Bit Digital- A Mining Giant

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Today, more than ever, individuals can get involved with Bitcoin, while remaining in the more traditional financial markets. There are stocks that own Bitcoin, stocks that mine Bitcoin, Futures, global ETFs, and various BTC funds.

One stock that has recently caught my eye, is called, Bit Digital INC. Its ticker is BTBT, and is a behemoth of a mining stock!

Recently, they announced a hash rate of 2,453.5 PH/s! That represents about 1.5% of global bitcoin mining network capacity. Crazy.

I believe it’s a pretty great deal at its current price of around $16! Bit Digital is definitely the big daddy, but the following chart shows how it shapes up against some of its competitors.

Their Bitcoin production is out of this world, and they clearly have a superior Price To Sales Ratio! It’s definitely now on my radar?


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That's definitely an interesting stock and I don't think it was ever on my watch list but I will add it to mine. I'll probably have to do some more research since it went under my radar too.

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