UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

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UI Refresh

You may notice the slick UI refresh. We've made a number of changes in preparation for LeoBridge and have two major UI updates dropping in the near future.

Today we released a largely visual update along with updating many links in the side menu. The LeoBridge domain was added (https://bridge.cubdefi.com), although the bridge is still in dev environment testing, so all you get to see now is a Coming Soon ™️ message.


LeoBridge is nearly ready. The backend is all deployed and our initial tests have gone smoothly. The final piece of the puzzle is putting together the Bridge UI (https://bridge.cubdefi.com) to handle decentralized cross-chain swaps.

As a reminder, the bridge UI swaps ERC20s into BEP20s (and vice versa) by routing orders through smart contracts that are connected to LeoFinance's unique tri-token economy - LEO, bLEO and wLEO.

We crafted a new visual that explains the bridge and how it works (yes, this is also built directly into the bridge page):


I saw some people asking in Discord how LeoBridge has any material impact on LEO and CUB.

LeoBridge carries a 0.25% swap fee on every cross-chain swap. This fee is sent via smart contract to the CUB treasury where it burns CUB and bLEO. More details on how this burn works will be released alongside LeoBridge.

Additional benefits are related to LEO liquidity/price and marketing for the CUB ecosystem.

To properly handle large swaps, wLEO and bLEO liquidity pools need depth. Imagine that $100k is swapped through LeoBridge, if the pools do not have sufficient depth on both the wLEO and bLEO side, then the swap will have a high degree of slippage.

As LeoBridge scales, the value of LEO held in the wLEO / bLEO pools will need to increase. This is likely to come from a mix of price appreciation and the actual flow of LEO tokens to both pools.

The LeoFinance Team/Community appreciation for the Thorchain (RUNE) project seeps into many levels of the project. Deterministic Value is frequently discussed in regards to the future value of RUNE.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Deterministic Value is starting to play a larger and larger role in the value of LEO as well. First with wLEO-ETH as being base paired against the second largest cryptocurrency during a bull run has played out.

Now with bLEO-BNB as we've got the dynamics of both -ETH and -BNB playing a role in LEO tokenomics.

LeoBridge takes this price determinism to the next level: if the volume of swaps handled through LeoBridge continually increases, then the demand for deeper liquidity on both sides of the bridge (wLEO-ETH on Uniswap and bLEO-BNB on Pancakeswap) increases drastically as well.

Again, this demand will need to be fulfilled through a mix of increased token flow to these pools and appreciation in the overall value of the LEO token economy.

To take cross-chain tokenomics to the next level, the LEO economy also has curation. As tokens flow out of LEO POWER and into the WLEO / bLEO pools, curation APR will also increase.

Eventually, an equilibrium must be reached between the APRs provided as a:

  • wLEO LP on Uniswap (wLEO Geyser Rewards)
  • bLEO LP on Cub Finance (CUB Farming Rewards)
  • LEO POWER Curator on LeoFinance x Hive (LEO Curation Rewards)

The current breakdown (roughly) of APRs is:

  • wLEO Geyser - 30-60% (recently readjusted higher as liquidity migrated to Cub Finance)
  • bLEO CUB Farming - 196%
  • LEO POWER Curator (20-32%)

it will be interesting to watch these tokenomics evolve, especially as LeoBridge grows and forces the depth of wLEO / bLEO pools to grow as well.

Major Update to Dens and Farms

We've spent a lot of time researching the flow of capital into the Cub platform and also looked to some other successful yield platforms on Binance Smart Chain.

Many are currently transitioning to a more "focused" farming approach. Deprecating pools that don't offer much value to the platform and then redirecting that inflation to the native token.

The primary goal of this is to consolidate the resources and opportunities. Cut back on the options a bit and simultaneously make the remaining options (especially in the native coin - CUB) more attractive.

Equally important is how this impacts the long-term roadmap for CUB. We've just started working on the new Cub Kingdoms update which will introduce new vault contracts that bring a different style of farming to the CUB ecosystem.

Having less pools and dens will make the launch of Kingdoms both smoother and more lucrative.

After running some polls, talking with various people in the community and devising a plan based on capital inflows/outflows, we're proposing the following update into the Timelock Lion's Den contract:


When Will the Changes Take Effect?

Due to the 4% deposit fee, it's important to give sufficient headsup for changes like these.

In 48 hours, these changes will go live on Cub Finance.

When these changes go live, the Lion's Den contract will also initiate a 24 hour grace period on deposit fees - this means that you will be able to withdraw LP tokens from 1 Farm or Den and move it to any other Farm or Den with no deposit fees.

