Why I Powered Up My HIVE

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Hello there fellow Crypto Fans! I am new to this world of crypto currency and even more so HIVE. I wanted to share my power up today and why I chose to do it!

I have been using hive for a couple weeks now and have made some HIVE in the process! This has been exciting and fun to say the least. However, after learning more about what HIVE is and the community behind it, I got even more excited!

I love how this "social media" platform is decentralized! I am tired of FB, IG, YT, etc. using my content for their own gains! That is what I appreciate about HIVE. I get reimbursed for my content and for its quality! The community decides! I also love the idea of crypto currency and "sticking it to the man"!

As you can see I started with little HIVE that I had earned! I decided I am so excited for this platform and believe that its the new future, I purchased 100 HIVE to add to my power up!
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Here below is the official proof!
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I was wondering what the next technology would be to kick FB, IG, YT, etc off of their blocks. I truly believe we have found it here! Its crazy because I had no idea how the evolution would go, but learning about HIVE and what it is was inspiring! I finally get to be part of a movement that I think is great!

Because of this, I decided (as a poor college student mind you) to invest even more into LTC, ETH, and of course, HIVE! Below is my new contribution!
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Here Is the confirmation of the Power up! As you can see Im powering up my account with all of my hive (you also see that Im not a big hitter, YET)
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I wanted to power up my HIVE to show my support for the community and the trust that I believe this is a great idea! I see this, and blockchains, as the future of technology and decentralizing! I love this idea and that we take control as a community!

I also powered up to have an increased voting power to help support those within the community, especially those putting out value! I want to bring value to the communities as well. Of course the added interest and kickback is nice too!

Have you Powered UP yet?


That's awesome man. Pretty soon you will hit 500 Hive Power and then after that, the next step is 5000.

Im at 500! with my purchase today!

small steps every day will make the journey!

Congratulations @leveluplifestyle!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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Congratulations on becoming a minnow @leveluplifestyle 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you!

You're welcome @leveluplifestyle

BTW, I noticed I miss your witness vote 😢
Would you mind casting one to me? It would be much appreciated!

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