Hive at Ethereum’s Market Cap?

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We are at the precipice of something special! Hive is often an overlooked crypto and has few “true believers.”

Well, that is destined to change, for sure. Just look at all the development happening. From @leofinance to @threespeak, and the implementation of smart contracts... To Defi and cross-chain interoperability! The sky’s the limit.

I believe it will someday rival Ethereum in functionality, with fee-less transactions.

So just for fun, I ran a “what-if” seanario. What if Hive had the same market cap as Ethereum? As I write this, Ethereum has a market capitalization of around $205 billion, while Hives’s circulating supply is just under 398 million.

Using those numbers, Hive should have a price of around $515, if it was to match ETH’s market cap! Wouldn’t that be nice! We’d all be crazy rich!

I’m not saying this will ever happen, but
Hive deserves to be at least 10x it’s current pice! One day, our mini-ETH, just might get the recognition and respect it deserves !

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It should have at least a quarter of ETH's market capital and change spots with XRP.

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yes, it should be, but only after hive-engine tokens are made into erc20s and we have it all built into hive and bring back Hive media tokens using @hellotelos smart contracts and then even use the ethereum virtual machine !

got em bamboozled like im spike lee

actually it will probably be something funny like LEO or even CUB that will out do HIVE marketcap and get to top 10 hahahahaha

Hi @mcoinz79
For some reason, despite all the development in hive, the token does not reach a value that is really reasonable. Because a few cents for all it offers is a clear sign that it is undervalued.