Say you had $50K to make your moon bag...what would you buy and why? GO!

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Time flies that's for sure...

It feels like yesterday when it was New Years Day and just like that January is history already. So one month in 2021 and I was really curious to see how things played out for some of the coins I hold and some of the coins I keep an eye on from January 1st - January 31st.

So here we go:

BTC's price on January 1st was: $28.923 - Today it is ~ $34.000

ETH's price on January 1st was: $736.42 - Today it is ~ $1330.00

LTC's price on January 1st was: $124.21 - Today it is ~ $131.30

UNI's price on January 1st was: $5.15 - Today it is ~ $20.15

RUNE's price on January 1st was: $1.17 - Today it is ~ $4.20

NANO's price on January 1st was: $1.02 - Today it is ~ $3.62

ZEC's price on January 1st was: $63.9 - Today it is ~ $86.15

VET's price on January 1st was: $0.018 - Today it is ~ $0.029

HIVE's price on January 1st was: $0.115 - Today it is ~ $0.139

LEO's price on January 1st was: 2.32 Hive/ LEO aka $0.265 - Today it is ~ 3.41 Hive?LEO aka $0.48

OK I am going to stop now because these are obviously not the only coins I fancy most but I I wouldn't like to spam they entire post with pairs and numbers...

If there's one thing clear from these last 31 days is that the price of every coin I mentioned above and obviously of hundreds more, slowly but steadily (in most cases or aggressively in UNI's / RUNE's and NANO's case) is going up.

Some of you might say "Hey it is only because BTC's run" and while there is a grain of truth in that statement there are also dozens of coins that are going up against BTC Satoshi wise too.

So before you say that what we see now is far from what an alt season should look like, just remember that the current 4 year BTC cycle will be completed about 10 months down the road where we should(?) expect a BTC explosion that most likely will drag projects whose devs turned smart / interesting ideas into reality, to new heights.

So cut to the chase. Say you have $50K to spend and grab your favorite tokens and make the perfect moon bag how would you spend it? What would you buy and why?

Would you choose the safe path? Or maybe something that it is flying under the radar?

Looking forward to see your picks and also the reasons why.

Well-founded recommendations: allowed :P

Have a good one people.


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Nothing But LEO, why have some coin or token sit in your bag waiting for moon when you can regenerate more tokens while waiting? Leo is the perfect choice, plus with the extra profits, I can buy whatever other shitcoin that sparks of Hope to me.

Hive would also be on my list, same reason as Leo, that way I'd have an influence on both ends, funny enough I was just thinking of this, it's nice to Fantasize and dream a little, lol.

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why have some coin or token sit in your bag waiting for moon when you can regenerate more tokens while waiting?

Because you can also regenerate on DEFI using pools maybe?

Hive and Leo are great choices but you'd have a serious amount to buy anything...

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Amazing Answer!

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I would say something like...

25% BTC
20% ETH

With these two you have a very resilient ground for the long term.

15% AVA - One of my favourites, check the posts on my feed.
15% ORN - My highest bet into Defi
15% LEO - For obvious reasons (In addition you can pair with the ETH into uniswap).
5% HIVE - Hive it's Hive after all.

5% USDT - To load the dip.

AVA & ORN are both of my personal choices, but overall can be any coin that you researched and u feel confident enough, just make sure to not go all-in/all-out.

Max 5 alts apart from BTC/ETH, if you dilute too much you'll have a bad time dealing with all the updates and the study.

Best of luck!

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5% HIVE - Hive it's Hive after all.

I know right?

Well I have huge expectations from RUNE tbh...but as you said, I would also invest 50%+ on BTC and ETH

Haven't dug into AVA but the way things play out with Corona shit, tourism might never recover...Hope I am totally wrong though.

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I know right?

What do you mean? Sorry I'm not understanding this correctly I guess.

Like: I fully understand...

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Oh, now I see it thx.

As I stated a few times already, I would like to see some kind of revamp of the HIVE tokenomics. Specially:

  • Witnesses/DHF inflation allocations.
  • Power down period.
  • Ad revenue/buyback program?
  • Collateralized debts with HBD? (edicted talked a lot about this).
  • Governance
  • The ninjamine stake... (BURN IT DAMN!).

If I don't see changes regarding all (or at least one of) those matters I don't see any other incentive to hold HIVE rather than the 'Resource credits' one.

It fits an undeniable spot in this crypto puzzle and ever since it opened its gates it has never went down. Running smoothly for a few weeks now. I regret not taking the profits out of the table on my 3x long XRP today and buy more UNI.

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So all $50K to UNI? Hmmm...

Oh and you should have taken those profits. Actually you shouldn't touch that coin at all...but that's just me...

