My Noob Crypto Journey – February

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Hello, another month has past us. Crypto world has given us a roller coaster ride in February, nonetheless, it has been a great month for any people, who loves crypto. I started to write my noob crypto journey on Publish0x last month; then I realize, I am already on HIVE, why not post on Leofinance, one of the most active front end platform? Guess I don't normally write long posts that often, that scares me a little bot. But I'll give it a try.

I started my crypto journey with one condition: try to keep myself from pouring any fiat money into the crypto world. I need those green paper to maintain my day-to-day life. It is not easy to support the whole family during a global pandemic.

OK, without further ado. Please allow me to describe all my work related to cryptocurrencies within the shortest month of a year. Please excuse my English since it is not my first language.

I stated that I wanted to learn more about $FARM and BlockFi in my last noob crypto journey in January (on Publish0x). I spent a small portion of my not-so-diverse portfolio as my course fee and learned a great deal of them.

I have read so much about $FARM in Publish0x in January. Since it became an official tip token, I spent a good amount time to strategize on how to move around my limited fund before I could experience project. I ended up scratch this idea because of the high ETH fees.

A failed experience, but it has enlightened me with Decentralized Finance. My mind was ready for another experience. I traded around inside BinanceUS, gathered about $170 worth of BNB, and transferred them to PancakeSwap. Here I was, on my second attempt to battle with DeFi; only this time, I was with CAKE-BNB LP. It was a much better ride than $FARM. I was able to start harvesting without lose too much on fees. So far, it is much easier than trying to write about it.

Earnings from half of Feb: $25


I have never moved around BTC before my experience with BlockFi. If I faced the high gas fee from ETH blockchain with $FARM, BlockFi confirmed about the slow transaction speed people talked about Bitcoin. I was scared before my BTC showed up in the lending site. I kept telling myself that I hadn’t spent a single dollar in crypto yet, it is OK if I sent to a wrong address, or just lost it. However, it finally arrived like an old Amtrack train.

I only put in 0.0036 BTC, and made 0.00022 BTC from interests and referral bonus. Considering any US Banks would love to give you a <1% interest rate. This is a much better deal. I will definitely transfer more of my assets in the future.

Earnings: $10
Matters continues to be my main blog site. I have posted 19 articles and earned 2771.38 Like coins. I just realized that LikeCoin blockchain has delegation system a couple days ago. I will begin to vote/stake on my favorite witness next month.

Earnings: $25

Like last month, my main activity on Publish0x were reading and tipping articles. I have published 4 posts throughout February, and half of them were my drawings.

Earnings: $1

It is funny that I have been on HIVE for a while now, but never take advantage of the LeoFinance platform. I read so much about it from all crypto social media platforms and started to realize that I need to get on the bandwagon. During the past month, I slowly trade my HIVE for Leo, CTP, and BPC. Like Publish0x, I have not posted much since they required lengthy posts about cryptos; but I have been active in commenting and upvoting.

Earnings: $100 (last month, I have only made $28.05 from HIVE)

I continue staking TRON and PNUT. TRON’s energy keeps on messing with me, and I lost a good amount of TRX because of it. But overall, it is still a possible passive income for me.

Earnings: $8.65

Not whole lot here. I moved my ALGO and TEZO from Coinbase to BinancaUS. They have higher return rate there. Only thing I have left inside Coinbase are BTC and ETH. I am not going to move ETH anywhere since the fee. Guess I just wait for ETH staking on Coinbase in the coming future.

Compare with January, I have improved my earnings in all the categories above. I have read many posts about DeFi in LeoFinance, Publish0x recently. I am glad that I caught this one in time. Now I just need to work on gathering more funding to increase my earnings.

I want to spend more time to optimize my strategy in March. I don’t think my current plan has given me the maximum profit. I also want to learn more about NFT. One of my hobby is hand drawing. I always wonder better sites that are more friendly with hand drawing instead of digital arts or game items; and for the love of the god, not with ETH.

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