The Best Way to Earn Crypto in 2021 | January Author Reward Leaderboard

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The Best Way to Earn Crypto in 2021  January Author Reward Leaderboard.png

We've been tracking these author reward leaderboards for several months now. When we started, HIVE author rewards dominated LEO author rewards (in terms of dollars).

Most of our top creators earned more USD in HIVE rewards than LEO. Over the past few months, LEO has completely flipped HIVE in terms of rewarding our top content creators. As you'll see in this report, the majority of the top 30 authors now earn more than 50% of their total author rewards in LEO with some earning more than 80% of their total rewards as LEO.

The point of these reports has been to prove that second layer community token rewards are the future of blockchain-based content. Hive is a big melting pot and while that is beneficial in many ways (in fact, one of the main reasons why Hive is a great place to buidl), it also has some downsides. One major downside being content creation and curation.

One person may be interested in photography of sunsets and cute kittens but one other person may not care for anything other than a chart with analysis of the Bitcoin price.

Trying to build 1 rewards pool (HIVE) and then leaving it up to a community of very different people with very different interests to distribute those rewards clearly doesn't work. Instead, Hive needs communities. This is no secret. People have been talking about the need and future of communities on Hive for years now.

Proving That It's Possible - In a Big Way

The growth of LeoFinance has proved that a niche community can build itself on Hive and properly distribute rewards. With Leo, we are focused on crypto and finance. If you want to post a picture of a dog, that is awesome. Just post it on a Hive frontend that isn't LeoFinance.

Tokenized niche communities are the future of Hive. Plain and simple. The LeoFinance community has worked hard to prove this point and with the data in this report, it is irrefutable.

Most Rewarded Community on the Planet?

I titled this post "The Best Way to Earn Crypto in 2021"

An alternative title I had in mind: "LEO UGC is the Most Lucrative Community Activity in the World"

UGC stands for User Generated Content. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you make Zucks and Dorsey rich by posting content for free.

On LeoFinance, you post content and build your brand on the platform in exchange for upvotes, engagement and the joy of content creation.

There are many people in the world who just want to create and engage with awesome content that is relatable and interesting to them. That's why Web2 platforms like Facebook and Twitter have seen so much success.

With that said, there is a growing awareness in the world that UGC is driving tens of billions of dollars into the pockets of these corporations. Many people are starting to realize that they are not the customer of Web2 social media... in fact, they are the product of Web2 social media.

Web2 sells your data, content and attention to the highest bidders. With little regard of the end user, Web2 aims to such every cent out of you that they can. Whether it means selling your data to governments or online retailers or using the attention your content generates to sell billions of dollars worth of ad space.. it doesn't matter. They're selling you.

In January, we distributed $11,739 USD in LEO author rewards (only counting the top 30 authors).

This doesn't include any curation rewards, mining rewards or Geyser LP incentives. Our platform is dishing out nearly 6 figures in monthly rewards.

There are a lot of ways to earn money online in 2021, but we could easily make the argument that is the best way to do it. It's a platform where you can create and engage with crypto/finance content every single day. If you like these topics, then it will be a fun place to hang out and in exchange for the value you bring (in the form of content, engagement and attention), you will earn some LEO cryptocurrency.

Seems like a pretty easy sell, right? Join, create and earn. It costs $0 and there is low friction through our Twitter, Phone # or Metamask sign up options which take less than 30 seconds and don't even require you to download your Hive keys right away.

As time goes on, we'll continue to spread this message. Obviously, this place is not all about the money. That is a key piece of the puzzle, but the engagement, knowledge and community here are what really make this platform special.

Top 30 Authors Ranked by LEO Earned in January

The following chart shows the top 30 authors on LeoFinance. The 3rd column shows the USD value of the LEO they earned throughout January and the 4th column shows the USD value of the HIVE they earned throughout January.

RankAuthorLEO $HIVE $

Note: we used current values of HIVE and LEO ($0.15 HIVE and $0.60 LEO).

Top 30 LEO Authors Ranked By % of LEO Rewards

The following chart shows the top 30 LEO authors ranked by the percentage of LEO rewards relative to how much their total USD rewards were:

LEO Reward Dominance = LEO USD / (HIVE USD + LEO USD) * 100

RankAuthorTotal $LEO Dominance %

We've seen an incredible rise in the LEO rewards relative to HIVE rewards. Further proving our point that niche tokenization is the future of decentralized upvote economies (note: the January curation leaderboard will drop soon and will even further prove this point).

