A New Tribe! It’s Alive!!

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It’s great to see all these tribes popping up on Hive. Communities are how the Hive Blockchain will grow! The latest is, We Are Alive!. Check them out, and say hello. Tag your content with #alive and earn some Alive tokens!


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what kind of content is welcome in this new tribe? How do you find out about these projects?

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Hi there so it's basically about the #IAmAliveChallenge and the #LukeIsAlive contest and things related to them and about them and our tribe.

Great to see you excited about our new tribe man, it's about the #IAmAliveChallenge and the #LukeIsAlive contest at it's core, and posts for them and about them, and also projects working to promote them and elevate them, plus posts about the tribe and our token are all welcome here, enjoy your day.