a Post/Comment
  • 238 Have Created a Post
  • 210 Have Sent a Custom JSON
  • 37 Have Powered Up in their wallet


We're obviously still dealing with relatively small numbers here, but it depends on what you are comparing these metrics to. Compared to Facebook, Twitter, etc. these numbers constitute maybe a few seconds of onboarding. Compared to the Hive blockchain, however, these numbers have a meaningful impact. Onboarding 346 accounts that have done at least 1 action in a pool of about 5-10k daily active accounts on Hive is meaningful and most importantly: just an indicator of what we can accomplish.

New Accounts by Cumulative Actions

Out of the 587 accounts we've onboarded in the past few months, 346 of these accounts have been active in one way, shape or form. The following chart shows their cumulative actions (which accounts have done multiple key activities on the Hive blockchain).


  • 99 have made a Post, distributed a Vote and sent a Custom JSON
  • 61 have only voted on content
  • 39 have only made a post
  • 34 have made a post and sent a Custom JSON
  • 33 have made a post and voted on content
  • 32 have posted, voted, powered up and sent a Custom JSON (Ideal User)
  • 26 have only sent a Custom JSON
  • 17 have voted and sent a JSON
  • 2 only powered up
  • 1 posted, voted and powered up
  • 1 powered up and sent a JSON
  • 1 voted, powered up and sent a JSON

As with many of our other reports, it will be interesting to watch the growth of LeoInfra. We've already seen the average daily accounts skyrocket from V1 to V2. I think similar effects will happen when V3 is launched and especially when Project ___ (microblogging) is finally launched publicly and we create that perfect onramp to Web3 from Web2 (Twitter on the Blockchain).

Upcoming Posts, Releases and Announcements

We've got a lot of major developments rolling out. Leo Lightning DB was supposed to be released a few days ago, but we've hit some delays (you may have been a part of our live test 2 days ago where we collected 50+ bug reports). We've also got a few other major releases and announcements upcoming that I know many of you are anxiously waiting for. Here's a rough list of how they're gonna roll out:

  1. Next post: WLEO Geyser Month 2
  2. Leo Lightning DB V1 Production Release
  3. Whitepaper
  4. LeoAds Report (Overdue)
  5. Leo Curator Leaderboard
  6. Project ___



LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media platform for Crypto & Finance content creators. Our tokenized app allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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Support LeoInfra's Onboarding Efforts by Delegating HP to @leo.voter (Currently at 2.4M HP). We Use this to Claim Accounts and Delegate RCs to Newly Onboarded Users

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It is awesome to see how LEO brings more people in here. We as a community need still to work to the retention rate as this is the biggest challenge after the onboarding is solved, which seemed to be so.

Thanks for the update!

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How secure is LeoInfra from a user perspective?

Since you store private keys on behalf of your user, it would be great to get some insights!

Do you encrypt them with a secret, which only the user has access to (which would make your solution great, since only the user can decrypt it)?
Or do you encrypt them with a secret, which leofinance has access to, or just store them offchain?

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They’re encrypted and only the user can decrypt via the wallet UI + confirming with their Lite account onboard method.

Lite accounts are similar to web2 accounts in that the user doesn’t outright own the account. Only once they download their keys do they truly live on web3.

Our goal is to add better prompts to encourage users to decrypt their keys and store them securely - especially when certain criteria are met. I.e. user has X value of funds staked and thus has more risk.

Good question! Thanks for dropping in

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That's truly end-2-end encryption - light accounts done right.

Amazing solution, thanks for those insights!

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good job

You can take your sweet time with project "whateveryoumaycallit" and other projects that include airdrops because I need to hustle more and get more Leo power :)

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You’ve still got some time (but not forever) hustle up ;)

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As far as my spare time allows it I'm giving it my best :P

Smart approach.

