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One of the things I enjoy most at my day job is the the social aspect of it. Meeting and talking to hundreds of people every day is something that I fancy a lot I couldn't imagine myself behind a desk filling reports or whatever... It isn't exactly what I wished for either but given the circumstances (lock-down due to Covid-19) I guess I should be thankful that I still have a job while others don't...

Anyway, earlier today a regular client walked in and ordered their coffee. It wasn't during rush hour so all employees were kinda busy with other stuff than customers service, such as making orders to the suppliers or shelf-filling etc...and because this guy ways sends positive vibes, I decided to make their coffee even though my job is to supervise everyone else.

The thing is that I was holding my cell phone and on top of that I was logged in on Binance app (which btw is extremely fast and probably way better than their website itself) to check how my favorite assets performed this morning. So I put my cell down on the right hand side of the counter that is between me and the customers and tarted making their coffee. But I never logged out of the app...actually I didn't even lock the phone at all..

As expected since the cell phone was essentially in front of him those green and red candles from a chart I was looking at right before caught his attention.

-"Are you a trader? If I am not mistaken this is Binance app, right?"


-I trade from time to time but I am mostly a hodler. Are you a trader? Didn't expect to meet someone, especially in this place who knows about crypto.

Long story short and after I miserably failed to convince him try to Hive he asked me what coins I currently hold. Blah...blah...blah

-How about you, I respond. Are you heavily invested in crypto?

-"I invested 10K Euro 4 years ago only because my son wouldn't let it go, and I've only made 2 trades till this day."

-Really? So what did you buy in the first place?

-"I bought 5 BTC right before summer of 2017 when it was still at $2000."

-Holy shit! That was a smart move man. One that I should have done myself too, but I didn't...

-"I wouldn't have done it either if it wasn't for my son"

-So which are the 2 trades you've made since then?

-"I sold those 5 BTC at 16K and bought back in at 5K"

-You mean you currently hold ~ 16 BTC?

-"15.5 to be precise. Anyway I really need to go because I have an appointment. Nice talking to you! Bye."

Needless to say that for the next 2 hours I couldn't concentrate at my job. All I was thinking was the wrong investing decisions I've made over the years when things could have been as simple as that. This is what patient people do and this is how 10K Euro turn into half a million in 4 years. And this isn't a story of a guy who mined BTC and was an early adopter...but a story from next door's guy...

Which reminds me that there are many investing opportunities as long as you keep your eyes wide open. I wouldn't like to mention some random shitcoin that you've [probably never heard before so for the sake of the discussion I'll mention the LEO token.

If you were willing to invest $10K in LEO about a year ago when LEO's price was less than a tenth of a HIVE aka ~ 2 cents (I wouldn't like to mention the extremes, when it was 0.05 or so / Hive) they would have bought about...250K LEO. A year later those 250K tokens worth $125K...and on top of that one would had probably earned a lot more in the process due to LP incentives / blogging / curating etc...

And even if you didn't have those $10K to invest in LEO you could have used Hive rewards to do that...20K Hive would have bought you 200K+ LEO. A year down the road you could sell 10K of those LEO and buy back 35K Hive...plain and simple right? Win for your Hive account win for your LEO account? The thing is...none that I know of did it...and if they did it's only a handful of people...

And to top it all of and make you feel even more uncomfortable...imagine that we are insiders and this whole thing was unfolding right before our eyes...

Now grab a beer and lets cry together.

Have a good one everyone!


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Being aware of what is around you and not being stuck in the moment is a problem on here. I do see it as a good problem though as you are using your stake to grow. We all have Leo and Hive on here and there is no FOMO of Bitcoin as I do believe the time will come for all of us.

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I like to think that you have a point here. We sure are ahead of the majority of the crowd. This guy was exceptional.

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Wow! I love stories like these. Seems like this man bought in around the time I got into crypto. I must admit that I didn't have 10k lying around back then but I have had similar thought of buying and selling at the right times ( and even the 1.3 BTC I held in Dec 2018 could have been several bitcoins now ) and ending up with hundreds of thousands. Of course it didn't happen.

I feel you met an exception here, almost af if you met God / an angel ( and I'm not a religious person ).

Thanks for sharing this with us and I love the link you made with Leo. I still hope we can say something similar about Hive too, one day in the future.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend :<)

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So what happened to that 1.3 BTC? Still holding? or is it dust in the wind :P

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It's gold in other people's wallet. Long story. Some emotional trades at the wrong time for the wrong coins and money spent on the renovation of my house. The idea was to play around with the 0.3 and HODL with the 1 BTC. I failed miserably at this. Lesson learnt.

Getting closer to selling my house though...

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Whilst this has a sad undertone it equally has s pleasant feel, sorry about the upset you felt having heard such awesome news..
Thing is it's mostly folks in the fold who are very much conservative about these kinds of investment, those outside just do a little bit of study and boom ,they are on with their decision. Maybe it is because if the plethora of options and information accessible to the insiders....No despair, we learn...
Good write up!

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You know what they say: Get them...and forget them...

That's what he did...that's what everyone should do actually...because crypto ain't going nowhere and they'll only grow from here

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Sagely words ...get them and forget them..
I'd remember that..

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So? is he going to do the same now? selling BTC and buy again at 20K?

That guy outsmarts most of us around here who claim to be making money from crypto and being part of the movement :))

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I have no idea...he had to leave and left me high and dry...

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That’s a hell of a story.
I guess it was easier to let go of 10K some years later than it is now. Bravo to the papa who listened to his son. Smart and lucky moves, that’s the whole idea
Thanks for sharing!

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Eventually it comes down to be smart, lucky and patient!

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Wow! He made some good decisions, and it seems that he is gonna hold for more time. I wish I had bought LEO when it was cheap, but I think I'm making a good investment by spending time creating and curating content.


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Not only your decision to spend time around here is a good one but as I've told you before your efforts are noticed buddy!

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I love this story. Life is supposed to be simple. We overcomplicate it. I bet that guy was chill as hell and I also bet he had some decent finance. $10,000 is not much money though. I have a friend who bought a shitty piece of land for $14,000 and an old excavator for $6,000. That just around the March crash. Had the bought BTC instead he would have $100,000 now...

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Incredible story, I will be holding all of my crypto for the long haul now. I am someone who has been rather impatient. I need to take after this guy and hold on for dear life!

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Great writing in a very interesting and cool story. That's for sure.

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Thanks bud.

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damnnnn half a millions dollars! if only my father listend when btc was 50$ :P

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$50? Jeeez...you should've bought it yourself man...

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yeahh fuck my life :P


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Great story!

It's a bit sad when you think about missed opportunities, no doubt. But if we really believe there is potential on Hive and other cryptos, let's learn from mistakes of the past so we don't miss the next big opportunity when it presents itself. Because it will.

It's like people say: Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

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I'll drink to that

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This reminds me of so many situations since 2013... gosh... how I understand this.

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