The First Ever Cross-Chain Hybrid Claimdrop | Completely Redesigned and CUB Drop is Now Live!

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this claim drop. It was intended to go out Monday morning and then we pushed it back 24 hours. Then we had to push it back another 24 hours yesterday and here we are today, 48 hours late.

The reason for the delay is two-fold:

  1. The original airdrop we designed was way too complicated
  2. I severely underestimated how long it would take to setup the new airdrop, organize the backend and manage the Cub launch in the process

1 or 2 extra days to launch CUB would've made the world's difference but we made it here and I'm glad to put the "wen airdrop" days behind us. @tarazkp aptly named this Fight Cub. What's the #1 rule?

I hope you understand why the delay was set in motion and I hope that the new process we created will be easy to follow. The old process for claiming the drop was like building a rocket ship with a box of scraps compared to this process which is the exact same as wrapping LEO into WLEO or BLEO.

Hopefully, this will cause a lot less chaos than the old system. I believe taking the extra 48 hours to design something that worked well rather than a quick and dirty airdrop solution was well worth it. I hope you agree 🦁

Wrap CUB:

How to Claim the CUB Token Claim Drop

In the CUB Token section, we mentioned that there was no presale of CUB. While most DeFi platforms similar to this launch a presale, we're a two-year old project with LEO stakeholders and wLEO LPs.

CUB will feature the first ever cross-chain hybrid claimdrop.

Due to the complexities of this system, we decided to redesign the code for this airdrop and change some of the rules in terms of CUB's transferability / tradability on Hive Engine prior to being claimed on BEP20.

Key Changes:

  • CUB can now be bought/sold on HE and anyone can wrap it into BEP20 CUB (although, one should mind the price difference and consider trying the platform - as that is the main purpose of this airdrop)
  • A UI has been created to handle the CUB HE -> CUB BEP20 wraps. We were originally going to have users manually send TXs to wrap but later realized that this would cause utter chaos in the community :)
  • Instead of rolling the airdrop out in phases (to handle the complexities), we're now rolling the airdrop out all at once to LEO Stakeholders. This makes for a more "fair" airdrop since everyone will receive it at the same time. We're able to do this because the claimdrop process has been radically simplified from the old version
  • The wrapping bridge from CUB HE -> CUB BEP20 will only last for 7 days (it will close on March 17th)
  • The wrapping bridge from CUB HE -> CUB BEP20 only goes 1 way. Once CUB has been claimed on BSC, it will be burned on HE and HE CUB (the wrapping bridge) will be deprecated on March 17th

Please follow the steps below to claim your CUB on BSC.

We appreciate everyone being patient with us as the initial CUB airdrop goes out, users are showed how to wrap and claim and more. This turned out to be much more complex than originally intended and it took us a few extra days to figure out how to make this work and not create total mayhem in the process. I hope everyone can understand that. Thank you 🦁

How to Claim the CUB Drop:

1). As balances are processed, the CUB drop system will send CUB to your Hive wallet as CUB HE tokens

View HE Token Balances on


2). Once you receive your CUB HE tokens, head over to the new Wrapping UI specifically for the CUB airdrop


3). Enter your BSC address under "CUB AIRDROP"


4). Click Submit, then enter the amount of CUB to claim on Binance Smart Chain


5). Confirm the TX with Hivesigner or Hive Keychain


Note: it may say "LEO Transfer" in Hive Keychain. You can ignore thios and Click to Show Data to make sure it's sending CUB. Minor visual display issue
It will take anywhere from 20 seconds to 1 minute to receive BEP20 CUB in your BSC wallet address

View your wallet at

Note: the CUB bridge works one way and will close on March 17th. You must claim HE CUB as BEP20 CUB before this date. Afterwards, CUB on HE will be deprecated.

Other Key Airdrop Details

A total of 28,000 CUB (current value is roughly $140k USD) will be airdropped to LEO POWER stakeholders and WLEO LPs. This is the project's way of distributing some ownership in the new CUB platform to anyone who HODLs native LEO (and LPs).

Most DeFi applications run presales to raise capital and create this early distribution of tokens. With Cub, we decided not to run this way for a number of reasons. Namely, being a two year old project (LeoFinance) with a two year old community of diamond hand HODLers.

What Can You Do With CUB?

1). Stake it in the CUB Den and HODL with those LEO Diamond hands for a 3,300% APR


A great way to HODL CUB, earn a crazy high APR and watch the platform grow as it matures, gains more TVL and we add new contracts from our roadmap.

