High bets - Bepro / Crypto Diary #6

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With the rise of bitcoin, the return on investment in altcoins is driving the crypto market.

Altcoins contemplate different types of criticisms, with the most diverse functions.

The DeFi's are on the rise now. A new way to validate transactions in the pool's, offering more liquidity to the investor market. In addition to many other purposes.

But several protocols were already being worked on, different blockchains connected together. Mainly on the Ethereum network, which without its own smart contract language, Solidity.

Ethereum contracts have opened the door to many protocols, in the most diverse programming languages.

That is why developers are so requested in the technological world, they write what the machine reads and executes.

This has been a challenge for mass adoption. Since there are few programmers for the immense demand it has, from different areas of programming.

The vast majority of people do not know how to program. And for the software / applications to be used by the most diverse people, it needs to be intuitive, not need programming, to come ready.

This is the premise of Betprotocol.

Source: Site - BetProtocol

That has the $BEPRO cryptographic token, found in exchanges like Kucoin, brings new ways to use blockchain and start your business.

Interesting Portuguese project. A blockchain protocol of ready solutions for the entrepreneur to offer the service of casino or betting on esports (games with CS, League of Legends, others). Promising a simple, intuitive and easy to use and audit interface.

Kucoin offering locked staking with 11% APR:


Website: https://www.betprotocol.com/

Certification: https://www.betprotocol.com/certifications

Source: Coinmarketcap

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