My Financial Goals for 2021

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Cryptowise, my strategy is to HODL

I feel like my holdings, during an alt bull run will put me in "that's really cool!" territory, and not quite "life changing money." territory.

Hivewise I'll skim some liquid earnings when things are "really good" but none of my STAKE will be sacrificed.

I know that at the pace I have been earning and stacking, I need a few more bull runs before I can reach "life changing money" status and am willing to wait until I am there.

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I also have a plan to BUILD

Before 2021 one of my many ideas and plans will be launched and I will be earning crypto beyond my post writing, curating and investing.

I will continue to grow

In 2020 I became a double dolphin, I look forward for my SP to keep reaching upwards.

I also plan on continuing to grow my LEO STAKE as well as other Engine Projects.

My other alts have lines and limits

I HODL a few alts - none which I am very excited about or have a particular belief in their future. Once they hit a certain number, they will be cashed out and used to pay student loans - this has always been their intended purpose.

My Real Estate Goal is to purchase my next home

Most of the ducks are lined up so its just a matter of finding the perfect spot to nestle in.

I would also like to position myself to purchase an investment property in 2022

Creditwise - I have a journey to work on

I have started a credit repair journey and am aiming to raise my scores AND the scores of at least 5 people above the 720 mark

Debtwise I will slay my Navient Debt

I have finally started paying more than the smallest payment I could get away with and am ready to be rid of these.


I am not quite ready to earn my Masters Degree but I will be getting a Notary License this year and set myself up to officiate weddings.

Those are my goals. They feel simultaneously simple and lofty.

Thanks for reading. All the similar headlined posts made me stop and consider my personal goals.

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Nothing can stop your goal if this your is not like that 2020 that goals got dismantled. I trust you cab do it

2020 was tough but I only had one goal last year and met it. Have a healthy baby and keep all my children well.

2021 has more financial based goals.

Thanks for commenting.

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I like your view on "that's really cool" territory hehe, I can relate to that.
Was wondering if the checklist is in order, get married before to fall in love ? ;)
Wish you the best for your goals !

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My list is in no particular order but... well, marriage ... we should all remember that love is beautiful but marriage is a financial transaction.

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It sounds like your on the right path, keep it up and you will do very well.

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Thank you :)

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Nice to see your joining the contest. Good luck

I kept seeing the posts and decided to join. Thanks for reading.

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I wish you all the best @metzli. Have a wonderful year!

Thank you!

There is a new savings challenge going on - let me know if you want to join :)

Getting rid of debt is a nice thing.

Start a business.

I used to have 2 childhood dream, 1) fly a plane 2.) start a business

first look like out of reach, for second one I still have nothing concrete.

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I encourage you to build a HIVE based business.

I would love to see it start from the floor up. What ideas have you been throwing around?

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I was thinking of "web based solution" consultancy but I never completed the course and look like technology stacks keep improving and changes fast.

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It is always good to remember that a first grader can teach a kindergartner.

You could always work with super newbies.