1 mill+ CUB minted. Do you hold tight or you panic sell?

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It's been almost ten days since the last post I made. I like to take small breaks from time to time but for a consistent blogger like myself, ten days without writing a single line is just too much. Perhaps I subconsciously do it when I have nothing worthy to say, unlike many people who keep being repetitive and would post almost anything just to earn a few more HIVE / LEO / ... whatever coin there is out there for grabs.

This time it was different though. I had so many things to say but I got distracted from this whole Cub Finance thingy which I was/am so obsessed with, that I set different priorities. What priorities you may wonder...and what does it have to do Cub Finance?

Many of you know that financially wise 2020 was absolutely catastrophic due to the pandemic. I had to shut down my small cafe and found myself in deep shit and debts out of nowhere. Thankfully, I was introduced to an accountant who specializes in cases like mine that helped me a lot. Took almost 50% of the debts off of my shoulders not by using tricks or anything of the sort. He simply found a way to "protect me" legitimately. By the book...

Long story short I came to a settlement with the state and 2 days ago was the final payment of that settlement. I am officially debt free. That of course had some side effects. I had to sell a large portion of my crypto holdings (that includes HIVE and some of my precious LEO) right when the bulls finally appeared after almost 3 years. You see the irony, right? In any case it is what it is.

As you can easily understand there wasn't much room for new investments and Cub Finance was about to be launched...and it seemed so damn attractive. I had to find a way to go relatively big in this new form of mining, for me at least, because the 38 tokens from the airdrop just wasn't enough plus the APR the first couple of hours was completely insane. One could literally double their investment in a day as along as they jumped in the pools right from the start.

So I killed some last shitcoins I was holding and instead of writing posts I used those last funds to scalp trade. It only gave me more white hair as I chose to scalp trade BTC using futures at Binance. You all know how volatile BTC is. One wrong choice is all it takes to get rekt in minutes. Thankfully and almost 3K scalp trades later, I've managed to earn a decent amount of money that allowed me to jump in those pools from day one and to farm more than 100 CUB per day at the time of writing.

The fact that I didn't have the time to write doesn't mean that I didn't have the time to curate at the Leo platform. In fact I've read many posts from people who seem concerned about the price dropping from $15 to less than $3 and that this is the eeend and what shall we do nooooow?

Are you even serious?

Your only concern should be to farm AND hold as many tokens as possible before real whales jump in. A few hours from now where the halving will be implemented, will feel as if a huge whale decided to jump in those pools and took away half of your rewards. Take advantage of these ridiculously high APRs and keep compounding.

Wanna know what I do? Instead of adding to the CUB den my daily harvests, I keep bringing in BSC as much BUSD as possible and add them to the CUB/BUSD pool which has the highest APR so far and what is left goes into the CUB den. And if scalp trading keeps going well I'll keep doing that...that's until BTC decides to head to the opposite direction from what I chose for my scalp trade...

As a matter of fact I might even change my strategy now that CUB is cheap. I might start buying CUB with a portion of those BUSD and throw them into the den too.

You see I want to posses as many CUB possible and I want do the very same mistake I did when LEO was in the realm of 2 cents and I didn't buy tons of it even though I knew that it has a great future.

My friendly advice? You need to think long term.

What did you expect really? That price would shot up to $100 in the first 2 weeks? CUB is roughly 2 weeks old and @khaleelkazi is trying to make us all rich in case you haven't noticed.

PS. A few hours ago CUB's supply crossed the 1 mill mark.

What do you think the impact on its price will be when #Leobridge launches and now that there will be half CUB for sale?

Be patient and accumulate as many CUB as possible. You are insiders...you know better...

Just imagine all those sinks both for CUB and the LEO token...13%+ of the circulation supply has already been burned. Expect that number to go up significantly the following days...

Of course none of the above is financial advice and you should do what you think it's best for you...but I have a feeling that you know what's the right thing to do.

In case you you don't know what the future holds for CUB and the entire Leo ecosystem go ahead and read my previous article.


Have a good one people.


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Doing my best to fill my $CUB bag! Steady as she goes.

Congratulations on finding a good accountant to assist you with your debt. It is wonderful to be debt free!


Here is a little meme I made for Cub Finance for anyone to use as they wish!

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Please i am beginning. Can you put me through on how to create an account and start farm i have been bitten around the bush all day. Please help me out

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Check out this site for all the information you need.


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Great article to reflect on for the long term.

In my case at the beginning of the pandemic I lost my job, that was in the beginning of 2020 and if it weren't for cryptography or better saying, HIVE and LEO I don't know how I would be.

With CUB we have the chance of a lifetime. I also agree with you and Khal wishes that we will be rich and I will not miss this opportunity.

