Thoughts about Hive's future. There's still time...and hope.

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I am sitting back...logged in probably on every exchange I am registered to...and watching the market bleed...again. You probably know the feeling, right?

That voice inside my head is echoing again..."Things don't play out the way you thought they would eh...?"

The truth is that things definitely don't play out the way I thought they would and...just gimme a break and don't start with the price doesn't matter at this point..we are on accumulation mode bullshit" because price ALWAYS matters.

If it didn't matter we would be all dressed up with cloths from Armani's latest collection...we would drive Lambos and we would all wear Rolex. But we don't eh? WHY?

Because their price is really high and 99.9% of the people can't afford it. So price does matter. Period.

So what does HIVE have to do with all that? It does, because Hive is a Lambo, a Rolex and an Armani...all in one...but its price is we are clearly doing something wrong...because Lambos and Rolex's are never on discount...

Just to give you an idea...

This is HIVE's 3 hour chart on Bittrex...and since HIVE launched only a few months ago, the 3 hour chart was enough and displays the price action -Satoshi wise- from day one. Why Bittrex and not some other exchange? For 2 reasons...

20201007 21_32_5820201007 21_31_59Untitled  Windows Photo Viewer  Windows Photo Viewer.png

A) Bittrex was the first exchange to list HIVE.

B) The order book is very thin and whenever a whale feels like buying...or dumping they move the entire market by 15%+ both directions.

As you can see on April 9th HIVE bottomed out at 1217 Sats. Also just one day before Huobi announced that they will be listing Hive it was traded at the same levels hence I bought a lot...and started selling in small chunks on its way up (those yellow arrows)

I traded back and forth for quite some time but as the price declined so did volume...hence I lost interest in trading. Since the end of July I made 6 or 7 relatively big purchases and powered everything up. The profits made from the early days are converted to BTC...and lately I keep asking myself if arming my hand and buy a shit ton of Hive would be a wise move...

That being said...

This is the hourly chart from Bittrex...

20201007 21_37_09Untitled  Windows Photo Viewer.png

Less than 24 hours ago HIVE almost touched its ATL...dipped to 1250 Sats and then...because of low liquidity and disabled wallets in preparations of the upcoming HF not only it bounced but went up almost 20% within hours...I am pretty sure we'll see this gain and again before deposits / withdrawals are re enabled.

I am sure that we all want to see appreciation reflected on HIVE's price...maybe, just maybe...we should implement to the code a few of the stuff @khaleelkazi has done on LEO???

Just to give you an idea...

@Leofinance is growing every single day...

More and more unique users are posting on Leo every single day...

They have ad revenue...

They use those earning for buybacks and sinks...

Both curation and author rewards are distributed in liquid form yet 90% of circulation supply was staked until recently. It's people who chose to power up their earnings and not because they were forced to by the code, like on Hive.

Look at this screenshot...

20201007 21_43_52Untitled  Windows Photo Viewer.png

Less than 10K Leo tokens available for sale before Leo's price hits 5 HIVE per LEO...

That's what I call growth...

And I want to see HIVE's price grow as well...

This final screenshot might have a bitter taste but it is 100% real.

20201007 21_51_18Wallet — LeoFinance.png

A) HIVE's price is giving me more white hair...

B) HBD is broken for years and those who post and don't use the 100% power up option as long as HBD is being traded below $'re simply losing money...Except of course if you keep collecting HBD with the hope that it will moon to $17 again. Again...broken. Haven't seen anyone willing to pay $17 to buy Tether or DAI or whatever...

C) LEO is doing great...and I think it will keep doing great in the future...

Don't get me wrong here. I want HIVE to thrive as much as you do...but I have a feeling that some drastic changes need to be implemented before any BIG investor would put their money into HIVE.

Have a good one people.

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You're 100% right and it's time to make changes while we can.

Ad revenue.
Change curation rewards.
Change powerdown period.
Get rid of HBD. It does nothing.

We need to think in business terms which is why @leofinance is doing so well. They are adding useful features and bringing in revenue.

Who are we?

