Go grab some HIVE while it's still...affordable.

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It was the 14th of February when Justin Sun tweeted that Steem dapps will migrate to TRON network and that there will be a STEEM token swap.

Announcements and tweets kept coming one after the other...

Witnesses had to take action. The signs were there...

Just a few days prior to Justin's announcement he made use of his massive stake on TRON network aka--> interfered in governance.

Witnesses saw it coming...They had to do something to protect the Steem Network, so they decided to implement a soft fork and run the code V.22.888 until things get crystal clear.

Thousands of users have initiated a full power down procedure since then. Stats don't lie...

You know the rest of the story...

We should thank Justin for 2 reasons...for now.

A) Hive is a thing only because he took over Steem in a hostile way...

B) Because of the fact that he's suborn as fuck...he obviously keeps buying tons of STEEM tokens that are being dumped by thousands of users every single day.

Who knows...he might even pump the price at some point...an exit plan...

He doesn't care about Steemit..nor Steem. There is not a single tweet of his mentioning Steemit...and the guy literally... lives in Twitter. How is it possible to not be shilling his latest acquisition, I am wondering...

I mean I could be wrong but have a look at the following charts. I know...they are all from Binance...don't crucify me.

So, this is STEEM's daily chart against BTC since the 21st of February.

I had no liquid STEEM available on the 18th and 19th of March to take advantage of the opportunity manipulation...the story of my life...and missed probably a great opportunity. I hope some of you made some serious money.

20200415 21_16_000.00002238 _ STEEMBTC _ Buy Steem _ Binance.png

This is the 12 hour chart

20200415 21_16_430.00002238 _ STEEMBTC _ Buy Steem _ Binance.png

And this one is the 2 hour chart.

20200415 21_17_280.00002236 _ STEEMBTC _ Buy Steem _ Binance.png

All these charts have one thing in common. And that is that the moment Steem is about to drop below the 0.000022 Satoshi against BTC it keeps bouncing. As if someone doesn't want / won't allow the price to collapse.

Which is pretty weird if you ask me since there is a lot of selling pressure on the price right now. Normally STEEM should have been traded way lower than these levels...

Almost 9 weeks of power downs for the vast majority of Steem users. That's a lot of liquid STEEM...Exchanges will flood with STEEM the following weeks...

Lucky you...lucky me

And that's because the STEEM / HIVE ratio is pretty awesome...for now...

For now ya said?

Ya, and that's because if you take a look at the order book but also at the chart on Bittrex...you'll see that...

20200415 22_56_290.00001672 BTCHIVE Hive  Bittrex.png

...the sum of buy orders is 30.5 BTC, while the sum of the sell orders is roughly 14.7 BTC. And you know pretty damn well what happens to the price when there is increased demand , right? Right.

I've placed a few buy orders a couple of days now, about 200 Satoshis lower than the level HIVE is being traded at the moment of writing, patiently waiting to be filled...but it seems unlikely...

We shall see...

My goal was to become an orca before the end of the year.

Change of plans..."Double orca" mode: ON.

Have a great one people...and stay safe.
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Steem doing surprisingly well considering what has happened. Suggests some manipulation to me. However, they will only hold on for so long - it is a sinking ship!

Long live Hive!

True that.

Me dolphin...soon, very soon... thanks for this information..!
A los post firma.png

Ha! We need more dolphins around. :)

I love it when you analyse hive and steem. Obviously I'm powering down steem something I've never done before and the writing is on the wall that Sun night be doing away with Steemit soon

Thanks bud.

I never thought I would power down my Steem stake too...not so soon at least, yet, here we are...

I have been powering down on Steem, but @blocktrades are not supporting Steem any more, for me to convert!!

We're going to try to reopen Steem path on Monday.

Thank you for the feedback, this will help me a lot, as I am not on the big exchanges, and my exchange here in South Africa, does not support Steem or Hive!!

Really? Well if that's the case I think you should make an announcement. Lots of people have been waiting for this imo

Making the announcement might enable the freezers on the other chain to take quick action and close the window.

For how long?

Well then you'll just have to do the conversion using BTC I guess. Steem/Hive pair was a luxury indeed


I am not on them at the moment, I guess I can always join, but I love @blocktrades, it is easy for me. The exchange I use here in South Africa, does not support Steem or Hive.

He's literally buying our bags. He's so afraid to have a failed project that he's willing to buy the whole supply, at least for the moment.

I hope he doesn't let the price collapse, I really want to cash out.

He also tried to manipulate the price of hive down and froze some big accounts on STEEM to help him with his buying. Sad how he can't see that life doesn't work that way, he's just going to lose more.

Meh...I don’t think he can afford to buy the whole supply. Not even half of it. He knows what he’s doing...

He’ll pump the price at some point either alone or with CZ’s help and he’ start cashing out everything he purchased except the ninja stake. Win-win-win. For him for us but most importantly for those that will ride the wave