Cub Finance: I am a Farmer Now!!!

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Cub Finance is the latest hype on Hive!!! I am now feeling the hit of Cub Finance. Last night I was thinking about whether I should go for the liquidity pool or not. I was tempted, then finally, I decided that I will take the chance. But I had no idea about how to do & what to do as this is the first time I would invest in any Defi project. The thing that I know I need is a MetaMask wallet or Binance Smart Chain wallet, or Trust Wallet, then put the money on it & add liquidity, that's all. After doing the whole procedure, I felt that it is a little bit complicated for beginners.

I need a MetaMask wallet or other wallets, But I already have the Metatask wallet that I created maybe a couple of months ago, although I never used it. Actually, I took my first attempt to enter a Defi project 2 months ago when the PancakeSwap was first released; for some reason, I didn't take the risk, now I know I missed the opportunity. That time I added the Binance Smart Chain wallet to my MetaMask wallet. If you are new to this, you can check out the process of adding the BSC wallet to the MetaMask.

The next thing is adding liquidity; before adding the liquidity, watch some youtube tutorials on adding liquidity on Pancakeswap. It will be very much clear to you. After watching a tutorial on PancakeSwap, I sent a small amount of BUSD for checking. Then I add a custom token & put the address(you will find the address on, then save it as BUSD. Also, add the custom token for USDT using the same way. After that, I sent the same amount of BUSD & USDT to my Metamask BSC wallet, which I wanted to invest in the liquidity pool.

Then I went to, the official website of Cub Finance, selected the USDT-BUSD LP, then added both the token & pressed the approve button, but that didn't work as I didn't have enough BNB in my BSC wallet to pay the transaction fee. After sending 0.01BNB on my MetaMask BSC wallet, I tried again & this time, it worked. Finally, I approved the contract (paying a 4% deposit fee) & it showed up, that's how I started my Defi journey.

You all can see that I have more than 2 Cubs now. Hope I'm going to get more Cubs soon. I am not an expert; all these things are described here from a personal point of view. Thanks for reading and getting here. See you in the next post. You can give me feedback by commenting below. Your feedback will be an inspiration for me.