Providing Liquidity For The Newest Farm!!

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I love playing @splinterlands. It’s a great game and you can earn actual cryptocurrency- DEC! I thing it’s great that has added a DEC-BUSD farm! It’s going to do wonders for the two communities.

I had some 100,000+ DEC just lying around in my account, so I decided to use them to earn some CUB! So I wrapped the tokens, and had them sent over to my address. Then I swapped half for some BUSD, to provide some liquidity. It’s not much, but I’d rather earn some CUB, than letting it sit idle!

Thanks for stopping by!


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For sure the gamers will get rich because of CUB.

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Hi @mcoinz79
Winning CUB seems to be a good idea, I've been at it since the beginning too and I must say it's been going pretty well.
I think it has been a good move to change the to add liquidity.