900 Billion Being Pumped into the US Economy

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The long awaited stimulus package has passed.

$600 Per adult and child
$300 a week in extra unemployment benefits

The rental crisis has been evaded for another month.

Food Stamps Programs will be expanded

And Movie Theatres get more free popcorn.

That magical vaccine that is meant to make everything better? There's money for that too.

Are we headed into Universal Basic Income Territory?

Kamala Harris is pro UBI and President Elect, Biden is calling this stimulus a "down payment."

So, does this mean that there will be more coming?

It certainly does sound like it.

I am wondering about these rental assistance programs

Will tenants get their back rents paid? Will landlords be getting help with their mortgages? Are we going to start seeing foreclosures pop up soon?

Maybe we will all get lucky and the crypto sphere will moon, three times over.

And at the same time the housing market will crash, then we can move our earnings to real estate, and start stacking our sats once again.

Will you be getting another stimulus check?

Second Stimulus Check .jpg

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And the money presses go into a higher gear.

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Yea lets hope this is the beginning of a better future, a lot of hopeful signs. So many Americans are suffering, I'm optimistic to see what new plans for assistance they have in store to reverse this current struggle. Either way second stimulus is hardly enough to ignore the anxiety of months to come with the history of 2020 to look back on. Hopefully blockchain can figure a solution to end our current poverty sooner than later.

Any how Happy Holidays!! My family will be enjoying this stimulus for sure!! Thx for the read \m/

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