Remember That You Are Only Competing With Yourself | Why I Bought Myself A SIM Bank

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Most days on the blockchain are exciting.

I love reading about women who can feed their kids and celebrate their birthdays through the income earned blogging.

I get excited when I see bitcoin go up and think about all the people on HIVE who have been stacking sats in one way or another.

I see those who started off small who are now orca's and whales.

I see all those SIM Cities who are making profit over and over.

And then I get mad at myself.

Because how come I can't support my kids from my blogging yet?

And if I cash out my bitcoin then it will all be gone.

And my city is small and i've been there since the beginning, so I should be one of the "big" people.

And yeah, I'm a dolphin, but only because I put fiat in, my rewards are not so high.

And then I remember to stop comparing myself to others and celebrate my wins

I know what crypto is, and I can explain it in a way that can be easily understood.

My kids eat plenty anyway AND I am building accounts that will benefit them in the next decade or so

I myself am a dolphin and did so by building slowly and surely

My SIM City already made me a profit and keeps giving me a trickle income

So I decided to celebrate my wins and spend ~20 HIVE on a BANK

And now I own ONE of every single first edition SIM City Cards.

Well except for the STEEM Sign, and none of those are for sale right now.

Next time I start feeling FOMO because somebody else is making better investments then me, I will remind myself that this is the first time I have EVER been able to HODL a savings account.

Yes, this is the first time I have access to $$$ and there is no short term plan on how to spend it. In fact, there isn't even a long term plan to spend it.

This is the first time that I am able to accumulate for the sake of accumulating.

And that feels good?

Which of your Blockchain investments make you feel "good?"

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They all make me good, those I've been spending my time on and those ones that are not good now would surely be good in far or near future. I just know most Cryptocurrency isn't a bad market

I never thought of my Hive wallet as a savings account even if I invested a lot of my time on building it. But to my own insight derived from this post, I can now view my accounts here on Hive as also that. The words mean different for me, investing account vs savings account but on operations they function nearly the same. I see some future in crypto, and maybe Hive isn't going to be the one that would rise above the rest but nevertheless it has my faith on that it will thrive through the years and we're just seeing the beginning of it.

I thought about getting into dcity too but the current rewards of bothering vs what I'm currently doing isn't enough to convince me to try. I see value in it though. Perhaps if I started out while the game was a few weeks old I might have been playing it for months now. That's a regret I have while not jumping in the train on dcity when it was new.

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The cool part if SIM City is that you can set it and forget it.

You can also look at it daily, but cities only really need tending every once in a while.

Yeah I missed the boat on that one. I mean it's not really to late to start a city now but I'm looking at it from the costs of getting into the top ranks and earn more for the input I give. It's not a game meant for investing but I can't ignore the monetary rewards it can bring.

Building a future for your kids is something you can be very proud !
Hey I've just started a dCity, any strategy recommendation for a beginner ? ;)

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Thank you.

I like to make sure all my citizens are employed and I enjoy having a variety of cards.

I also seem to get a steady stream of homeless and immigrants.

I am still in the process of building myself up currently. It feels like I am making steps towards becoming bigger. Although I do think I am spreading myself out too much playing different blockchain games. What I find the most interesting about Hive is all the tokens and different communities (learning more about them everyday). I feel like I am learning more and in order to help this process, I have been staking all the tokens that I have gotten through posting and curating. This makes me feel "good" in the sense that I am both learning and I feel like I am also improving.

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The fun part of building yourself up is when you see your tiny steps become strong strides.

I play blockchain games too - makes my time more enjoyable.

It's good to see you're getting some enjoyment out of the blockchain. I have a lot of fun playing dCITY and watching my town grow, while seeing those daily earnings come in! But I would have to say the variety of communities and tokens that are available, make for an interesting experience when blogging and commenting. I'm glad someone else feels the same! :)

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I do like my time here, I enjoy playing splinterlands too.

Thank you for stopping by and having a comment.

Was bank a smart purchase with such a huge crime rate?

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Smart in terms and of income? Maybe

Smart in terms of having a whole collection of first generation cards? Uh yeah

And then I remember to stop comparing myself to others and celebrate my wins

This is a very good approach. We are all on a different step in our "hive evolution" and it's wise not to compare ourselves with the ones that are some steps ahead.

I've started dcity only a week ago and I enjoy it a lot. I have to refrain myself from putting too much money into it. Congratulations on your bank purchase :-)

Thank you!

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