Hive has entered a really...really attractive area.

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From a user's point of view, I can only find negative side effects from this endless dive of the Hive token, and one, just one positive. And that's because everything is correlated to HIVE's price...even things that...shouldn't have, like peoples passion, or mentality.

Most likely you have noticed how your upvote value has gone down significantly.

That's because the median feed price (the last 3.5 day average - the way blockchain calculates price) is at 12.2 cents. Expect it to go further down the next 36 hours ~ 11.7 cents.

Smaller upvote value = lesser potential author rewards for the author assuming that the exact same curators upvoted their post a month ago / today and haven't powered up their accounts. That means that less HBD is being printed, which isn't exactly a bad thing, but many authors especially full time bloggers and people trying to make a living off of Hive are having a hard time...

Why should I care? I don't really, but at the same time I do too. Trying to make a living off of Hive is really risky and dangerous...Living off of Hive is probably 99% of the peoples dream around here.

But you see these people will need to find solution to their "problem" aka a new source of income. That's why most of you often look at your page feed and after 30 seconds of scrolling down your feed you're already at "yesterday's news."

They feel that their time and effort worth something more than what they are currently earning. That's exactly what I call wrong mentality.

Sad but it is what it is...

A look at the trending page is all it takes...half of the posts sitting there is because of Haejin / Ranchorelaxo votes...Good thing for the authors at least.

Another sad fact is that there's not the slightest indication that this dive we are experiencing since...forever, is going to change any time soon.

20201031 22_01_250.00000857 BTCHIVE Hive  Bittrex.png

Charts are often useless and those who claim that they can predict what the market will do next probably lie. But in this case... It's been weeks that Hive is going down, like really down both dollar and Satoshi wise. Worst combination ever...

All one will see it they have a look at this chart is Hive making lower lows and lower highs...and it's like that for weeks. A few hours ago Hive went as low as 769 Sats. Nuff said....

From an investor's point of view...

On the bright side of things...have a look at this chart once again...

There was a time I kept buying Hive like a maniac. Whenever I had spare money I used to buy Hive whether it was $10 or $1000. I didn't care about the price. I simply filled the first sell order. Ya, committed a man with a mission. That was until I crossed the 50K HP mark. Since then I promised myself not to buy again and simply let my account grow naturally.

But Hive has entered a really really attractive zone, one that could arm my hand once again.

People put the blame for Hive's dive on BTC's rally, but it's more than that. At least that's what @penguinpablo's stats indicate.

But price WILL recover at some point....

So there you have it guys, if you still think that Hive's potential will be reflected on its price too, then maybe, just maybe, a great buying opportunity is right before your eyes...

Remember back in 2018 when this place was overcrowded?

I have a feeling that sooner or later we'll remember this feeling...

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Breaking 10 cents would be epic, I'd buy some more then, I've got a few orders sitting around that price already circling waiting to eat up any sales

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Got some flash crash orders myself sitting both at Binance and Bittrex...we shall see...

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It's definitely getting to the point where Hive looks oversold. Reminds me a bit of the pattern we were in when Steem dipped below 10 cents on the way down to below 7 cents.

There comes a point where people suddenly realize that the underlying project is far better and more solid than the price in the markets... and that's when things turn around. We may be pretty close, already.


Oh we're definitely on the same page here buddy

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I bought about 6K the other day, but spent the lot on LEO without a second thought!

It's easy enough to go from LEO to Hive if the mood ever takes me.

I'm tempted to buy some more at these prices, I must say and power it up as Hive, in fact I'm probably going to - insane not to buy just a few hundred at least!

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It's easy enough to go from LEO to Hive if the mood ever takes me.

Trust me mate...been there, more than once

insane not to buy just a few hundred at least!

$200 buys you about 1600...just saying. For $500 one can become a dolphin just like that

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Although if I go from LEO to anything, it'll probably be ETH!

