Delegate Your Hive for a ~16% Return!(Paid in LEO)

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I’m do not really consider myself a content creator. I see many great authors here, earning a fair amount of Leo, but the most I’ve received is a couple of tokens- for mainly due to my naughty self vote 😈

Most of my posts, are shit. I don’t normally put much effort into them- and it shows. My post earnings reflect this & I get what I deserve. Probably more than I deserve, actually!

I definitely know that authoring a post is not my forte, so I depend on other ways to earn LEO!

The main way I earn, is through delegation. I delegate my Hive to @leo.voter and earn a pretty nice return. Currently, the APR is around 16%~ paid in Leo (daily.)

Every week, @leo.stats puts out a reports, and this week it showed I earned around 225 LEO. Not too shabby 🤑

This just shows, you don’t need to be a prolific writer to earn a nice income on @leofinance?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Not to shabby indeed

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Anyone who's not doing this is leaving crypto on the table. While not anywhere near your scale, this is what I do, and couldn't think of a better place to park my extra HIVE.

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Passive income is the name of the game. There are so many opportunities in this ecosystem if more people form other project could see this it would be Shick an easy sell.

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Oh wow! That looks promising! Perhaps I shall delegate some voting power too!

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