Hey Bro, have you heard?

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Have you heard, there’s a new tribe in town. And it’s for cinephiles!


It looks to be a pretty dope concept, attracting a new niche dedicated to movies and stuff. There is going to be an initial airdrop to the holders of LeoPower & Bro token. Who doesn’t like an airdrop, right?

It looks like its gonna be a fun community, that will definitely fulfill a niche.

Okay, so our tags are #cine and #cinetv - if you've got film or TV to talk about then use them. Whilst you guys are doing that we will build around you!

And more importantly have fun. There is no deduction for not using our front end. But you can if you wish!

Read the announcement post here :


See you at the movies!

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Ya I have heard that too

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