And when I said a few hundred, I meant Hive, not hundreds of pounds of Hive!

But it is a good in point for people!

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"insane not to buy just a few hundred at least!"

That's what we all said when the price was 10 times higher than it is now. And also when it was 10 times higher than that.

Yet we are still here, right? Deep down you still believe it can happen

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"But price WILL recover at some point."

This appears to be the crux of your post, but it's not backed up by any evidence whatsoever.

If that's your argument, some rationale would be useful.

Nobody really knows what will happen next. BTC ight crash to 0 as well. No? Well why not?

We are getting to a point where people like me, who had stated that they won't buy any more Hive again see it as an investing opportunity. It's relatively easy for Hive to climb from 11 cents to 16c and those who bought the dip can make 50% profits.

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Okay, but we said all those things a year ago, and a year before that, too. Just with different numbers.

I agree with your sentiments man. It's really a great opportunity. I'm stealing some dog food money for HIVE. Will make it up to the dogs when the price hopefully, eventually rises from the ashes. Another great post. This is the perfect example of a bear market chart that we will write about in the near future and tell the world of the reasons we persisted and bought more HIVE tokens even if the price was down. :)

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I'm not buying anymore. I've put enough money in here the last few years but the risk is getting too high.
I think some people here are too optimistic. Number one rule of investing is to always take the worst case scenario into consideration. This could just be catching a falling knife. Who knows.
The only thing I see is that Hive has completely lost momentum. Outside the community, no one cares about it anymore.
The numbers are also terrible. Amount of posts, comments, votes,... all dropping.
And I'm a numbers guy.

Still better than Steem though. :)

But you're still here, right? I mean deep down you think that it might work eventually, NO?

The risk of buying at 11 cents is very small compared to buying at 50 cents or 1 dollar...just saying

If the tide ever turns on the sellers, maybe we can stop sending the inflation to exchanges.

The only reason the price doesn't go up is because of sellers.
Fine, let them sell, but they can burn in fire before they get any more, iyam.
Until the hodlers reach that point, this trend is what we get, imo.

I keep hearing blame thrown on the little people, but not seeing any evidence to support that.
Until we have a math guy willing to answer obvious questions publicly, I don't see things changing.
Absent a btc bullrun.

I'm still here despite the long price dive, I hardly look at the price anymore. I got other income streams so this is a pasttime for me to build a modest Crypto portfolio. Still some great minds here and witty conversation where I find it. Seems like I get my 100 % upvote to 0.03 only to fall to sub-dust levels again. I think one day Hive will be back up, I'll think of it as a bonus.

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Agree. It's time to buy :)

Like I said in my post yesterday, it's always the darkest before the dawn. 😉 (That's here).

Indeed, "really really attractive".

Now that's quite a it.

A little bit lower and I'll probably buy a truck full of Hive

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oh does your mom not like this song?


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yesterday I bought some HIVE, if it drops below $ 0.1 I'll buy more... thanks for this post, thanks for sharing

Good to know that there are people who still have faith in Hive.

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Last week, I introduced a friends of mine to HIVE ... new users are coming

Sweet! Fingers crossed.

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Living off of Hive is probably 99% of the peoples dream around here.

I wonder for how many people that’s a reality. Certainly it is for some who live in “poor” countries. But with Hive’s price where it is, I can’t imagine it’s the case for many who live in “wealthy” countries.

Meh. We all know that it’s quite possible for an altcoin to move 10x in what seems like no time at all.

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Hive could move like that too but there's no decent marketing. Well first the product needs work imo but for example @dan making a post after years away could have worked for Hive IF he was committing to Hive beyond just promoting his book and IF he put down some words on how he could improve the chain.

Things like that get the attention of the crypto news platforms like cointelegraph and in turn influence other talking heads like IvanOnTech and other crypto channels. Before you know it the price reflects that hype (even if temporary) because people are influenced by those shill masters.

