CubDefi- So much Wow 🤩

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Cubdefi- so much wow! It’s so awesome. I can’t get enough. It’s kinda boggles my mind, being unfamiliar with DeFi, and all that.,. And I still have questions...

Like what’s up with the purple oval (40x) next to the listed farms and dens? I’m sure I’m just overlooking something. Don’t know what I’m talking about... 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


I have other questions too, but I’ll eventually figure them out. Till then, I’ll just enjoy the rewards...

So far I invested about $700 and I’ve received a crazy, insane APR! When I get the airdrop, things will be even better!

Cubdefi is gonna make us rich 🤑

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I am waiting for the airdrop also

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