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Hopefully those who pull the strings will implement a fee changes during the next HF. We need to make this place as attractive as possible for investors

We need to put the pressure on and get change started. Nothing will happen without the community forcing it to as the witnesses are very comfortable as they are.

I want to see hive succeed and have pit through a proposal to try and show how much support there is for more business ideas.

Binance has almost 35 times the HIVE-USD (USDT equivalent there) volume that Bittrex has, and just under 4 times the BTC-HIVE volume. Not saying they're better (I still stick with legitimacy, I mean Bittrex, you've just got to be patient), only that the across exchange volume isn't to blame IMO. I rather think this is more like capitulation. We're seeing it across the board. The sucking sound is DeFi, and will continue to be until it blows up. That's how I see it anyway. Could always be wrong. 😐

Oh I know and I use Binance most of the times. It’s just that Bittrex listed HIVE first and Binance followed a little while after.

I also believe that this whole defi thing will blow up on people’s faces...and many will flock to Hive. Guess we need more patience

no your right. Back in the day Litecoin went to 48 dollars and sunk all the way back to 1.2 dollars. Imagine. Imagine the feeling of that. Crypto takes weeks or months to boom and years and years to sink. After the next boom if it ever happens im out crypto and staying out because the bear will be half a decade long or longer and the risk reward ratio non existent. Defi is a new Bitconnect style ponzi. It will blow up big time and/or be banned when it draws enough attention to itself. They are coming for us that is for sure, this wealth they want in the form of an ETF for themselves.

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After the next boom if it ever happens im out crypto and staying out because the bear will be half a decade long or longer and the risk reward ratio non existent

Exactly my thoughts. How can anyone be sure that a new boom will happen at all? I mean just because people shill btc and imagine it will reach 100K or so doesn't mean we will get there...

It will get to 100k, the world is on fire. It could take longer than we thought but its clear that Bitcoin is never going to be used as cash more a store of wealth. An ETF is 100 percent coming the big money wants in finally they are seeing why they need it as part of their portfolios. Me personally i see XMR shining really really bright in future it is what Bitcoin was supposed to be, what everyone thought Bitcoin was. At some point central banks are going to be buying Bitcoin but as for getting rich off it at that point i doubt it. Its a life jacket now.

XMR and ZEC are my favorites. Huge XMR believer here...and holder:)

I think all privacy coins will shine eventually. All it takes is people to realize that they should protect their personal data instead of making guys like Zuckeberg wealthier every single minute...

Tried to use the 100% power up option but kept getting an error...dammit :P

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Fix the rewards=instant price bump.

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Fix the rewards like...?

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Is it not more profitable to receive the HBD and then use convert to hive over 3.5 days with the HBD price consistently below $1?

Not that it matters much with my meager hive earnings...

$10 post. 50% - 50% You get $5. 2.5HBD and $2.5 worth of Hive $2.5 / 0.15 (current median price) = 16.666 HIVE + 2.5HBD

Same scenario with 100% power up. you get $5 worth of HIVE. 5 x 0.15= 33.333 HIVE. So same thing...

The difference is that people choose the 50 - 50 option to sell their HBD and buy other coins...only hbd is consistently being traded lower than $ would make sense at > $1.01

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That voice inside my head is echoing again ... "Things don't play out the way you thought they would eh ...?"

It's my friend, literally it should happen to almost everyone lol.

What Khal and the LEO team are doing is incredible and how good examples should always be followed. Maybe HIVE in the future can follow the progress that LEO is making.

I don't get too attached to the price, I also imagine that when the sea is bleeding, it's time to take advantage of some promotions to accumulate more.

Well, I hope that HIVE can get out of this situation and after HF we will see how it can be from now on.

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Well...patience it is then...

HIVE needs to innovate more.

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That too

It is a double edged sword for sure. If it was appreciating considerably, I would be mourning the loss of time spent accumulating at low prices.

Now, we spend it mourning the low price and wondering if it will ever go up.

I just interact with the blockchain no mater what the price is, and focus on the silver lining that happens to be low price at this moment. some point HIVE will start climbing the rankings again...fingers crossed