Why VIBES in Liotes Portfolio?

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As you probably have noticed, we have started specific curation trails on different Liotes accounts for HIVE, and also for some tribes that we believe can perform well in the future... You can check out the post about our additional income streams, where we have explained how will we develop these curation accounts and how will earning be split... Also, you can check out the first weekly report where you can find the current status on these curation accounts and the whole @liotes project...

Now, you probably understand why we have started the @liotes.LEO and @liotes.CTP curation accounts... Those tribes are directly "connected" to our niche, and probably ALL our content will be present there, which means that we will get not just curation rewards there, but also author rewards! We will invest most of those funds into our curation accounts and stake it!

The third curation account (at the moment) is the @liotes.vibes account and now we are coming to the question from the title... Why VIBES? In the video, I have tried to answer that question and get more details about why we made that decision...

One of the most important things is the community that existed even before the tribe creation... I don't know personally the creator of the tribe (@liuke96player), but I do know the "advisor" (Jux, creator of @risingstargame) very well...

Check out the video where I have discussed other positive points about VIBES...


A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03


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A bit late as I was checking my backlog in my feeds but better late than never.

I also like the Music for Life community but I have decided to put my VIBES to work and get that starbit millionaire. I do plan on staking and slowly building up my stake afterwards though.

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I have decided to put my VIBES to work and get that starbit millionaire.

That's a good plan! Make your priorities, accomplish your goals, and move on to the next one!!!

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Finding like minded people in a music community is an attractive niche for people who are looking for such a blog. Even though I do not have any investment on Vibes nor I check the community, I appreciate their growth and project. Thus, Liotes is taking a wise step by adding VIBES into portfolio imo :)

Yeah... Like I said in the video, it's not a niche for our content, but it is a very promising niche for investing at the moment... And, it should be beneficial for all Liotes token holders... Having the curation trail for VIBES can be beneficial for musicians from our small, but growing community!

Thanks for support!

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The more the merrier. Vibes are cool and so is the m4l community. I love how so many different interests can find common ground here.

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It's great to see these new tribes coming in and learning from more experienced members who did something similar before... It's great to see things improving each day!
Thanks for the comment!

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Onwards and upwards!

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Indeed! Appreciate your support and insider information about the MusicForLife community!

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A planet without music wouldn't be the same ;)
I didn't dive into the Music for Life tribe yet but it is an attractive niche and might have everything to grow big! The perfect place for your wife for sure!

Nice addition!

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A planet without music wouldn't be the same ;)

Can't agree more with you... All day, while I work on the computer, I listen to radio... Can't imagine world without music! :)

I hope that M4L tribe will thrive on Hive! :)

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Growth is the drive. I want to see it happen with Liotes project.

Out main "problem" is that we have backed up all Hive from $LENM sales and that will make the growth slower... But, in the other side, it is a kind of guarantee of long-term sustainability... And we want that!

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