WKOIN ERC-20 Token Traded on Hive Engine

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On Hive blockchain many new innovative things are happening at a rapid pace. We witnessed Leofinance's great success and everyone has acknowledged this and it is the most discusseded topic on Hive these days. After Leo, the 2nd most discussed thing is the Koin ERC-20 token Mining. As the core development team of Koin are the developer of steem so many people relate to them. Koin team also selected Hive blockchain to launch the token so many hive users are taking part in the mining process. They have developed simple software to do mining but the problem is the Ethereum network. As I am not a big fan of the Ethereum network so I have to download the software but I am not doing the mining. So I have a regret that everyone is having Koin token and I have none but then I saw this Wkoin post.

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WKOIN is a wrapped version of Koin, developed by @harpagon. People who are not mining Koin can buy and sell wkoin on Hive-engine. For WKoin @harpagon, has developed a simple to use wrapping/unwrapping tool. This tool only requires a hive account and a Metamask account. On Hive Engine, Koin price is still not determined but I have bought 1 WKOIN with 0.5 Hive and someone has bought in 0.7 Hive. Koin mining process will continue for six months but on Hive Engine its trading has started.

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I hate Ethrium network only because of the high fees so when I tried Unwrapped and send 10 Koin to Eterium the fee is 17 Hive. So I have to cancel my Idea and I am very happy to trade this coin on Hive Engine. Hive Engine has Opened some new doors and hope in the future many other ERC-20 tokens will trad on the hive.

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@lifeskills-tv, In my opinion this space is perfect for New Experiments and Crypto Gamifications. Stay blessed.

Don't do this. Koin price is 2 cents.

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Thank for your experience sharing
Can I mine KOIN by Andriod phone?

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No, Only Desktop system - Check website https://koinos.io/

Fantastic inform, we are bought a little it is less expenses than the gas transactíon in ETH that they are very very expensive. some times the he are a bridge to other platform.

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Yes, True.