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Wow! @leofinance is very interesting this project of leofinance, I feel comfortable because here as in Hive they value very much the talent of the people, I do not know much about finances if I am sincere but realizing the initiatives I am creating post, I have not done anything wrong I have been taken into account I am one of those people who gives his faith that is valued the ideas and initiatives I am extremely proud that this platform is part of Hive, and even thanks to you I started to study a little bit of finance to be able to create not far away quality posts as I have read, is a great achievement what they are doing and the progress of registering Lite account

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  • Next post: WLEO Geyser Month 2
  • Leo Lightning DB V1 Production Release
  • Whitepaper
  • LeoAds Report (Overdue)
  • Leo Curator Leaderboard
  • Project ___
  • New LeoFi App Launch (Yield dashboard for LEO POWER HODLers, leasing application and more)

I forgot to announce the upcoming announcement of LeoFi

That will come around the same time as Project ___. I slid it here at the end

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Get your act together khal don’t be short changing us with updates and then leaving it in the comments! Stop drinking and posting we miss the old khal who makes 10 000 word posts

I dont think he was drinking.

Khal just slows down because of his daily 3 hour naps.

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What about the testnet?

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This is just a short list of what’s coming right after this post. I think the testnet will also slide into this list but I need to confirm a few things first

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Thanks for sharing this valuable data bros. Keep it up!

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I need to try it out and get more involved. Having this entrance will give Leo a great push for the next step in this blockchain


These are some impressive numbers already!
I suppose Project ___ is going to increase our reach a lot once it's released!

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It will increase the volume around here significantly.

We are going to see thousands of micro posts just from the existing user base. Toss in the comments and you could see more than 10K activities adds per day.

The key will be adding another 50K to the userbase through that application.

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You know, I was not too convinced of the whole project initially - simply because I despise Twitter I guess.
But seeing the success of noise.cash (which will be inferior in about everything compared to what we'll have here) makes me believe that this really could be the bridge to the mainstream we've been looking for!

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This will crush noicecash in my opinion. Twitter has over 300 million users, that is a large pool to draw from.

And the key is they do not have to change a thing other than where they post their twitter stuff from. By using the Leo micro UI, they can do the same thing but get rewarded.

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We are already training on noise.cash to be ready for that LOL

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the number of registered users will be much greater as Leofinance becomes known. When it enters the top 20 of the classic market cap and the price of LEO will touch 10 dollars, the tens of users will become thousands.

It will be important by then to have the performing system

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$10 LEO will not put it in the Top 20 in market cap.

That will make it about a $60 million dollar project, not a ton larger than Hive right now.

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yes you are right, I wrote without reckoning but my intent was to explain that when Leofinance is much more visible and attractive, then we will have a huge number of users who will flock to participate and get rewards

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The stats are very good. People think the engagement rate on social media is higher than it is.

Look at this about twitter, done last year.



A large portion of the people sign up for something and never use it.

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Yup. It's the same in virtually all sm platforms. You can't win them all

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Wow! Good piece of information!

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on blogging platforms, it is even worse. around 70% never post or leave after the first post. That counts for all Web 2.0 Blog hoster.

This is great, I don't know if it is already in plans but a few days ago I saw a proposal to delegate hp to new users with the intention of offering them credits to make their first transactions. It would be great to take it into account.

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A good solution for onboarding :)

About encryption was @roomservice faster with the question :)

This sounds great!

Makes Hive accessible to non-crypto users who don't know what a private key or a blockchain is.

LeoInfra is awesome. Making sign ups easy is definitely one of the most important things we can do in order to see the community grow.

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for me the numbers look great and it is also a chain of events. out of let's say those 99 numbers some of these people will actually stay, build relationships and via word of mouth promote leo.

Also, let's not forget that some people may not be active in leo but they may found a community for their tastes in Hive which is still a win win for me!

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Are there any plans to make LeoInfra open source?

Keep up the good.work guys. Over 500 accounts created and woke not all of them are active, it is still pretty amazing that these many people joined up. I imagine that having a mobile app will go a long way in retaining most users in the long run.

I'm really looking forward to the shirt content platform that is in the pipes.

I'm also just happy to be a part of this project. Writing leo worthy content actually put me on a path that has seen me earn from freelance gigs.

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Any chance if you guys ever turning this into a plugin or making it available for other projects to use?... possibly a Wordpress plugin solution??? Just saying, that would be cool...

These stats look pretty good.

We are on the right track.

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Always going to be that group that joins but doesn't do something. Onboarding and training is going to help curb that a bit as well as sending out article emails. So far looking good though and moving in the right direction.

