Developing Attributes of Saving

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What is savings?

Savings are something usually in form of money that is kept or the money that has been plan for use in the future. Savings can be in form of money or asset. Savings that involve money can be saved by oneself by keeping it in a safe place where no one can see it. It can also be saved using crypto like bitcoin, litecoin etc. by buying the online currency with the proposed money to be saved and then resell it when the money is needed.

Daily thrive also contributes to saving in the sense that group of people come together and contribute money daily, weekly or yearly and collect it back when needed. Bank is the major mode of saving, a bank is a place where money and properties are safe for future use.

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Anyone with money, certificate or property that wants to safe for future use can approach any bank of his or her choice and open an account with them preferably savings account and deposit the cash, and the money will remain safe and save till the time if need.

Investment which is a form of savings is the releasment of capital in expectation of making income or profit from the use or appreciation of the material. Money can be invested as well as man power and likewise properties.

Money can be invested by buying goods ahead hoping for an increment in price of the commodity and then resell it to make profit at the end of the sale. Money can also be invested by buying shares in companies.

Buying of shares means using money to buy a percentage of the companies worth for some period of time and at the end of each year, profit generated by the company is share among the shareholders according to each of their share percentage.

Money can also be invested through banks especially commercial banks. Anyone with moneyvthat wants to safe for future use and make profit within that period can approach any bank of his or her choice and open an account with them preferably fixed deposit account and deposit the cash for any period of time.

While the money is deposited, banks keep adding interest every month, eventually, when the time elapsed, the depositor can collect his or her savings at the same time the interest which turns to be a profit for him or her.

Man power can be invested in the sense that, one can decide to use his or her power and time to work for someone and get paid at the end of the service. Work rendered to someone is also an investment because he or she get paid for the services rendered and thus, make profit.

Properties like Houses, cars, any form of machines can also serve as means of investment. When a building is constructed by someone and then rent it out to someone else, the tenant have to pay for the rent due and then tends to make more profit for the person that rent the building out to him or her.


An individual have to sit down and manage his or her expenses in relation to his or her income. An individual should know the way of making his or her savings whether through investments or buying of shares. Savings have a very low risk of loss because saved money or material can not attract any profit or loss except for the case of robbery which can be due to carelessness of the person.

If anything should do ones savings in the bank, the bank will be hold responsible for the loss though investment have a 50 percent of making profit and 50 percent of making loss, If the business invested upon should collapse, the person tends to make a loss but if the business should run well and smoothly, the person tends to make profit according to the money invested.
An individual planing to save should have a purpose for saving.

He should analyze the actual amount he needs so as to know whether he should invest the money in order to make income or to keep it save without income. Savings can be used for investment.

Money saved for a period of time can also be used to invest in any form of business depending on the owner's choice. While using the savings to invest, it generates and make income for the owner if managed well or probably loss if mismanaged. investment can also be used as savings.

Money made from the investment can be save that is, keep well for use in the future if there are plans for it. For instance, Aliko Dangote started his business from his savings and later ended up saving money from the profit generated from his investment.

Savings are mostly done by children or immature ones. Those that have no business strategy believe saving is the best way to keep their money or materials for any period of time as decided by the owner but investment are done by adults with many business strategy because they believe instead of keeping the unused money without making income, they can invest such money or material in any form of business such as such as share buying, crypto etc. and make huge money on it before the money or material will be needed.

He or she should note the duration they are intending to save and plan how to make income within that range of time. Savings can be done for a long period of time as it is always sure that the money is safe. If the money is saved in banks, interest tends to add up gradually before the withdrawal. Investment can not be done for a long period of time and if done, there will be regular check and supervision of the business which will cause stress.

Investment can not be going smoothly, it will take a lot of time and brain to balance the business and life together to avoid loss. That is why investors checkmate their investments almost all the time.

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