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RE: SPT Report & Calculated Passive Returns

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Is my delegation amount for real? I have been slowly adding each week for past month. Much more than just 81 SPT. Do I have to undelegate and delegate again to get the correct amount shown? Thanks.


that's 81k @mawit07!

Okay thanks for clarifying, because got me confuse there where some larger numbers from others on the list did not have any dots in between the numbers so I thought my delegation was smaller.

No problem, of course you can also check the up to date figure in hive tasks yourself

select the spt token and go to delegations for overview :-)

Understand the confusion, decimals are also used differently in different countries.

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Hey , how do delegation actually work? I have some SPT delegated but I never know if my new SPT comes from my curation, my staking or the delegation.. Small qtys, tho. Thx in advance!

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Good question @renovatio never be afraid to ask those! Do you use the hive-engine and hivestats?


In hivestats it's the most clear to see as in the picture above. Curation reward and author reward are named as such. Any transfer you get is from the delegations or tokens/miners paying out. I've delegated my SPT to monster-curator and that account will also transfer the spt daily. Hope this helps.

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Definitely, thanks a lot!

You're welcome :-)

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