2). Stake CUB in one of the two CUB Pools


For in-depth tutorials on how to do this check out the docs:


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In view of the fact that I do not see how to get BNB and BUSD to pay the commission, the question arises, can I make with you a direct exchange of these coins for LEO coins at the rate suggested by you? BNB amount for 10 LEO and BNB amount for 10 LEO.

Or, tell me how to get the coins necessary for paying the commission in other ways.

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Ecactly my issue here, I have bleo and cub sitting there and can not pay the fees, so can't do anything with it.

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Hey @beemd, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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Awesome development,

Thanks for the airdrop and the instructions, im all in diamond hands!

Worked well!

CUB is in the den on compound mode, cheers!

How often do you need to click on Compound ... just once ?

I think it is each time you add new CUB but I think I will check in the discord.....

Hmmm.... I clicked on Compound, paid some more BNB fees, approved.... and nothing happened. Is anything supposed to happen ? I didn’t even get a verification ? The Staked and accumulated Cub stayed the same... but my BNB is fee is gone ....

I checked in the LEO Discord.

Compound is a Harvest and Stake, meaning one less Transaction fee.

I'm not sure why your CUB staked balance wouldn't rise, sorry.

I have already spent a small fortune in BNB ... I converted 1 BNB to 30 Cub... $300... now worth about $100. I’m going to take a break until I understand how this all works.

Yeah the price of CUB is up and down, bad timing there i'm afraid.

Long term we should all be good.

Yeah... it’s a good thing I couldn’t figure out how to buy it at $14 ...

Thanks Leofinance, what a nice surprise to wake up to. CUB is already in den.

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This should be

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Thanks @leofinance!

Finally, the airdrop everyone has been waiting for.
Now the CUB wrapping UI is super busy. :D

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Am I the only one really disappointed by the airdrop? I mean all the hype around it, for an amount hardly worth mentioning? Don't get me wrong, I like Cub Finance, but 1 CUB per 200 LEO? That's like nothing. And even though I didn't cost me anything I feel almost like I was scammed lol

Almost scammed? Ok, here's an upside upvote. Hope you are happy

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Yeah man. First hyping it up like you're going to do another UNI or MIR airdrop and then this? I'm more happy with your vote :)

Hahahaha Cruel, but kinda Fair :)

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All I know is I had 300 LEO staked, and I ended up with 1.4 CUB. So yeah I guess that's about 200:1?
There certainly was a lot of hype, mystery, and promises. A lot of people invested a lot of money in this, based on that hype. I too wonder if they'll feel it was all worthwhile. I hope antics like this don't end up toppling the house being built here.

A lot of talks around CUB indeed. But buying LEO just to get more from the airdrop doesn't seem to be a sound strategy. Either you believe in LEO and what the team is doing, and buy LEO because of this belief, or just stay away from LEO. But that's just my opinion. I believe in an investment approach rather than in a trade-and-make-money-and-run-away approach. I certainly don't believe in buy something just for the airdrop. We all know, airdrops result in a hype and in the end it'll never make real money (exceptions excluded). Anyway, don't be disappointed. You got some free CUB and you got the opportunity to do something with it: Either support the project be bringing the CUB over to the pools at Binance Chain, or turn it into some money by selling at LEODEX. Good luck with your decision :)

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Wasn't a big amount but it's free though...

You should have took another 24-48 hours and made it idiot proof.

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Good call. I need idiot proof! This stuff is so intimidating!!

Hi! I went to create a new Network in Metamask following the tutorial, but in the last option where it has: Block Explorer URL and the tutorial says to put the address, appeared: Invalid Block Explorer URL :(

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In this part: 3). Enter your BSC address under "CUB AIRDROP

I don't know where I can find this address :(

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Have you set up a BSC account? You need to.

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Hi, sorry for the delay, I already made it. Thanks

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Are you loving defi yet?

Hi, @metzli, sorry, I don’t know, LOL I don’t understand much about the subject, I’ll read your last post now.

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I missed something in some publication, because I thought that the exchange rate would be 1 CUB for each LEO, but I see that it is 200 LEO 1 CUB. :(

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That's what I was hoping too. Hardly worth it with all of the hoops you have to go through and expenses to move CUB dust to an app that takes more than what you're putting there. Lesson learned.

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The whole process was a bait-and-switch.