After the 24 hours are up, the 4% deposit fee will be reinstated on all Farms/Dens except for CUB (always 0%) and bLEO (2%).

Some have already noticed but in working with CertiK in the audit process, they recommended implementing a timelock smart contract for changes like this.

The contract we implemented creates a 24 hour queue for any changes to Farms / Dens. These proposed changes that we're adding to the queue are exactly the type of changes that are made more secure by a timelock queue.

The queue basically just gives users peace of mind in knowing that changes cannot be implemented instantly on a whim. When rug pulls of yield platforms in this category occur, it's usually aided by the fact that there is no timelock in place.

We're giving a 48 hour headsup here which means we'll queue the upates 24 hours from when this post goes live. Once the 24hr queue window passes, the changes go live.

That is right around 4 PM CST on March 27th 2021.

The 0% deposit fee grace period will end the following day at 4 PM CST on March 28th.

New Cub Kingdoms Feature

Cub Kingdoms are an exciting new vault contract we're building for the Cub Finance ecosystem. These vaults will resemble Yearn/Auto auto-compounding vault contracts.

In short, the first Cub Kingdom will allow you to pool CUB-BTCb in a separate "farm" from the "Farms" and "Dens" page.

The "Kingdoms" page will display this new type of vault contract which automatically reinvests CUB earnings into the base asset pairs.

i.e. pool CUB-BTCb and earn CUB rewards. The vault automatically takes those CUB rewards, swaps 50% of them into BTCb and reinvests into your original pool position.

AutoFarm is a popular platform on the BSC and this feature will be very similar to what they offer.

LeoBridge is the first feature we're developing essentially from scratch, Cub Kingdoms will be one of the first features post-Cub launch where we adopt the successful contracts of another platform and bring them into the Cub ecosystem.

The future of Cub Finance is in expanding the features, use cases and utility of CUB.

The Kingdoms vault contract will also collect a small "management fee" from farming rewards and send it to the CUB treasury where it will burn CUB and bLEO at an 80% / 20% split (respectively).

We've decided to punt the idea of Layered Farming for the time being. Goose has clearly not had success with this type of farming contract and we will wait and see if they iron out the kinks. We've got a few ideas for fixing their contract: i.e. adding more randomness and "gamifying" it to beat the bots. We might explore those in the future.

For now, the focus is entirely on delivering, improving and marketing the new LeoBridge feature of Cub Finance. We've also started on the Cub Kingdoms release which should drop sometime next week.



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So what is happening to the crypto that is staked in the dens that are going inactive? Does it return to metamask automatically or does it need to be pulled out manually? What happens if someone does not visit the site during the grace period to pull out their coins?

Honestly, this seems very unfair for the people that PAID 4% to stake their coins in dens that offered exposure to quality projects. Personally, most of my stake (outside of cub) is in BNB and DOT. So basically, I sacrifice 4% of my crypto for only a couple weeks of yield, and now I'm forced to abandon those positions, which I paid to enter???? What if I don't want to take larger positions in bitcoin or eth? I mean, I don't want to hold ethereum period, thats why I'm on the binance smart chain in the first place. How can decreasing the number of options be good in any way? This is honestly very upsetting. I've already gotten vaporized buying your hyper-inflating coin and now I can't even hold the coins on here that I PAID to do so to try to earn back some of my losses. BTW, I have over 10k vested on the site, so I'm not some monkey with 16 cub shit-posting here.

I do like the autofarming option, that seems good. Also, glad you're not going down the layered farming road.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Honestly, this seems very unfair for the people that PAID 4% to stake their coins in dens that offered exposure to quality projects. Personally, most of my stake (outside of cub) is in BNB and DOT. So basically, I sacrifice 4% of my crypto for only a couple weeks of yield, and now I'm forced to abandon those positions, which I paid to enter????

I totally understand this frustration and I immediately thought that people in those positions will probably feel left out, when I read the announcement. But you if think about it, you have easily made back these 4% plus some gains. Even now the DOT-BNB farm gives over 4% per week and from your comment I assume you have been farming early on and hence have seen much higher APR at the start.

DOT trades now lower than at the start of CubFinance and BNB only slightly higher. You could sell your CUB now and buy back DOT and BNB and stand at a better position than before. Or you keep hodling your earned CUBS and throw them in the Den, which will get a 50% higher APR with these updates compared to right now. With that extra APR you could buy new DOT and BNB over time and not even loose your CUB position. All in all not the worst outcome, but yes, it could have been handled better.