The average % of LEO dominance = 67.94%. This means that 67.94% of the total rewards that LEO authors (just the top 30) earned in January came from LEO rewards.

The Top 30 LEO Authors earned 22,596 LEO and 44,619 HIVE in author rewards this month. (note the rise in HIVE rewards. Largely due to increased HP delegations to @leo.voter - currently at 2.5M HIVE POWER - which is used to manually curate authors).

The USD breakdown of these rewards is $11,739 USD in LEO rewards and $6,370 USD in HIVE rewards.

This means that the Top 30 LEO authors earned $18,110 USD in total author rewards for the month of January.

Great Curation

The curation on LeoFinance is incredible to watch. Many of our users all the way from new signups to long-standing LEO whales are manually curating content.

We're onboarding hundreds of new accounts per month through One of the high-profile onboards last month was @cryptowendyo.

Notice anything interesting in the leaderboard? Her first month on the site and she's the #11th most rewarded author on LeoFinance. Some other new names on this list (that weren't in the top 30 last month):

Also note that many have changed ranks on the list. @katerinaramm jumped from #29 last month to #13 this month. @themarkymark also jumped from #28 to #15.

Is it a stretch to say that LEO curators are also the best community content discoverers (is that a word?) on the planet. We'll have to wait and find out in the January Curator Leaderboard Report.

So to all you 🦁 curators and authors - keep up the good content creation and manual curation. The trend of a competitive top 30 leaderboard is one that we want to keep!

Dev Update: New Advanced Post Scheduling and Drafts Feature

We're currently building an entirely new post scheduling and drafts UI into the LeoFinance UI.

This will have a very similar look and feel to Twitter's post scheduling and draft implementation. It will allow you to schedule posts to publish in the future, view and edit those posts and also save multiple drafts (and view and edit those as well).

We already built a "dumb" implementation of Scheduling. The current implementation is a very rough version and doesn't allow you to see your scheduled posts. There are also very random occasions when something fails to upload and a post can get lost in the "ether".

With #ProjectBlank about to launch, we wanted to roll out a really great drafts/scheduling feature. This is part of the reason why we adopted a similar feel to Twitter in this regard. When ProjectBlank launches, it will have this scheduled/drafts built in for "Blanks" which will make it far easier to publish 20, 30 or 500 "Blanks" per day if you decide to become a MasterBlanker.

MasterBlanker is our inside joke from Twitter IYKYK

Our original plan was to roll it out yesterday (on Saturday) but we're still fixing a few things on the development site before pushing it into production. You should expect to see this new UI added to on Monday or Tuesday this week.

After that is released, we're in the final stages of ProjectBlank development. A post will drop soon which will give at least 1-2 weeks notice before the Snapshot (which will be taken 1 day prior to the official launch of ProjectBlank).

The new LeoFi dashboard is being developed simultaneously by another dev team member. This dashboard will feature our first iteration of a real-time use case with LEO POWER in the DeFi space. Future versions will quickly roll out and feature other DeFi use cases (including cross-chain DeFi between Hive and Ethereum - working similarly to how LeoInfra can bind ETH addresses to Hive accounts and utilize HiveLink to distribute WLEO geyser payouts on the Hive blockchain instead of Ethereum to save on gas fees).

Also being developed is LeoInfra V3 which should roll out in a similar timetable to #ProjectBlank. V3 will feature new methods for Hive Lite and full Hive accounts:

  • Lite account creation via Google
  • Lite account creation via Facebook
  • Full account creation via Google verification
  • Full account creation via Facebook verification
  • Full account creation via Email verification

Note: the only difference between Lite and Full accounts is that a "Full" account is when the User downloads their Hive blockchain keys right when they create the account. A Lite account encrypts their keys on the backend and allows them to sign in with the original sign up method (i.e. sign up/in via Twitter with no Hive keys).

A few other projects are also being developed right now but are further out from public release. The above will be ready by March 1st (🤞🏽).

We've been quietly working on the backend for a while now (especially with the new Lightning DB and building the new content handling for ProjectBlank), which is why the announcements of announcements have been slower than usual. @taskmaster4450le just posted an unofficial timeline for the above developments based on a conversation we had earlier.



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In January, we distributed $11,739 USD in LEO author rewards (only counting the top 30 authors).

That's ~391 USD each. With Hive included, ($18,110 in total), it's ~603 USD per user..

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I made it to top 10 this month. Thank you guys. All of you that are curating my content and fueling my dopamine circuits that keep me pushing forward. It's indeed a hustle and a great community to be part of. I love it.