There were people who bought a whole lot of leo at a premium to get in. I wonder what their thoughts are.

Bought ~30K LEO before the snapshot.

I'm 30% up and more than happy.

One thing is to wish for a 'higher airdrop value', which is completely normal & legitimate. A very different one is to think that someone is 'entitled to' free money.

If you bought LEO just for the airdrop you're doing it wrong from the beginning.

But hey, haters gonna hate.

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Good for you! I also bought well before the snapshot. It was misrepresented. Sounded like it would be a better match than - 2% or basically $5 worth against $220 worth of Leo. Had I known it was so little, I would've traded the Leo instead of staking it all. That's the part that is annoying. Very poor communication in this. I hope it works well for the community, but I am not loving that Binance fee for every breath you take on Trust Wallet. Gotta laugh, though because I learn something new every day at this. Blessings!

I would say; give it a chance. There's plenty of opportunity on binance smart chain and even a few dollars and putting the time to learn now can pay off in the future.

All the best. Sorry to hear that you expected more.

Maybe Khal could give no announcement of the airdrop and drop this by surprise with the CUB announcement. But it's easy to talk in retrospective.

Thanks! You're right. There is always something to learn and use in the future. Live and learn always.

1 cub per 1 Leo would have made cub a 18 million dollar market cap project. Clearly, that wasn’t going to happen.

Project blank is airdropped 1-to-1 and maybe that’s what you were thinking of. Completely separate project.

That said - airdrops are an engagement tool. To the other commenters in reply here to you I also say that buying LEO solely for an airdrop makes no sense. Hodl for the fundamentals or don’t

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Project blank is airdropped 1-to-1 and maybe that’s what you were thinking of. Completely separate project.

Thank you for this information

airdrops are an engagement tool.

I also thought it was for adoption

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Finally, I have been refreshing my wallet page like crazy last two days to see my CUB 😀

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Me too jejeje

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Aprox 1 CUB every 200 LEO ...

... I actually do not know what to think, honestly I expected a bit more after all the noise around. Anyway thanks a for the hard work, it is always aprecciated.

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Here is your Twitter !BEER @leofinance !

Wow what a great job, it's amazing how you guys are always looking to create facilities for the community. Thank you! Happy airdrop!

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working! thanks Leo team

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Very good @leofinance! 👍✔🙂

"I believe taking the extra 48 hours to design something that worked well rather than a quick and dirty airdrop solution was well worth it. I hope you agree."

Most definitely. I always prefer quality of the "finished product" over fast and furious. Saves a lot of grief and heartburn, in the long run ...

Onward and upward!

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Good work.
Soon™ never fails.
That's the magic of Soon™

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Very nice! Thanks for taking your time with this to ensure that it would be the best possible experience for everyone. Much appreciated!

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now i only want for cub to reach 50$

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Maybe one day ...

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It's good that they cared to do great things, without a doubt this will give a window to people who do not know about defi and will greatly benefit the Hive ecosystem, excellent work what they have done and I will put the CUB on stake.

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Got the drop, used the tool. It was a piece of cake! Cheers!

Claimed my CUB drop and staked it, of course! Everyone knows about staking on Hive, so that's an easy step over the bridge to Binance Smart Chain.

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What is the cub wrapping address?

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Links didn't cross-over when we copied this from the docs site:

I also updated this post and the docs site is accurate with links:

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Amazing launch and airdrop, easy to bridge and move it to BSC. Truly a professional space where trust makes users adhere to this great ecosystem, congrats for all past, current and future projects!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

UI is overload.

sorry, links didn't cross-over when we copied this from the docs site:

Post has been updated

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Screenshot_20210311-095610_Samsung Internet.jpg

It broke

Congratulations this is huge for Leo, cub and hive.

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Farming since it went live. Now added my airdropped CUB's to increase my LP.

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Guys, I used some of your images in a post I made for the hispanic community, with part of the translation of this post, I put your credits, but I wanted to let you know that anyway.

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Another step forward for
#leofinance. The community
is utterly happy with the process.
Time is the essence and we are pleased


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Hey @leofinance, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

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Okay so I went and made a account, any clue where I find my address in there, I am a completely new person to all of this. I did make an Ionomy account and got that to work, so a little help here would be appreciated as I do not see anywhere on the BSC scan page about a wallet.

Had exactly the same problem so I just sent it to Trust wallet while I work it all out.

