When Market Collapse!

in LeoFinance28 days ago

When I woke up at 9 a.m., as usual, I pulled out my phone to open the Binance app, and holy sh*t!! It was absolutely red. Yes, this is the Bitcoin impact, which surprised me when I noticed half of my Binance portfolio had vanished. I was just paying attention to the red line. This has happened before, and it could happen again tomorrow or every other day; crypto is still unpredictable, unresistible, or impossible, whatever you tell. Bitcoin's price continues to fall, and it is now hovering around $54k-$55k.

I have some liquid Hive, but I'd like to have some more. The Hive price has dropped to $0.46; now is the time to buy some Hives. I'm desperate to get my hands on some. What I have, I used them to buy some Hive, but the amount is not much. Hive will recover its position very fast until Bitcoin has reached a state of stability. I have analyzed other graphs. This morning, Etherium reached the $1600 mark, which was enticing.

While nothing to be concerned with, it was just a market correction when many people liquidated their funds, so the whole market is down. Anyone who is not involved in cryptocurrency would have been threatened if they saw such a market collapse. We can all know in crypto that you never panic, no matter what the conditions are; if you panicked, you would eventually lose your earnings!!!!FOMO is there, but it will only last for a limited time if you can regulate it. Dada always told us, "don't give your spot away." If you give up your spot, you never know when you will be able to reclaim it. Still aim to keep a third of your money in a savings account; you never know when you'll need it.

When I saw the economy was down, only one thought came to mind: I needed some USDT. I should have kept some cash in my pocket. Everything happened very quickly. I'm at a loss for what to do. I was considering purchasing some altcoins, which is why I became desperate for some liquidity. Despite the fact that I received any, Binance was unable to approve any transactions. I was trying to deposit some BUSD to Binance from my Metamask wallet, but it kept saying the transaction had failed. And then gave up and went to sleep.

Oh my God!! I need $500 from an unknown fund. I'm constantly dreaming and speculating on what I'll do if I have that money. If I had all that money, the first thing I'd do is buy $350 worth of Hive, and the remainder will go into buying other altcoins. Giggles myself!! I'm not sure why, but I have a feeling I would make good use of that amount of money and gain a good benefit from it. Many of these thoughts are swirling through my head. I think I need some rest.

I am not an expert; all these things are described here from a personal point of view. Thanks for reading and getting here. See you in the next post. You can give me feedback by commenting below. Your feedback will be an inspiration for me.