AskLeo: I was an idiot and was charged over $10 for a transaction! Is there a way to change the default fee in MetaMask?

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I’ve been using MetaMask on Cubdefi since the beginning! I’ve usually remember to change the gas to 10 Gwei, but this time, I screwed up. I forgot to change the gas price, and was charged over $10 for a single transaction!


I use the mobile version, So I was wondering if there was any way I can set a default gas price? Thanks 😊

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Lol my best advice use the desktop and take it slow, no need to pay miners I know we all just want to click and get done but with computation reproduces always changing it’s best to always check process fees first on the block explorer and then what you getting in your wallet and then adjust from there

Never used the mobile version of meta mask yet

I use desktop version and it always defaults to 10 gwei. But when I transact on xDai chain it tries to grab default values from Ethereum and has to be chained.