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It took me a while to write about my goals for the year, because all I'm ever grateful for this year is the fact that I'm alive and well.

I'm one of the victors who fought through the year 2020 and marched to 2021. That's like a dream come true if you ask me.

This is why I'm planning to make this year a productive one and more importantly, try to live a fulfilled and healthy life.


  • Applying everything I learned and Eliminate procrastination

  • To heal and learn from the past while living in the present

  • Onboarding more people to come to hive blockchain.

  • investment strategy, I'll be more focused on crypto and specifically, Leo and sports token.


THE percentage of students who apply what they know and keep learning to get better is very low compared to people who learned but never applied it or practice what they have learned.

If you'll agree with me procrastination is the enemy to innovation, it's a dream killer, imagine if Zuckerberg never started Facebook or do the class project he was given in school That got him to code facemarsh, as that was what brought about the Facebook idea of today as far as I know.

He applied what he know and worked on it to get better, which he's still working on everyday.

Satoshi Nakamoto invented blockchain and that application of what he knows is why you and I are here today, enjoying the benefits and freedom that comes with blockchain technology isn't it?.

I won't be investing my time contemplating on when or what to do. Instead I'll be more practical and apply everything I have learned and see the outcome. Make changes where needed ad keep moving.


There's a saying that you should learn from you last and don't dwell there.

Truth be told, 2020 got a hook of me in some deep areas. I'm not a covid-19 victim, though, I never got tested anyway and I'm still here.

The areas that I need to heal from and learn a thing from is on my family part. My dad was hospitalized early 2020 and it got to a point that I almost lost him.

Not going too deep into everything that happened back then I'll say this "Death is inevitable".

I learned how a man's life can be so flexible. Every minute and every day counts as you are drawing closer to the end. Just like a movie going from start to finish.

This got me to give it a deep thought on the type of life I want to live as I now come to realize that only you are in control of every single minute of your movie, you're your own actor and author. People will keep watching you till the end.

That's how the universe works, every generation of men has been making their own movie, writing their histories, with every action taken and there's always someone to watch and read about them also tell some amazing stories to the coming generation. Either positive or negative.

Knowing that life could be so fragile. I'm living it to the fullest and always do my best without regrets


Getting people onboard to the blockchain is a bit more complicated. I tried to enlighten some of my childhood friends to steemit some years ago, when it was still only steemit and hive wasn't around yet.

Me as a newbie back then and even still a newbie now (lol)... I only got to talk to them about how they can make money from posting and investing too. That was all I could think of and all I know at that time.

Now that I've been able to learn more about the blockchain with the help of community like LeoFinance. I have been able to enlighten myself more on what the blockchain is about and the type potential and influence it has in the real and virtual world. I have been able to Manage my time and money positively ever since I got back to hive last year December .

More importantly, I know what to say to a noobie who has no idea of what decentralization and blockchain is all about.
I can give a layman explanation like starting with hey you've got a Facebook account right?, analyze something you've learned from there and how much you've earned for me? . the answer I do get is I just have fun there watching funny people with funny lifestyle (mostly celebrities).

Also, some would say they connected with loved ones, that still serve its purpose. Most of them fall into the first categories who is always looking for new trends.

That's where I come in and tip them that I know a place where you can connect, learn and earn from without having to pay a dime. You can get paid for sharing and communicating your ideas with other users.

Now, what more could you have wished for?. That way I'm one step ahead to make him pay more attention to what I'm about to tell him.

So, this year I'm setting a plan to at least get 1 user every month to sign up and start engaging this year.

I'm limiting it to 1 user monthly for now and might increase later which I'm positive it will. This will enable me to keep tabs on each user, that I'm Onboarding and keep their spirit, up and running till they've gained the experience needed to strive on the platform.

I know that's very little but it's still a win/win for the community and with that, he/she will want to enlighten his/her own friends too and be able to influence and keeping tabs on them too.



Investing in a business or commodities is what most people only think of when investing.

It's a great idea to just invest in something and leave it to keep growing and you keep using the earned money for shopping or whatever it is you and I do fantasize in our mind to do when we have the money.

I'm planning on investing my time and energy into LeoFinance and sportstalk community. This two platform is what I'll be keen on as they both bring about balance to my learning process.

I learned about crypto and finance on LeoFinance and sportstalk on the other hand, as we all know Is what brings alot of people together. I have been able to onboard a user through the potential of sportstalk and LeoFinance.

Let's think of it this way, a sport lover who doesn't know anything about crypto will be excited to join the sportstalk community and earn some token/real money and be able to learn more about this new world of crypto and how money work from LeoFinance Community, he also earns the token.

Learning through leo and having fun in sports. Sports lovers are type of people who love to debate and argue on who's going to win a league or cup Final. This are what makes it exiting to be a part of this team from start.

Also, this is what got me to think on how to earn/buy into both token and support each user am Onboarding to the community with my stake.

My goal is to get to 500leo stake and 1million sports stake this year as this will be of help in encouraging new users and they'll also be able to build up their own stake too though this process.

My prediction for Leo is around $4-$5 before the year ends and sports I believe with the current activity rate increasing daily, I believe it should get to 0.1 Hive before the year ends.

Rome wasn't built in a day. My hopes and dreams will not be accomplished in a day or a month but only with investing my time and energy to pursue it and always see the bigger picture and ajust where necessary too.

I belive there one or two things we'll both agree on and would like to share knowledge with each other about right?
Let me know in the comments what you think about my goals and how I can better achieve them.

I'm open to suggestions and opinions.

If you find this useful or helpful to you kindly UPVOTE/REBLOG.

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I pray for grace to achieve your aims.

About brownie people on board, I was a product of that and I'm thankful for introducing me to hive. Now that am in and established, we are team on that, together are going to bring motivational minds to hive thereby creating traffic on the blog site.

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Amen to that.

We grow together brother.


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Hi @marvinix!
I was reading your post. It is inspiring to read this post.

only you are in control of every single minute of your movie, you're your own actor and author.

What you just said, that's very powerful. And it can change someone's mindset. If someone wants to change something in his life, he has to take action and work for it. Thank you @marvinix for sharing this.

Wish you all the best!

I saw your comment after 5mins and trust me I keep on staring at your comment until my phone battery was off. I seriously don't know what got over me. Maybe am too happy I guess.

Thank you so much for saying that. I don't think you can imagine how I feel with such words

it is inspiring to read this post

It encourages me to do more and to keep doing what am doing.

i so much appreciate your words of encouragement

so glad this inspires you
Have a nice day and stay safe


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May your goals be achieved this year!

Inviting a friend and trying to bring him to Hive is always a very difficult task, we seldom succeed. Most cases people just want to know about the results and are not in the least interested in how the process that got you here was.

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Amen to that
Thank you

You are very correct. We live in a world of instant gratification, most don't want to do the hard work to learn and keep learning, but keep seeking and searching for a quick and easy way.

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