I really do not see how they expect mass adoption when they can not present a simple step by step here is how you get your cub tokens.
1, create an account here ....

  1. save not only your password but your user name sign-up email and pass phrase
  2. install meta mask
  3. now they need to go through all the steps of how to set up meta mask to work with cubdefiand how to see your cub tokens. Step by painful step.

If they had a page that did it, like an on line game walk through, life would be so much simpler


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Very good and easy to use system. Really Smart!!!!

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Amazing job here, wow finally, the claim drop is here, staking all the way, no sells

That's awesome... and well worth the extra wait, for the sake of simplicity.

One of the thinks I most admire about @leofinance is the fact that you create and "ship" a quality deliverable when it it ready! There are few things more frustrating than being part of projects that sound amazing but they are rushed and slipshod, and nothing really works until 43 different patches and updates have been issued.

So massive gold stars from over here!

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where do I find this cub finance page?

found it
starting from bittrex in the USA and without doing binance kyc, what is the best way to sent crypto to the binance wallet?

one way of getting all you stuff started is to just BNB
you need to buy enough for you to be able to invest what you want and have enough left over for gas fees.

you can use:

  • exodus wallet to exchange BTC or any other coin to BNB (they seem to charge more)

  • to send BTC or any other coin and then they'll send you back the equal amount of BNB (they dont ask for any kind of ID, but in turn you get less in the exchange than if you'd use changelly)

  • changelly to send BTC or any other coin and then they'll send you back the equal amount of BNB (i just noticed they do a social media or email verification on here, but they take out less fees than simpleswap)

after youve done that send the BNB to your binance chain network address then send it to the binance smart chain network address in your wallet (to bridge the token so you can use it on cubdefi and the rest the defo dapps)

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Thank God for low fees. That's the only thing that stopped me from getting into yield farming when it first came out on ETH. Why I don't have much interest in ETH at all.

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It only gets better every day! Keep up the good works guys and to the moon!

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Do we need to register the token in Metamask before it shows after claiming? My brain hurts!

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alright I put 1 of my 1.3 CUB into BNB/CUB and 4 Bleo into BNB/bLEO, I am ready for take off!

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I got 0.018 CUB however i am hodling it in my Hive wallet to the moon :D

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I think it expires in 7 days.

Oh so i have to spend it on Cub or lose it?

Either transfer it to Binance Smart Chain, or sell it at LEODEX indeed. That said, the whole idea is to move this to Binance chain, since this will help to make CUB stronger as well as LEO. My suggestion would be: Take the free CUB, bring it to Binance and stake it in one of the pools, farms or dens. The LEO team could've also decided to not airdrop CUB at all, but you got some. Why not support the project with it? That's just my opinion. Of course, you can do with your CUB whatever you want :)

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As i'm already using CUB i have send it over :)

Super :)

Yes... I believe you have to send to Cub Finance or cash out to Hibe... but ask somebody at LEO finance in case that has changed.

Well i have send it over to CUB now :)

Thanks for the generous airdrop :) I have already staked my cub. I hope that all the participants of the airdrop will keep their cubs and stake them!!!

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Excellent. I wish I were in Hive earlier and have Leo. I'm a newbie who feels she missed this :((

I am very satisfied with the airdrop. The entire waiting time was well worth it. Thank you Khal and team!

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Got mine, thanks! :)

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Its quite easy process and I am able to complete.

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Thank you for the drop! Was a smooth process to claim, much appreciated.

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Finally SOON to NOW

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I'm just wondering, if the supply is unlimited, how (apart from fees and burns) are you going to retain CUB value? I don't think decrease from 3 to 1 CUB per block will make it happen. Most people here will just sell off cub for BNB to make it fall even more

The roadmap in the docs section addresses this to a degree without going into detail about our plans. The goal is to use CUB as a base layer for the adoption of other smart contract platforms. Building in a sort of layered approach to adding new DeFi features to bLEO and the broader CUB/LeoFinance economies.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as we use CUB as the initial showcase for adopting another platforms contracts and repurposing them for our community in our own unique way.

Now that was easy - thank you so much for everything you guys are building here!

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Can you include a couple of links in your subsequent posts? - cubfinance, and your discord link.

While I am not impressed at the claimdrop, I am glad that Leo whales are not getting a ridiculous amount of Cub from the get go. You see, I'm learning.

Great job team! So humbling to be a part of this journey.

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wtf High APR