Is there a page for people to join your email list besides the popup that shows up once in the bottom left? If so could you link me it please.

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LeoInfra is the reason I was able to bring on some of my real estate folks. Took down a large barrier to entry and will only grow further. $$$

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Hey @leofinance, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Really great stats, and with the future updates ahead I genuinely believe there is a much bigger upside on those charts

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Good Job! 4.jpg

Hey, I have two questions about the numbers listed.

a) Are under the following activity:

37 Have Powered Up in their wallet

also include the users who have received rewards and claimed them? So for example 1HP and 0.1 HBD received as reward and claimed them, but did not convert the HBD to HIVE and powered up?

b) Do you plan to monitor the overall activity of new users joining via Twitter since the introduction of this onboarding process, so that in 2-3 months you can make a comparison between the activity of users who joined via this onboarding process and those who came via another Hive onboarding process or already had a Hive account? I think in the future it could be very exciting to run such an evaluation to see how much to weight the activity generated by new users.

A small answer would be great.

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Maybe the numbers should be better with twitter and metamask accounts, but who the fu.k am I to talk about that ;-). I just thought it could be better.

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Great job, I like everything here so much.
And I have high hopes in the development of my project.
Jointly with LeoFinance and Resonance Consumer Cooperative.
For the future, this is very interesting in terms of economics.
Thank you for doing a lot in developing LeoFinance and Hive.

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Dang, those are some awesome rewards. That is cool that so many people are onboarding! This seems like a really great project to remove the headache of getting setup and started on the Hive blockchain.

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The more I hear about the ________ the more it feels like a project that could easily make it to Top 100 on @coingecko on its own. LEO is becoming the real kings of the HIVE blockchain. Can't wait to see this get delayed. I don'have enough liquidity buy enough LEO. I think much of the community is in a quantum superposition of wanting to see ________ released and wanting to see ________ delayed.

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This is really incredible, we are already seeing the impact that all the publicity is having, and Wendy shows us that it is possible for crypto influencers to join LeoFinance.

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Thanks for info, bro

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Hello @khaleelkazi!
This is off-topic but I need help.

I tried to withdraw some HIVE from LeoDEX some 8 hours back but still don't see it in my wallet. Where can I seek help?

There are more HIVE in @leodex wallet than what I requested; and I see people who transferred SWAP.HIVE later than me receiving their HIVE but why don't I!

Here's my transaction details:



Hello @taskmaster4450le,@trumpman, @gerber or anyone reading this comment!

Sorry to tag you guys here but can you help me to get back my lost HIVE or any idea how can I get my issue with LeoDEX addressed? I tried withdrawing some HIVE from LeoDEX some 3 days back but I'm still waiting.

Using "Withdraw" button on LeoDEX, I sent all my SWAP.HIVE to @leodex vide following transaction:


I'm still waiting for my Hive in Hive wallet. But I wish to get back either my HIVE or SWAP.HIVE at the soonest. I'll appreciate if you can guide me the steps I need to take to resolve this issue or point me to the right person for this.

Many thanks!

Some days back I also encountered this problem when withdrawing Hive from Leodex. But fortunately for me, I got my coins after a wait of few hours. Perhaps there was some node syncing/replay issue or something. Hope you received your coins by now, if not then I'd suggest you to tag @khaleelkazi on Leofinance Discord. He will definitely look into your issue immediately.

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Thanks for your suggestion. No, I haven't received my coins so far and I'm still waiting.
Unfortunately, I'm not on Discord but looks like I need to join there in order to get my coins back. I really hope that my coins get deposited in my wallet after some more wait, the way you got yours after some wait. Fingers crossed.

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Can i delegate my Hve to leo.voter if i am in a curation trail and earn leo rewards?

@khaleelkazi. Thanks Khal and all the @leofinance team for this excellent work. I appreciate you.

Perhaps you can help with a question i have:

The only option i can find to onboard potential new users to LeoInfra sign in (with my referral link) is to send them here:

But from there it requires another click from the user on the Get Started Button in top right corner.

I'm looking for a way to share my referral link directly to this Join Leo Finance Pop Up Window, or perhaps better opening it in a full window).

Join Leofinance.JPG

Keep it simple, Just one click to get there. Possible?

Peace and Love

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