I love the hustle, I love the engagement and the crypto related content we have here. Great times to be involved in crypto and to be part of a project such as Leofinance.

I can't wait for Project Blank to be launched and have been vocal about that recently quite a lot. I hope for Leofinance to one day become a respectable finance and crypto related content data base, as imo it's way better one than some of the mainstream outlets.

Once again, thanks to all of my sponsors :) and will keep on contributing with my content on this blockchain for as long as I will be able to do that. It's become my daily online lounge, quite addictive I'd say, and happy and excited for the future.

Congratulations to everyone on the charts of this post and good luck to all the LEOs pushing this thing forward, being part of this beautiful project and trying to make a difference in their personal lives through Leofinance.

I sure know I'm a happy and grateful Leofinance content creator. Roar loud guys and Hive on!

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I always enjoy your content and we definitely could do with more creators on your level. Hopefully you can serve as some inspiration to authors out there to create Crypto/Finance content and play a key part in building this place to the vision we all see: the best source of community, content and ideas for the crypto and finance space.


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That... coming from you means a lot you know...
Thanks. It's really great to be part of this community. My zodiacal sign is 🦁 by the way. Born on 14th August :)

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Haha awesome. Leo in a community of Leos

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Congratulations man on you shift. You're doing well.

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Our platform is dishing out well over $25,000 USD in monthly rewards through various means.

Maybe you missed something here, there is 200k+ LEO issued per month, that at current prices is 100k+ USD per month in LEO rewards.

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That's something. Tell that to the haters saying that Leofinance is bad for Hive.

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LOL. You're starting trouble. When they come for you....

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Let them come 😁

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

uh good catch

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I’m pretty dumb for that. I extrapolated the top 30 authors as being the total author rewards for the month. New numbers are slightly more impressive 😂

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Fixed. The curation report will be nice to compare to this one 😎

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Maybe its just to the top 30 users.

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When you start using other crypto platforms you start realizing how much better Leo is when it comes to earning crypto. And on top of that, is much easier to get started here than anywhere else.

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True. 100% agree on that.

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This would be old news if I say, "Creators growth on Leofinance is impressive, time is well served here, financial output is amazing for the engagement, learning for the newbies/new-comers is at the top of the world", so I would only like to congratulate all who made to this top 30 list... CONGRATULATIONS.

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Wow, I love seeing huge figures, if only the list was a little longer, am sure I would have slipped through :)

Leofinance is truly a proof of distribution of wealth. Thanks and continue the good work Team...

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Patience and determination will take your name on that list. It doesn't have to be longer. Keep up with what you're doing, you're doing good.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks for this, it really means a lot.

Thanks again as this is such an awesome community to be involved in. The rewards are fantastic, but the real reward is being involved with such a great group of people who are leading the way on Hive. Powering up everything that is earned as I want to help others grow as well.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I'll sincerly say qudos to Leo curators, they're the best. They've been relentless and sincerely being number 30th on the list makes me even special. It's stunning to see all these stats and honestly it's been quite a good January. Curators are earners no doubt.

LeoFinance is the best front end by far. Great work.

This dashboard will feature our first iteration of a real-time use case with LEO POWER in the DeFi space.

Amazing amazing! Well done, one question though. Will it be possible for the dashboard to have a demo Stake/power calculator? I think it'll be nice

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I finally made the list! Thanks for all the support for amazing curators and seriously tons of great content being published by so many every day here on Leo. It's been fun meeting new people and learning their viewpoints and skillsets. Learned a lot from this community so far.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

My favorite part about spending time on the platform is getting to read, engage and learn from the smart people that are active here. That's how I found investments like RUNE, AVA and others that have performed incredibly well for my personal portfolio.

🦁 welcome to the list. Hope to see you in many leaderboards to come

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Our man @edicted did it. Wise words from the man himself:

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

He is not bullish enough. I heard he has less than 250k LEO smh

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Give him a day. I heard he just got some HP delegated to him and he's acting like a kid in a candy store with it.

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Tick tock goes the clock. Once we hit 0 = moon and right now it looks like Edicted is getting left on Earth

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We're gonna have to beg @onealfa to sell when this thing moons :D

How much stake do you think I have btw?

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It won't be the currency in my bank account that brings value to LEO, ideally. I'm all about forcing users to burn LEO to @null in order to create NFTs.

Hmm what we got here?

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I have here now to be one of the best contributor soon.. I will try my best to create good topic here all the time from now

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I'm surprised to see my name on the list. Didn't even know about the list to be honest.
Anyway, congrats to the others on the list and good luck.

