Find a Project You Believe in, Buy When Others Are Selling

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One of the many ways to earn income with DCity, is to HODL Sim.

The SIM Token is pegged at 0.005 and the DCity team is Paying a HODLing income on the pegged value of the token.

That means that even though you can buy SIM at 0.00205, you can earn interest as if it were worth 0.00500.

Right now, the HODLing APR is 0.092, but because the token is valued so low, its like making 0.18 +

The "Catch" here is that you need to HODL at least 8,000 SIM and the income is on your 30 day holdling and not the actual hodlings.

Why is SIM so low?

Because... We can speculate on that, or we can speculate on wether we think it will bounce back to 0.005

I think, yes.

With the 3rd edition coming out soon, those of us who are already playing will surely buy at least a few cards.

Also, leofinance is starting to onboard new users and lots of us here talk about DCity - some are bound to be curious.

This is NOT financial advice, this is my personal reasoning for why HODLing SIM and buying it at a discount is a great idea.

Do you HODL SIM for passive income?

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So true, this is why I bought in heavily on sports here on Hive because I believe it has great potential even though most people wanted to sell their tokens a couple of months ago. Now the tieds have changed and price is slowly going up =)

I have been watching sports rise like water boiling around a frog for quite some time.

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If the 3rd edition does its magic, SIM price will keep rising. People have been waiting for this. Let's see how it affects the dCity.

I'm excited for the third edition because I am curious if there will be any buildings that have population.

If they don't, my luxury homes will be able to be sold for a nice profit.

I'll be like a real estate agent.

I suspect that SIM prices will continue to fall unless new demand is created. Sure, new editions might give a little push within the existing user base, but that will also die down again. The question will be whether new demand will emerge - or better, whether this demand will be enough to compensate for SIM's inflation rate. It's a nice idea in itself, but I don't think you can walk away from this with a good long-term return (oportunity costs included) if you're not one of the really big pockets. In this case, the interim reward will be or has been quite lucrative.

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Well, I bought myself a nice chunk of SIM so hopefully you are wrong.

Prices already bounced up then where I bought in at.

I see good things coming. Growth in terms of users, and in game growth too.

I take my daily earnings and put them back by buying cards. I had almost reached my dream DCity where I would have a steady daily source of 100 HIVE (value in SIM), and then DCity took a dump, been that way for far too long now.

Definitely a bummer cause I diverted funds to DCity cause my post payouts were crap, now I've got not so desirable post payouts and DCity just isn't providing.

Now I'm eyeing and tinkering with the NFT Showroom a little more. Gotta feed the family one way or another, but lets hope DCity returns to better days soon.

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I've decided to use my DCity as a HiveBuilder.

I am using all the sim payouts to grow my city. I will keep doing that until the prices level off.

I hope things cool off for your family very soon. It does make me happy that your pictures are always filled with sunshine and bright light.

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