In the first two weeks I was selling like crazy the tokens I had available and selling and selling a lot of Splinterlands cards that I don't even use and are standing there doing nothing. Everything to buy more CUB.

My strategy is similar and my main Farm is the CUB-BUSD and little by little I am accumulating CUB more and more in the Den, because in this low moment it is great because in the future I know that it will appreciate a lot.

CUB will be very different from other DeFi currencies out there. Over time it will be much more useful and the more use it has, the more valuable CUB it will be. But perhaps few people will notice this.

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Fully agree with everything you mentioned, and I am glad that you found salvation through crypto.

I'll drink to even better days!

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Thanks! This year will still be a lot of achievements for us.

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I think one of the great challenges for this entire industry is the number of people who just cannot shake themselves out of he pattern of short-term thinking. Personally, I don't have the nerve for it. I'm more into sticking something into a sound investment, and then just staying with it.

I remember reading with sadness about your café... it sucks. We had to close a small retail store last year. We've also been scratching our way out from the edge of property tax foreclosure, so I know the feeling of hanging by a thread.

Anyway, didn't have much skin to put in the CUB game, but not going anywhere with the small stake I do have.


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Great content, is it good to feel debt free, i managed to do that also during pandemic somehow as i isolated at home due to health problems and i worked extra on crypto-market. It feels good to not feel the pressure of debt on your shoulders. Cub is a big opportunity, for the big boys club. We need to use it.

I did the same on a bit smaller scale. I didn't post either, but spent time selling shitcoins to invest in cubdefi, while reading many posts about cubdefi, defi in general, etc.

I just find it funny that with the trackrecord and among all these people that constantly shout that one must hodl, that a sudden price drop for a token that is barely 2 weeks old now is a reason to loose faith and panic sell.

I mean, common. Did you learn anything here?

So, I fully agree with what you wrote :)

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Hodling my Leos and Cubs close to my chest. We are gonna get richer, trust me. I don't understand those selling Leo and Cub, considering they know the past development track record of Khal.
And Leo Bridge is gonna be a huge development. Cross chain linkage...waoooo, imagine a bridge connecting two cities and collecting taxes for every vehicle crossing. Once bridge gets running a whole lot of Leo and Cub are gonna get burned. Dumpers are gonna curse themselves soon!
Cheers to hodlers!!!

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Great read mate. I had to shut down my Cafe too- heartbreaking. Glad you found some good advice to help. Also... thanks for this advice!

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At least someone found it useful :P

On a serious note thanks for the kind words. I do know how it feels witnessing your business turn into ashes without any of it being your fault and not being able to do anything to save it. It just saddens me that thousands of people have had the same fate...

At least there's hope via crypto.

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fomo-ed into bnb and busd on day one with what i could because i knew my drop will be funny small (5 cub in the end). after that got some more cub and all is in the den. my realistic goal was 100. i am now a bit over that number. bought a bit high but if i got cub now i would be aprox in the same position. i would lost on farming but bought more because lower price.
looks like i will be on 2 new cubs a day after tomorrow, not great, but invested what i could.

bridge sounds great, but i have no idea how many people will use it. i am not even sure would you be able to use bridge if you don't have bnb. hope that is the case, because i seen a lot of people having problems getting in on bsc because of lack of bnb for fees.

You know what they say...build the tools and people will flock ;)Bridge is gonna be awesome and even more awesome is the fact that we will be the only project on defi with such a tool

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I'm HODL tight. That's a good distribution. Mondays block reduction will be interesting to see what occurs

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With the halvening and leobridge on the way, I went out and bought even more. Cub supply going to get even rarer.

Which will make the tokens far more valuable over time

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I have been HODLing and compounding my CUB in the den pool even if the APY is not the best. I don’t want to lose any CUB due to impairment losses !

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You farmer :P

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I trust @khaleelkazi,

LEO is for me proof enough to hold it for a long long time ( maybe forever and make a passive income out of den/farming?) :D.

99% of all crypto project doesn't have that proof LEO/CUB has. no reason to panic for me. IF cup should become 1$, nice. The plan for me was to invest early and farm to get a really good average price, but with a discount like that, ... :D

I missed also buying a ton of Leo. So, not again :D

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I was just talking with my wife today, and have said for the 5th time, if only I had held on to everything I bought 3 years ago - we would be a much different financial situation. I am not hurting today, but an honest doubling of your network at middle age can have some huge effects on long term planning and give more options for career path. Get in early - and hold. I now see very little downside to viewing every dollar invested in crypto as gone, and the tokens will just be there - no matter the price, no need to sell. Hard to see losing if I hold for 5-10 years on any major blockchain

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I feel you mate. I felt like losing myself / mind when I sold almost 3/4 of my stake but as I said...it is what it is. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something for the greater good.