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Even if it was a hard month for me at work I am pleasantly surprised to make it to the top and be a presence in the Leo Finance space. We all have our ups and downs and time constraints, but we find our way back. And I hope for a better February month in curation and content creation. Simply glad to be here and witness so many great things unveil under our eyes, thus keep it up!

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Congratulations again on making it to the list. Consistency heals everything.

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Lol looks like all that steemleo days were well worth it now getting in early, and still being in the top 30 as this grows, wonder how long ill be able to hold on to these ranks :) 58% LEO dominance is pretty impressive too, seems the lions like me

LeoFinance is the best way to earn crypto in 2021 hands down, no debate here.
I came back to posting days ago and my earnings on LeoFinance are greater than those on Hive!!

The other beauty with LeoFinance is that it makes us earn double rewards since it is built on top of Hive..

I am eagerly waiting for ProjectBlank and see how we can blow it up on Twitter so that more people come here.

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well done everyone

keep up


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What an amazing achievement, $11,000 payout figure. Far surpassing it's Hive payout of $6,500 rewards pool.

Well done to everyone who has been involved in the start up of a magnificent project and to the community for believing in it and growing it.

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Obviously LeoFinance saved my Hive blogging.

Look at how low my HIVE rewards are compared to LEO. A 90% LEO dominance, lollll!

I get that my market analysis is niche as fuck, but yikes.

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On the grand, do you earn more of LEO than HIve since you started blogging on Hive?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Well... The days of $10 STEEM and SBD were pretty good haha.

Ping @tradewatchblog ;)

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Ay ay ay.

I can attest to the fact that my Leo earning is matching my hive earning. It is freaking unbelievable! This shows how much this place has grown over time and the best is yet to come.

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Wow! This is more than amazing!

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Is that rewards earned before or after payout? (gross/net)
I assume it also doesn't include curation rewards?

No matter how it's measured, crazy to see me so high up there on a relative scale.
Although I was posting like a maniac in January.

After payout, no curation rewards.

lol out of control.

Well done to the top 30 author in the month of January. It's aspiring reading through, I hope I made it yo the list one day. Really looking forward, I just need to keep being consistent

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Stunning numbers! I'm one of those that loves to post about photography, but thanks to your great work Leofinance is probably the frontend I'm visiting more on a regular basis, the amount of valuable information is too good to miss!

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First of all I really liked the name #ProjectBlank and I'm really looking forward to the big launch day!

Congratulations to all the main authors! Once again, good numbers were observed. I hope that next month I will be able to come back because this time it didn't work for me hahaha ...

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Congratulations @leofinance! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You got more than 2000 replies.
Your next target is to reach 2250 replies.

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking
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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the February 1st Hive Power Up Day

Very nice, keep it up

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Well done!
I would love to see my name on that list.
But there is little interest in precious metals.
I continue just the same.
I show my precious metals with the hope that I would interest people.
Congrats to everyone on the list.

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The rotation of new people into the to 30 leaderboard is inspiring to those who one day hope to join them in that rarefied air. For me, starting over is fun after seeing what was possible last Fall. If you contribute and build, things start happening. One step at a time.

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Well done everyone and fingers crossed on the future of Leo. Project blank really got the community buzzing.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it into this list some day. Those are some great authors there though. 🤞

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This is really impressive! I bet that during this bull run there will be Leo users who will make life-changing crypto!

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Congratulations @empoderat for taking that space. It shows the rewards are spreading into more hands. I can't wait to make it back to that list in a few months ahead. Indeed. Hive's second layer is the new way to earn Crypto in 2021.

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All of this is great for people who are writing and reading finance related posts (I'm one of them, at least from reading perspective). But I don't know if there are other communities on Hive that do well in terms of rewards.

The reason is of course obvious. It's a make money online niche, the most profitable niche on the internet in general. That's because people are making money by writing and reading about making money.

If one was interested let's say in art or music, for example, they would be earning just a fraction of this in CreativeCoin community. Like in real life. Most artists and musicians earn way less online than online marketers.

So it is highly unlikely that any other Hive community could compete with Leofinance.

When one has found a lucrative niche, great leadership and communication, like in Leofinance case do the rest.

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This is just awesome, the amount of work put into these projects, Kudos to the team !

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Damnation! I'm not in the top 30 yet! I have to try to get on the February list!

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It’s very impressive how many authors are earning decent amounts here on Leofinance. Thank you for publishing this encouraging post.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That was one of my greatest achievements in this community. It means a lot to me!

Thanks to everyone who helped me get here and congratulations to the others who are also on the list.

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