So I agree with your optimism but it's not just something that happens on its own. People need to make it happen by network effect. Hive needs heads that can seed that hype. The talking heads here just preach to the choir. @taskman4450 and @theycallmedan for example are great at boosting morale... but in here only.

Hive needs to tighten the boot laces and treat this thing like building an Empire. You got to go out there and conquer to stay dominant or you get conquered.


Dan está en otro proyecto ahora... Sin embargo, me pregunto si no estará pensando en una saludable simbiosis.
Es decir, así como el destino de Steemit pareciera que puede ser la blockchain de Tron... ¿No podría pensarse en Hive migrando a Eos?

El libro necesita hojos primero. No Creo que Dan tiene muchas mas intenciones aqui. En el futuro chains podrian coexistir pero por el momento todos estan en competienca porqué dinero es el juego.

Hive sin embargo tiene mas utilidad de otras chains pero el uso todavia esta minimal. Second Layer puede cambiar eso pero en Blockchain cambio y improvimiento es muy despacio.

I wonder for how many people that’s a reality.

For many me on that. Right from the start, back, in the Steem days, it's just that price dipped so much that is practically impossible..

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There are many factors which contribute to the price of Hive, and one of them is the mindset behind the majority of people who influence development of Hive. That may be not overly important but if that changed than there would be at least one factor driving the price down less. I mean the urge to be creative, to invent new features and do it as quickly as possible. That's not what Hive needs right now to be considered a serious project. Hive needs stability first of all. And no more testing in production. Next hard fork disaster may bury this project.

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I agree with most of what you mentioned here. The thing is that we need to give reasons to people to buy and stake Hive. Staking just to earn more Hive isn't working...

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I work on HIVE full time, I have some other income sources but at the moment Hive helps me a lot to buy food, medicine and pay for services. I'm selling a house and investing in a plot of land to build something smaller and more personal. If I sell the house soon I may be able to buy Hive at a very good price. Let's see what happens in the upcoming weeks/months.

That is awesome news. There are a few in the same situation as yourself and it is wonderful to see.

Hopefully if the tribes get their act going, there will be more in the same place as you.

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Wish you the best buddy. Good to see you active.

Being active in any way is more important than you can imagine.

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Hive oh , it is really sad to see the price is going down. While some hivers convert hive for leo, hive should compete with defis. Just wait to the bottom of hive.

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Wish I knew where the bottom is...

Just going for my HPUD that your post caught my eye.

I am growing my account in Hive using Hive earned by posting, curating and my gaming activities(a big source of Hive income for me, TBH).

With daily showing up and some engagement , I am getting some upvotes also (no more struggling in cent's payment) and I want to build my Hive, Leo, CTP,NEOXAG ,Splinterland and Dcity empire gradually with time that one day I can earn more here than my job.

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Sounds like a plan to me. Good luck bud persistent ;)

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yup, a very long term one. May try to building on ETH goals ,once LEO goal is acheived.

it`s a sweat area but also a pain to load up more and more. There are so many things that pump and makes phantom pains :)

It is on the watchlist, let's see what happens. I have the feeling BTC and eth will drop again and will have their impact.

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If I had a spare thousand right now, I'd spend it on HIVE!

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Do it!

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I DARE each and everyone to make up a post, promoting hive using these facts. encourage users to buy in and invest. We will all win. A decentralized community grows. You know the game. Get back to work eco slaves. we got a game to win. Just watch out for "Sun" types as they come.

The idea is simple. ADVERTISE MCDONALDS. not not literaly mcdonalds but HIVE. How else can we build a wider viewer base?

to be honest i am not in it for the money but for the growth of this decentrylized network, and they way it looks, business is good and has the opurtunity to grow HUGE. THIS IS IT PEOPLE.


She really wants that honey.

lets grow people. expand. explode. is there a gif for that? sounds familiar.

i have the feeling that when a lot of people are bummed out that brings out the chances for the people who are working on it..

indeed, behind the scenes a lot is happening and it will all be well, and these prices are not something I am worrying about. And indeed, it is cheap as crap now to buy stuff...daaaamn!