Obviously, none of the above relates to any direct investments you might have made into the CUB token itself, but that is unrelated to the farm and den changes anyway.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Despite being in fairly early (day 3ish), I am in fact not in profit. Anyone holding any position in the farms is likely not in profit due to impermanent loss with the price action of CUB. Leo is now forcing farmers to sell off and realize that impermanent loss without the opportunity for the CUB price to rebound. I understand that we were in a hyper-inflationary period and this would likely happen to the price of cub before the block reductions and I was fine with that. I assumed that I would be allowed to hodl through the chop and leave the farms, if I chose to, when the CUB price rebounds. I was betting on the price rebounding from a successful rollout of the bridge and audits posting. What they are doing now is virtually a rug-pull for farmers, because they are forcing them to realize a loss that is supposed to be impermanent. No yield farmer ever expects the farm to be dissolved in 2 weeks.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I completely agree because I too have A DOT den, and yes I have made money back, but that is beside the point. Not a fan of this change personally. But it's not my project. I will be pulling my DOT out with no other use case for it except to hold and not farm with, thanks guys. This seems like a backwards step honestly.

If you entered those pools early you've definitely made profits and you're not in loss, despite the 4% fee.

All the changes being proposed are for a prosperous LEO/CUB economy. The fact that the team offered a lot more options to those who wanted to participate unlike many other teams out there doesn't mean that they can't implement changes for the greater good. What would you do if there wasn't a DOT den in the first place? You'd watch from the sidelines?

People need to understand this: Every block a new CUB token is produced. Then it "splits" in 140 pieces (that's the multiplier you see). Then, 40 of those pieces go to CUB/BUSD farm...24 to CUB/BNB farm...and so on which are finally "given" to those in those pools depending on the stake they've locked. How is it fair for the rest that DOT/BNB has a 6x multiplier when traffic in that farm is close to zero?

BTW, nobody forces you to take larger positions in ETH or BTC...just don't use the new feature.

Again, all the changes are for a prosperous CUB economy. NOT for a prosperous DOT/ADA/XRP...whatever coin is out there...the fact that you did have the option to stake your DOT and earn CUB in the first place was just a bonus.

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You have drank some delicious cool-aid.

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A few people mentioned it was unclear what exactly was getting updated from the original screenshot (since both sides had pools labeled as inactive). Here is an updated screenshot with better labeling:


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I'm so glad it wasn't just me who was confused! 😂

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Much much better

It seems like there is a math error in the "point" count for the inactive dens on the top right. It looks like it should be 10 and not 8. Not really a big deal since they are becoming inactive anyway, but just thought I would point it out. Let me know if I'm missing something.

Have I showed you my first and only meme? I think it might apply here....


Great update!!!

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Hey check out @onealfa post about his tweet reply to Elon Musk. I think this meme would be very fitting..

Great update @leofinance. Pleased to hear about the paring down of so many options to focus on "what you do best" ... Particularly pleased to hear layered farming will be scrapped, at least for now. Making no claim to being any sort of expert, I have looked in Goose Finance and that aspect of it and was definitely not impressed ...

Can't wait to see what the new LeoBridge can do. I am a little bit concerned about the LEO in the center of it, as I have seen a number of references to failed swaps, etc. Again, no expert, but wondering about how much of a "load" this bridge has been engineered to handle. I will hope, until proven otherwise, that you are way out in front of these concerns and that they are being addressed.

And a Cub "Kingdom" linked to BTC!! Wow, tying Cub to the "virtual gold" of this new digital asset class. Can't wait to see that in action either!

Onward and upward! 🦁🚀

P.S. "Leaving" immediately after writing this comment to execute my latest harvest of CUB and "compound" by reinvesting it into the CUB den ... 👍

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Cub Finance is coming up with so many exciting new features and tools coming up. I am also very excited about the CUB Kingdoms @roleerob, since they are based on Yearn's or AutoFarm's auto-compounding vault contract. The first Kingdom will be of CUB-BTCB pool. After your initial investment, half of the CUBs generated from this pool will be swapped with BTCB. CUB-BTCB LP Tokens will be created and reinvested back into the pool AUTOMATICALLY. Just sit back, relax and see your pot growing on its own. You can read more about it & the roadmap of CUB Finance for the next quarter in my recent post.

$CUB to the moon. 🚀

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes, agreed @finguru.

