Cointiply Bitcoin faucet - worth it?

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I used to be a daily user of Cointiply about 4 or 5 years ago. Back in those days there was a game on the site that would let you somewhat passively earn coins which could then be converted to BTC. It was good. But of course the amount you could earn was relatively low at the time.

I hadn’t checked in on Cointiply for a long time. But still received emails from them from time to time.

So today I decided to check in and see what the site was like, and see if I still had any coins on the site.

Amazingly, it seems that I still have some coins:


I actually half expected that my account wouldn’t even exist any longer. From what I understand the site was sold off to another company. Who exactly, I don’t recall. But I assumed that with the transition, a purging of dead accounts might happen.

As you can see, my 160,000 coins are worth a total of US$16 in BTC. Not exactly a staggering amount. Thankfully, the minimum amount that you can withdraw is 50,000 coins. So at least I can withdraw my measly $16 in BTC and convert it to Hive. Oh and you aren’t limited to withdrawing in BTC. You can also withdraw in Doge... not that many people would.

As far as earning coins now, the primary way to do so appears to be via completing surveys, watching videos, installing apps, and rolling the dice at the faucet. A roll of the dice a few moments ago earned me 33 coins. And you get to roll the dice once every hour. So if you were to rely only on rolling to earn then it would take you a few lifetimes to earn anything significant.


A new addition seems to be that you can earn interest on your coins once you have 35,000 or more. So rather than withdrawing my coins I now have my account set to earn interest. Maybe one day I’ll have a little more than Few dollars to cash out.

If you want to work hard at it, you probably could accumulate some BTC here. But for someone with only limited time it is unlikely to be worthwhile.

All the same though, I’m glad that I remembered that I had an account here. Free money is better than no money. Even if it barely covers the cost of my lunch.

If you want to help me buy more than my lunch feel free to use my referral link.

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