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UNI has performed better than Bitcoin, not sure how much more room it has though, I'm guessing ~$30

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With V3 I can see it touching $100.

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There are some hard core UNI hodlers on Twitter saying that it's just the beginning and that it could turn into a 3 digit coin easily

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REEF finance = DeFi + PolkaDot
1Inch = Dex Aggregator ( you can stake it , which is always a bonus )

Honestly I never expected UNI to do so well after that massive airdrop. I believe people who sold too early would actually be regretful currently. Without a doubt, I'll buy UNI, probably litecoin. A lot of Leo and some hive too because just hodling is always boring.

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Smart choices right there

just hodling is always boring.

and that too

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Exactly, at least a little risks here and there with coins that are backed by a project.

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My bag would contain:


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Solid choices there bud.

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I've opted for

LEO (obviously)
HIVE (because I'm an emotional retard)
RUNE (because I just copied everyone else on here)
AVA (because you can actually USE it)
LTC - which I kind of hold as I find it's much easier to sell than BTC or ETH - and I believe in the poor man's theory that it's easier to buy one of them so it'll probably do OK.

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That's a decent bag brother. Obviously lots of potential there

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EOS?? - $3
The rest diversify into UNI and AvA and Rine!!

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20k LEO 20k Hive 10k UNI. One is for the growth, one for the community and one for the stability, not in this order of course!

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$10K Hive, $10K LEO, $15K ETH and $15K BTC.

ETH & BTC are solid, low risk in the long haul. Hive because I believe in it, and because it would be awesome to delegate $10K worth of Hive to leo.voter for LEO tokens in return. It would be about ~72K Hive or something like that in total..

I get ~0.475 LEO per 24 hours for a delegation of 4100 Hive. A ~72K delegation to leo.voter would give me ~17.5x more than today, which equates to roughly 8.3 LEO per day. In USD, that's ~$4 per day, $28 per week or $1460 per year, at these current prices. My curation rewards would also increase rapidly with $10K worth of LEO. Which is ~21K LEO.

I have less than 2800 LEO right now and my 100% vote is worth ~0.270. I keep 50% from that which equates to: 0.135 per vote. 10 votes per day = 1.35 LEO. With ~21K instead of less than 2800, my votes would be worth ~7.5x, which is roughly 10.1 LEO per day in curation. So my curation rewards + delegation would give me approximately 18.4 LEO per day or $8.8 USD at these prices. That's ~$3200 per year.

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Are you trying to make a living off of LEO? Because you are on the right way.

Now think of it this way. 0.270 LEO per vote = ~ 25 cents. I hold ~40K HP atm (used to have more that 110K)and my 100% upvote is something like 30 cents...

PS. You forgot your thor rewards which should be at least 5x what you've mentioned above. Be patient bud. Your HIVE/LEO holding will grow in no time because the way we mine them is by blogging and it's unique.

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I am not trying to make a living off of LEO and I wouldn't quit my job regardless of my income, stake or how much I am able to cash out in the future, but I would love to work part time instead of 125% like I am currently doing, lol.

You are right though, I forgot those rewards.. But it's easy to forget such things when I'm so passionate about LEO and Hive. :D

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50/50 BTC and ETH. Really low risk (over the long term), really high potential reward. Speculate on some others if you want, many will likely far surpass BTC and ETH's gains, but I know I can't pick which ones and BTC/ETH present by far the best risk/reward ratio I have ever seen - and a lot of people a lot smarter than me have said the same as well.

I'd go 25/ BTC 25/ETH 25/Rune 25/ Uni...25 /.. oh wait the pie is over eh?

People surpass BTC due to its run...and obviously because if one spends $35K just for a single coin how will they fill that moon bag? They forget that it will soon be a 6 digit coin...

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I would say 2/3 of that would split to BTC (40%) & ETH (60%).

And then 1/3 goes to these coins:

$AKT (50%)
$LEO (30%)
$EASYFI (10%)
$BLURT (10%)

I think that's diversified enough for me ;)

I'm really geared towards ETH & AKT right now.

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Isn't that the fork of the guy who used to run the potato thing and never sent those HBDs to null? Nah I'll pass

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And he kind of threatened me on Discord about having to sell him a particular area of space I found in 'his' region' when playing next colony.

And honestly, judging by his photos he's in his 40s.

He's a Twat with a Massive T.

Having said that Blurt is so cheap and there are so many people DESPERATE to be big fish in any old shitty pond.

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If I had $50k, I think I will spend half on bitcoin for the long run...5-10years. I believe it will appreciate in value

$10k will be spent on hive and leofinance. To generate passive income.

I will spend the rest on something new. Do my research and find something I can invest in. I think with that I will be in a better place financially.

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