You know what? Fuck it. I'll buy 20K more

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Don't know about the others, but I'm doing my job at these prices... :) It's not a brainer... buying Hive, exchanging for LEO :)

Lol another LEO fanatic. Nice nice...just remember, that nothing really exist without Hive...

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hehehe.. Not really a fanatic, but I have eyes to recognize the dedication of the team behind LEO, and they deserve our support... At the moment LEO is doing more for HIVE, than HIVE itself...

Can't argue with that...

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There are a lot of them out there.

A lot of recent converts.

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Expect way more as time goes by

Well, I am one of those guys that try to make a living with my blog, and although it's a three years old goal as I wrote today in my morning post haven't achieved it yet. Not quitting yet though. I will give it one more year, maybe the bull market will make make that possible. I doubt though HIVE will get lower than ten cents before rebounding.

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A year is a long time in the crypto world. We are seeing a lot of development.

Do not forget, a few months back LEO was not on most people's radar on Hive. How most are talking about it.

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Well it could crash to 5 cents or three...nobody really knows, as for rebounding, ya it's a wild card. It could go 20x in a month. Crypto world is so unpredictable, That's why I like it so much.

Good to see you trying mate. I am sure that one day...

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This price is very interesting both because those who are no longer interested in Hive will most likely have downloaded all their coins.

Those who want to invest in a substantial project and obtain high profit margins in the future ... buy Hive now!

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True...who needs quitters around here anyways?

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HIVE will some point. There is no way to tell when it will happen but nothing goes down forever as long as it doesnt go bust. Thus, if one doesnt thing Hive will disappear, then the token has value. Where the markets bottom out could be 10 cents (USD) or 5 cents. Who knows.

But your point is well taken, there is a time when the prices are to attractive. This is what causes bottoms. Perhaps you are the reversal indicator. You said you would never buy HIVE again yet you are thinking about it. If you are changing your mind, odds are others are looking at it also.

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The cat will never buy hive again. I still believe it will be a 5 cent utility token. Stacking LEO, BTC, ETH instead. Steem/Hive burned me too many times before I realized it is just going to be a low price utility token. My opinion of course.

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Cmon're killing me man...5 cents?

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Perhaps you are the reversal indicator.

Remember that when/if HIVE starts mooning :)

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Indeed, I think it's a great opportunity as well. While I obviously don't know not saying that I know what is going to happen for sure, this fractal analysis has really worked out so far:

People that believe in this community will take this chance and dillute the users with the steemit mentality (aka miners).
People that believe the platform see this as a potential for a better wikipedia a better reddit a better stackoverflow a better linkedin and a better internet.
And thats why the guardians of value will prosper.

And thats why the guardians of value will prosper.


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I've bought some HIVE recently and powered up!

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Sweet. It reminds me of the Steem days...when price bottomed at these levels

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I also stopped buying at 50k, now I'm accumulating on huobi at 10 cents. Crazy arbitrage, only catch is that we can't withdraw there but I don't care.

Dammit I know right? The thing is that I don't have a Huobi account. But when wallets are enabled there you can make 20%+ profits just like that...

Need to find a way to buy some from Huobi as well

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Don't tell anyone else, but... try using a VPN. Careful though if you live in the US, I don't know what kind of consequences this can lead to.

En algún momento va a rebotar. Difícil saber dónde. Pero será ciertamente allí donde muchos piensen del precio lo que vos pensás en este momento.
Lo que sí veo es que de ningún modo está justificado que Steem valga más que Hive, así que una de dos: o baja Steem e los niveles de Hive e incluso más abajo o sube Hive sobrepasando a Steven.

I agree that HIVE price will recover at some point and some people who took advantage of this dip will smile :)

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I'll drink to that!

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