Stick around and follow your plan...you'll win big time a few years down the road. And your wife will be proud. Mark my words.

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Been stocking up as much as I can with what I have. Unfortantlly for me the biggest hurdle for me that held me back on this project was getting my hands on BNB. Kind of left me rather limited on what I could do with it.

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funny how nobody was buying bNB at $40 - $50 - $100 but we gladly buy it at $250+ now that our project is on their chain eh?

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yep! But you hope that those in BNB end up dumping it into CUB. A few issues though. 1) DeFi platforms like this all look the same and many of them are turning into scam sites. CUB should find a way to remove the cookie cutter look asap in my opinion because of this. 2) There are honestly 200+ defi sites like this now and more showing up every day.


More info why you see this.

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Always good to see you around!

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Made some bad decisions with my Cub funds as of late, but was able to get back in tonight using some of my former Bitcoin holdings. I really believe in what we are trying to do here and hope that this bet doesn't turn out to be a bad one.

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I'm compounding as much as I can without selling a single CUB. Takes a lot of selling off other coins but I think it's going to be worth it!

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Fingers crossed!

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Sell, lol no way. Will be accumulating them as much as possible ;)

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Ha! My man!

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I like that Cub-BUSD pool as i don't really mind which I end up with more of ATM - I don't worry too much about price.

I have bought more at this dip, it does seem like the right thing to do financially.

Cub should do well in the Defi space as it has something else to offer being linked to LEO going forwards of course!

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I like that Cub-BUSD pool as i don't really mind which I end up with more of ATM - I don't worry too much about price

Price? Who cares about price at this point. Gimme more CUB

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It does seem like a good choice for a hold token for sure!

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Don't get me wrong, I love Cub, sold some but hodled most, the upside potential is tremendous. However, it's crypto Spring for BSC and diversity is the spice of life.

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Nobody is gonna judge you bud. Everyone does what they think it's best for them

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Hey, never powered down!

The corona virus has destroyed so many businesses and I am sorry to hear about your business, my wife also has a small store and it wasn't easy and still isn't now....

Your only concern should be to farm AND hold as many tokens as possible before real whales jump in.

On the CUB token thing I totally agree with you, I don't have that many CUB tokens but my plan is to keep accumulating them.
The long term is the only thing that really matters.

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Congratulations on being debt-free! I agree that CUB has great potential and I'll be holding on to mine and keep raising some more.

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At this point, i am staying in the liquidity pool for as long as possible. Maybe till the end of the year. I believe the project will grow exponentially in the next six months and I am trying to farm as much cub as possible

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I understand, sometimes everyone needs to get out of the routine a little bit.

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Very sorry to hear about your financial trouble. By continuing to be as inspiring as you've been so far, I'm sure you can make up for some of the loss by posting.

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Meh no worries. I left all that shit behind. Everything happens for a reason. I still don't know what the reason might be but I prefer to stay positive

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Congratz on being debt free! I remember reading that story about your business, last year.

You sure made a major change, seem to have turned things around majorly

And to answer the question in the title of your post. After reading this, I decided to get two thirds of my coins out of the den and back into the CUB-BUSD farm. I also bought 100 more cub ( by selling some Hive for LEO ) today and added that to the pool.

I'm at about 800 CUBs and I don't think that's a bad amount, starting with an airdrop of not more than 30. I even sold some BTC for it a week or two again. If I hadn't been struggling with Binance, they held my funds for 5 days, I would have had more CUBs now.

I will probably not invest much more into this ( reaching 1k CUB in a month or so sounds pretty sweet to me ) but it's people like you who taught me to play with serious numbers.

Also I still got a house for sale haha.

Onward and upward!

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Also I still got a house for sale haha.

DO it! :P

I am glad you find inspiration in my reads and make some bold decisions. I'll make a post about "the house for sale" this week. You once again gave me a nice idea!

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no panic, I have my CUB hold without being scared because the price is going down, I trust the project

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#HODLING and accumulating too man!

Glad to read that you are now depr-free. Our government clearly doesn't care about small businesses and casual folks like you and me.

Sucks to sell all your holdings but as you said it is what it is. Crypto saved the day in the end

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I am Holding tight and buying more!

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Diamond paws eh?

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Yup, let's hope it's a wise plan

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I have just been putting my Cub into the den. I jumped in on the first day and I still am trying to get to that 100 Cub total mark. With the halving, I think it is going to take a long time for me to get there! I didn't get much from the airdrop either and I tried to buy some more Cub the other day when it was a bit lower. Actually now I guess I should have waited! :)

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If only we had a crystal ball to know where the bottom is...

Never regret for your choices ;)

1 CUB is still 1 CUB

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Haha, yeah, if only! Yes, at least I hold something!

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nice, I am new here so it was an interesting read!

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