Emergence of side hustle, destruction of unions and business stuck in the past

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I can't remember a time where a family could support themselves on a single income. For our grandparents and perhaps some of our parents this may have been true. I often hear stories of the old how $200 a week would pay the rent/mortgage put the kids through school and pay for thay annual holiday by the beach.

Mum could stay home raise the kids and life was pretty cruisey. Although workers rights weren't always top notch and dads hours were probably heavy. That all changed with the 8 hour work 8 hour play and 8 hour sleep rule.

Amazing that employment reform of such magnitude took place. The 8 hours maximum working hours came at no loss of pay to staff. That in itself is huge reform. Imagine reducing to a 4 day working week for no loss of pay. People would think it's impossible.

Even in those times of single wages, before I was born there were those who didn't have it so sweet and had to work multiple jobs or come up with a side hustle. Something that alot more people today in both the bottom and middle classes need to do all while mum also needs to work just to make ends meet. You can start to understand why people are fed up with the system, how much can you give before you can't give any more?


This is a predicament I find myself in and I know many others do too, yes I earn a decent wage my wife works as a nurse and is in local government but local government doesn't provide a wage. Those decent wages are only in parliament, not at the local level.

Also donating a fair bit to others and organisations I like to maintain an amount that constantly supports others. I feel I have made it out of my hardship and want to assist others. It's hard to eat when you know your neighbours can't.

Side Hustle


The emergence of the Side Hustle is something that has really taken hold. Most people I engage with have a side hustle, trying to start a side hustle or are planning to. This comes as corporate profits are at an all time historical high but wages remain stagnant. Another relevant piece of information is that global union memberships are down. This comes on the back of decades of negativity and anti union campaigns from employers.

We're at a level where people now perceive unions in a negative light despite unions being their membership representation. Employers thought they have won the war but in turn they have left them selves are a greater loss.

Wages are so low that many industries compete with welfare which is often below the poverty line. The focus is on attacking people that allegedly won't work because welfare is better. It's an odd discussion point when everyone knows welfare is poverty and no one chooses to live in poverty. But taking a job that pays poverty will cost you more as employment comes with costs such as transport, food (which many can't afford to buy now, clothing and alot of other costs. So taking a job that pays the same or less than welfare is a step further into poverty.

If a company has roles to fill they shouldn't be allowed to factor in welfare when employing. This is a common occurrence with profit saving. I've seen employers put on multiple staff to avoid paying superannuation which is Australia's version of 401k. Employees need to earn a minimum of $450 in a calendar month to be eligible. The less you earn the less you are paid.


You're also allowed set hours to still be paid welfare so if an employer puts you on for 20 hours a week chances are your income is under thresholds, you'll still get welfare support and the business saves super costs. Insane right!

This is why cryptocurrancy is taking a boom, because people are seeking alternative income streams and side hustles. Hoping not to rely on the broken system. No one wants to rely solely on the welfare of others despite popular campaign tactics by those constantly trying to push wages down.

This is also why I choose to remain on Hive, Leo and CUB as I find it to he consistent, I have global friends in the same predicament as me and there is significant push to buck the system.

Not only will employers have to compete with welfare in the future but also defi and cryptocurrancy. If someone is making a minimum wage from cryptocurrancy then why would they walk into a job for less or the same?

Employers at times perceive that they own you if they employ you. Employment contracts go beyond the scope of what they're able to do, hard to challenge when you need a job so people go to work and shut up because they know what happens if they don't. I've always been that trouble maker and voiced up. I don't believe anyone owns me and ever will (excluding the wife and kids)

Very early on as a youngin I knew I would be successful, I saw the world differently and when I spoke people listened and agreed. I was always told I was switched on I continued on. I still remember one moment in time, believe me when I say this isn't the only one and I've got more happening lately.


I was in an office, in trouble for trying to push change on a project. My employer openly and confidently told me I wouldn't last in the sector, that I was quickly tieing my own noose around my knock and everyone would know. I'd better pull my head in and stop before I ended up on welfare and no one gave me a job. I laughed and responded with, what makes you think tomorrow is going to be like today?

8 years on from that job I walked out of I was leading a project, I've had a few successful ones. That employer wanted in on it and they apologised even offered me a role back in their organisation.

With me, I don't hold grudges I move on. Life is too short and people are just people. They were involved in the project but I declined their employment offer.

But as more and more avenues for people emerge to earn an income outside of traditional business, it will be harder and harder for businesses to employ. They destroyed unions and now have no central body to negotiate wages and conditions with. They perceive separating people to negotiate individual contracts was the way forward that they could do people over.

But eventually that bites you in the arse because people vote with their feet.

For now, I'm buidl my Hive ecosystem account. I hope to one day be able to draw an income and also disperse those funds around my community while providing people on here an alternative income. As more people enter cryptocurrancy, the real world HAS to change. Ain't no one working for a nickle when they can earn a CUB diamond.



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It was nice to know your story @melbourneswest. Side hustles are quite important. That way, you manage the risk of losing your job!!! And if one of those hustles pulls off, you can change your life for good.

Hive & Crypto space in general is an amazing place to get started right now. It provides an ample amount of opportunities to everyone.

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Thank you, and yes I agree with you. Imagine Hive hitting $100 oh my. The passive income I'd get would be quite nice definitely

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Hive hitting $100 will make all of us millionaire s. Maybe in a few years time. ;)

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A very good read. When workers are paid low or their hours gamed, society ends up having to bear the cost for supporting the worker. I hope people would realize that.

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Thank you, yup I don't understand why people agree with the attack on low earners. I guess the loudest voices are the ones that are heard. Many remain in silence but they're actions are felt.

The future will be interesting

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Well adding in extra sources of income is great. I don't see any reason to refuse the extra crypto because you never know when you will need it in the future. I am wondering how the financial structure if people just earned enough off Defi rather than working normally. In fact I heard some people are actually putting their money into Defi pools and delaying their taxes. According to the people I listened to, the return from Defi is more than what you would pay in interest to the government.

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Hopefully we can make an income supplement from Hive etc.

That would be absolutely marvellous! Nothing more exciting than being a professional blogger 🤣 not sure if it will ever occur but definitely be a nice side hustle

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