Are You Buying After-Market Eddie-Earners ?

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Yesterday I noticed that @eddie-earner paid me a larger than the promised 12% payout and decided that I needed to buy more tokens.

I looked it up on the Hive-Engine and saw that it was already sold out, and that the cheapest token I could buy was for 25 HIVE. Given that each token was originally worth 1.00 HIVE, it seemed a little silly to buy them for so much.

A few hours later, someone listed some tokens for 2 HIVE each, and they have already been picked up.

Screenshot 20201215 at 9.34.19 PM.png

This means that someone doubled their money already, and, if they already received a payout, then they more than doubled their money.

Not too bad for a 20,000 HIVE project.

This got me thinking... how much would I be willing to sell my EDS tokens for

Well, there are 20,000 of them, and they already have a Hive-Engine Balance. Don't get too excited over the LEO stake, as that is "on loan" from the parent token SPI.

Screenshot 20201215 at 9.43.01 PM.png

On Peakd, you can see that although each token was sold for 1 HIVE, eddie has already earned 900 HIVE through its existence.

It probably won't take long for Eddie to lease that out and make some more $$

Hey @eddie-earner, it seems like LEO pays the most for delegations, maybe we should go there :)

Screenshot 20201215 at 9.45.42 PM.png

This means that if you are a token holder, your slice of the earnings will be paid off of 12% of 20,900 HIVE instead of 20,000 HIVE.

Each day, as the account grows in HIVE POWER, and it will be paying on 12% of its updated HIVE POWER.

This account is set up to keep growing, which means that every week, your percentage will be bigger.

So, knowing this information, I think that I will sell each token for... I don't know, make me an offer, I might be willing to part with 1.22 EDS tokens, just because I like the idea of earning round numbers.

Did you grab some EDS tokens? Does seeing that there are people out there willing to pay 2 HIVE for them make you want to sell?

I have set @eddie-earner as a 5% beneficiary on this post, if you are a token holder and decide to blog about how lucky you are to HODL feel free to make him a beneficiary too - the faster he grows, the faster we can see our payouts soar.

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Yeah I'm a little sad I missed the eds token. Luckily there are other projects out there now that I have joined like LBI/SPI :)

SPI is my favorite and I have high hopes for LBI

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It really wasn't available for all that long. We are saw a big buy that basically ended the tokens available for sale.

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what does the eds project do? It seems high to buy in but I'm interested. I guess that is if hive can grow

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EDS is an income token. It pays 12% of its profits to its token holders. It is a niche project and only has 20,000 tokens total. All are sold out, you can only buy them on the aftermarket. Today one will cost you 1.99 HIVE

that's really cool. I gotta figure out what to do with my liquid hive. I think I want to get some leo power so I can curate but after that this might be good.

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Just remember that the token pays 12% of what the @eddie-earner account pays and not 12% of what the token costs you.

hmmm, that makes my brain hurt lol

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It utilizes the basics of Hive to generate an income. Hive is powered up and leased out along with Hive payouts from posts and comments.

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I will think about getting some tokens but I don't do the beneficiary things

The tokens are only available after market so make sure to check your possible profits before you buy.

What does beneficiary have to do with anything?

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Not sure but sounds like a shitcoin without any value. Not sure who would invest in something like that.

"Income will increase by atleast 10% per year." Sure enough. I won't touch any of this shit haha.

Is it even known who is behind this? I don't see any mention of this in the intro post:

Which could be a bad sign, but not sure.

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It's from @spinvest I think.

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Okay, and who is behind @spinvest?

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There is a whole team behind @spinvest, you can see at the bottom of each post who does what. We are all part of the HIVE community.

I invite you to look into the @spinvest account, not so that you can invest, but so that you can stop calling its projects shit coins and questioning who is behind the project - the information is all there.

It is a spinvest token. Definitely not a shit token. The token is backed with HIVE Power.


LOL. You have no idea who is involved but you call it "shit".

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Yes, in the sense that I doubt the benefit. What is the advantage of such a token over investing in your own stake and a qualitative appearance? At the end of the day, it's just an additional burden on the reward pool, through which no benefit is generated, or? Maybe I see it too narrowly or have overlooked something, please correct me.

There’s a lot here, but I don’t want to convince anyone that this is a good project. You either see it, or you don’t.

You can do something like this on your own, sure, I like the idea of pooling funds together, having a dedicated amount to a specific project, feeding my other projects, and working as a team. This doesn’t work for everyone.

As far as an additional burden on rewards pool... I like Eddie’s content, but the bulk of the income comes from leases.

It is easy to call something shit and expect someone to explain to you that it isn’t. It is not so easy to ask critical questions to help advance projects and keep forward motion.

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Well, I have already looked at the project, there are apparently also on Hive various projects of this kind, such as BasicIncomeToken or something like that. In the end, everyone must decide for himself whether he sees advantages or not, hence the question whether I am overlooking something. Maybe it's too critical to say that such a project takes without delivering added value, but that was definitely my first impression.

And I appreciate in any case that you stand behind the project and had therefore hoped to understand your perspective on this. But alone the statement that it makes sense without background to invest money together I can not understand first.

Since you may have rightly bumped into the shit; I call everything since 2017 as Shitcoin or token that solves no problem for me or offers no added value. As explained above, I don't see that with this project.

In the beginning I had written the comment as well, because I could not transparently understand who is behind the project. I think that should be comprehensible without much research or history. If you know the people behind the project and they are reputable from your own point of view okay - if you do not know the actor behind it (I have also experienced this), this is a nogo from my point of view.

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Eddie is going places!

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Eddie the character? Maybe.

The token? Not too far. It is an income token meant to provide a consistent stream of payouts.

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But Eddie will grow and so the payouts, which will make the token more valuable too!

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I think so too!

No I bought some EDS tokens which put me at a good level.

Nice returns being paid out to me each week.

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I guess, learned too late about the EDS tokens.

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Follow @spinvest.

We are always starting new projects and you can hear about them there.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will follow in a sec ;)

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