LeoFinance Inspired: Cryptocurrency and My Finances

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Today, I just want to share with us the role cryptocurrency has played in my overall finances. My financial level isn't so high because I'm yet to go into business fully as I am still a student. So, my attention is majorly on my academics but I will soon start focusing on how to grow my finances to a meaningful level. I have plans of teaching children and also venturing into hairstyling business.

One might be asking how I'm coping when I'm not working. Well, I have my parents who taking care of me but as we all know their pocket cannot be enough and also they have other things to worry about. Inasmuch as I do venture into some part time jobs like teaching children lessons at homes and other things, bulk of my earnings come from my crypto involvements. And I am always happy I bought the idea of getting involved with cryptocurrency-based social platforms.

My Crypto Journey
Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology had existed many years but I was still in the dark. I came to hear of cryptocurrency from a friend @Tomlee back then in 2018. One of those days while chatting, he told me if I knew I could be earning money just by posting articles and engaging on a social media platform just like Facebook. Everyone wants money so, I got interested and he guided me on how to go about it.

That's how I landed on Steemit and in a few months, I owned a cryptocurrency for the very first time in my life and that was Steem Dollars and Steem. Ever since then, I have been earning other cryptocurrencies like HIVE, LEO and 1UP which I exchange to my native currency Naira and it's been helping a great deal in my day-to-day living.

From blogging on Steemit, I expanded to Hive Blog and then to Uptrennd. Cryptocurrency emergence is indeed a great contribution and development to mankind. Believe me, many have been granted financial opportunities through it with myself included. I know there are still other aspects of cryptocurrency I am yet to explore but day by day, I'm learning. With time, I will have funds to invest in many other good cryptocurrency projects like Hive, Leo, Ethereum, Tatcoin, HaggleX etc.

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