"$CUB to the moon." 🚀

Took off like a rocket just this morning!! 👍

We just need to be patient and let time work for us. Short-term trading and focus is not where one should concentrate their efforts, but instead on the long-term. Given the past performance of Khal and his great team, I cannot imagine Cub Finance going anywhere but steadily up!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Absolutely. Like early investors of BTC sat on their investment for a long time and saw it growing like crazy. Patience is definitely the key. I am going to heavily invest my time & money on this wonderful platform.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Oh wow, I didn't realise the swaps were actually going too be decentralised too. What a relief, that makes a big difference.

Wow, much more than expected! I like autofarming! 👍👍

You know I love you guys to bits but ... WEN UI updates for Leo Finance? uploading pictures doesn't work ( I have to use peakd for that), no notifications yet, no search bar, no autosave for comments ( lost a few by accidentally clicking elsewhere). I think these quality of life changes ( and others) would massively improve the user experience.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I was already searching if anyone mentioned a search option, nice one! 🤙🏽

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

thank you :) I hope they make some improvements in the near future because Leo's interface takes a lot of commitment to use every day and can easily put new users off

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We've decided to punt the idea of Layered Farming for the time being.

So glad to hear this. This has just increased my trust in LEO Finance. Now I know that you are willig to step back from projects you've been working on if they no longer seem to be the best option or have been shown to be less than ideal elsewhere.

Kudos to you!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The "Kingdoms" page will display this new type of vault contract which automatically reinvests CUB earnings into the base asset pairs.

This is superb! Especially for the tokens which is already a scarce - like BTCb or maybe in future the AVA token. Hopefully you will get the AVA token into CUBdefi because a lot of people in AVA space is waiting for good staking dapp.

Fingers crossed.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This seems smart, FIAT still plays a heavy roll and CUB-BUSD seemed like one of the best places for me to park extra funds and earn the most CUB. Looks like that will continue to be the case. I'm in for the long haul!!! Also time to learn kingdoms!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Nice, the den and the farm I chose both both got bumped in. Still waiting for a CUB/bLEO farm though. Poke Poke.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

CUB/bLEO farm seems like an excellent idea.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

exciting changes and looking forward to having these changes going live.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

So, here's a thought, female lions are very active and a lot more social than males. They hunt in packs using elaborate strategies to secure the pride. Perhaps you could put forward a Lioness token at some point in the future.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

So how do we basically get one free deposit into any pool? Is it one free deposit of any size - as I've got to a bit of moving about now.... I've got equal amounts in the DAI/ USDC dens so I'm going to have to extract those to Binance and exchange there because the slippage on Cub is probably going to be significant and then resend back to CUB and then stake in I guess the DAI-BUSD farm.

Can I urge you to at least keep one USDC option open - otherwise I'll just move that money back to Pancakeswap.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think it's all free for the 24 hours. I like USDC better too

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We're not getting it though! Good that it's free.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I don't like the idea of not having a stable coins den..as it was the most safe option and no risk of impermanent loss... I would prefer easily one den of busd over BTC or ETH..but the reste seems very good

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I didn't understand about the switch to another den, I'm in BNB den right now, so when the time comes, do I have to take the BNB out and then put it in the new BNB (updated) den?, or can I just let it in the den and it goes updated my itself?

that is also my question with the CUB den, Cub/Busd and Bleo/BNB farm

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Looks like BNB den is getting removed so you will have to use a farm or convert to a different token

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes, just thought about it :(, thanks

It's getting harder to power-up my Leo earnings because I want to utilize them in a pool. So many opportunities, so little Leo, hehe. Time to earn more!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Love the kingdoms idea. Auto-compounding takes a lot of the pressure out of the process of yield farming

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Great news and luckily the remaining farms and dens do not affect me in any way. Nice to see the CUB Kinkdoms concept come to the space, for sure it will add new flavors to the finance from here.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

A bit surprised this wasn't here from the start, but better late than never :)


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Cool, so that's what Cub Kingdoms are?! Have you decided on the multiplier (I assume it has one) and the "management fee" for the CUB-BTCb kingdom?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That moment when you're super glad most of your investment is in CUB-BUSD ;)

Love Cub Kingdoms auto invest feature. It will give users peace of mind knowing they don't need to harvest and reinvest their rewards.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is good to reduce the options since it's clear how the usage is distributed right now.

I see that the revised farm and den list is in line with my primary choices - CUB, CUB-BUSD LP, DEC-BUSD LP. Good!

The dillema reimains - LepPower or Leo in #defi :) It will be a dynamic equilibrium game, I guess.

Great work so far!

Ps: since you already refreshed links on the CubFInance side, please, add all important links on the LeoFinace side too. This needs upgrading:

And include the link to the wLeo / bLeo wrap page, please.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The spreadsheet wasn't completely intuitive for me does someone want to break down the upcoming impact ... in particular which farms and dens we'll want to move stuff out of.

I can see that

  • CUB Den is going 10 -> 15
  • Cub-BUSB farm is going 40 -> 50
  • Cub-BNB farm is going 24 -> 36

If i'm not mistaken are these the farms going away
I think the issue is that it said inactive on both side of the spreadsheet


It seems so.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Ran a bit of relabeling :)


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Top section says 8 should be 10

Hahaha! I didn't get that at all but now that you've dumbed it down it sounds amazing!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Update well receive in times
to show #leofinance team is working hard.
I am maximizing my cub by reinvesting into the dens.
So far so good.


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

You're doing a fantastic job mate! Keep it up You're hitting goals.

Now to think of a meme :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Can you make this clearer please like title another post:

'Cub Finance is shutting down 70% of it's Dens and Farms in 48 hours URGENT ATTENTION REQUIRED'

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Maybe if you make a post and I will make one then maybe everyone will get the word! Just recently made a quicky post with a link to this article on D.Buzz. You have a pretty large following on your @revisesociology account and I have some folks as well.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes good idea - I will later today!

(Easy post for the day too!)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is a massive win for the CUB DefI Ecosystem!👊

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

wow, i really like autofarm smart contracts, even if they kind of use Cake pools via their website and rewards you auto token for it. So, if cake compounding pool is 128%, then the autofarm pool will be cake 126% and auto 0.15% for example. i don't understand how they are making money, is it from fees?

First day on leofinance, my first impression was good, I love the great design and responsiveness of the dapp. Keep it up!

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good project

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Happy Birthday to the Hive Community
A successful meetup and its commemorative badge

If I understand a teeny tiny part of it correctly then LeoBridge will be a game changer for CUB Finance and DeFi industry, something that many DeFi platforms will follow.

the bridge UI swaps ERC20s into BEP20s (and vice versa)

Is that correct, it will resolve the issue of transaction fee on Binance Smart Chain for the users who are unable to get BEP-20 BNB?

or, in other words...

They'll also be able to swap BEP-2 BNB with BEP-20 BNB?

The "Kingdoms" page will display this new type of vault contract which automatically reinvests CUB earnings into the base asset pairs.

i.e. pool CUB-BTCb and earn CUB rewards. The vault automatically takes those CUB rewards, swaps 50% of them into BTCb and reinvests into your original pool position.


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Hey @leofinance, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Does the operation of LeoBridge also generate transaction fees for the liquidity providers on both sides of the bridge? If so, that would be awsome. And a reason to extend my position in de bLeo liquidity pool

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You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/1 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 24809.918 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.273 HIVE



Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Great updates, and the CUB / bLEO farm that's mentioned by a few others looks like something that should be in the Kingdom!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This may have been said before (and my humble apologies if it did), but in terms of UI I am really missing two things at the moment:

  1. Current exchange price indicators in an easily accessible page, so that we can arbitrage more easily.
  2. A clear indicator of the value of our LP assets (essentially an integration of howmuchismyLP, but then with a predefined masterchef address).

Would it make sense to incorporate those features at any point soon?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

With kingdom, can I deposit ETH and earn ETH?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

So just to confirm, we'll be left with the following?


  1. CUB
  2. BTCB
  3. ETH


  2. CUB-BNB
  6. ETH-BNB

Sounds good. Maybe it is just a personal preference but the Excel screenshot makes it hard to search.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Very good changes.

Auto farming = very cool.

Leo bridge = also very cool.

Make cub more useful, that's what I gamble on, also very cool.

Thanks for the update and ROAR!!!!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It does feel a bit weird that the bnb den goes away considering it's on bsc.

Great News!

Thanks for the news about the changes!
The transparency here is awesome, along with the detailed explanations!

It’s impossible to make everyone happy with changes, but that’s why we have a leader!

I think we all need to focus on the positive during this volatile and stressful time of change.

Innovation isn’t easy and some of the Cubs are a bit salty at times, but only the passionate give a damn.

We need diamond hands to support our trusted leadership. We need to bring the diamond hands to support you because your doing a lot of the heavy lifting here, and a great job of it, in my humble opinion!

Thank you!


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It sounds very promising as ususal ! I can’t wait to see other communities with their own pool on the CubDefi platform 😉

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Too bad the BNB Dens is being canceled ...I wouldn't really want to change my BNB.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is good to read regular activity reports. Nothing builds trust so much as developer openness !!!

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