What token would give you the best ROI if you invested $1000 on 1-1-2021?

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Everyone involved in crypto welcomed 2021 with the hope that it shall bring what 2020/2019/2018 took away from us regarding crypto.

A three year long crypto winter which made many people rage quit, others to lose faith and simply watch from the sidelines, and few that remained persistent, kept filling their crypto bags and prepared themselves for what they hoped to be one of the most exciting year in the not so long crypto history.

Who can blame someone that lost his faith when they bought BTC (regardless if it always revovers) at $19K 3 years ago only to watch it dip at almost $3500 on March? Who can blame those who bought ETH at $1400 and watched it reach as low as ~ $82 a year later?

There are dozens of examples like the ones above. Actually everyone who bought close to previous ATH's -because when prices go up rapidly new people enter the crypto space, people who usually don't don't have the necessary information and simply go with the herd- haven't really break even yet. The only 2 exceptions are BTC which keeps smashing one ATH after another and most recently ETH.

Now if you had invested in LTC / XMR/ ZEC / ADA / XLM / XRP...just pick a random name during their peaks it might take a while to break even let alone make some good profits.

But 2021 started the best possible way. BTC which is the battle ram of them all showed everyone how things during 2021 will play out. All one had to do was to watch how it performed the last days of 2020...So the next 45 days that followed from January 1st have been...explosive.

It doesn't matter what was your entry price on BTC, because at some point you'll be compensated...even if you buy in right after it makes an ATH...because a new ATH might be right around the corner...

And while nothing seems to be able to hold its price back, which usually results in massive profits for those who trusted their money on this project, is it really the token with the most gains from the beginning of the year till now? Let's see...

This is the list of the most famous tokens sitting on top 20 and their growth in terms of USD from 1-1-2021 to 15-2-2021. Obviously there should be tokens with way better ROI than these...but they're often scams or not so famous...yet...

TokenOpening Price 1-1-2021Closing Price 15-2-2021Change

Ok, lemme get this straight...all one had to do was spend some $$$ on DOGE and then wait Elon Musk to shill it on Twitter?

This thing might be a joke and no team is developing atm yet it went up 1300% in 45 days all because he richest man on Earth constantly makes jokes or he knows something we don't...

Jokes aside other than ETH and BTC no other project Has even come close to their 2018 ATHs. Some are doing great...but they were not around back then ;)

As you can see I've also included HIVE even though it's far from the top 20 league...but hey...it's HIVE, right?

As for LEO...ever since it got listed at Uniswap it keeps going up. Currently at 63 cents and looking stronger than ever. Remember...projectBlank is about to be released the next couple of weeks and it could have a massive impact on LEO's price...


Have a good one people!


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I would recommend putting the results in a markdown table, would be easier to read and look better.

| Token | Opening Price | Closing Price | Change |
| --- | --- | --- | --- |
| BTC | $28.923 | $47.911 | +65.65% |
| ETH | $736,42 | $1779,25 |  +141.6% |
TokenOpening PriceClosing PriceChange

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Didn't know how to do it...feels embarrassed... lemme edit it. It will def look better.

By the way do you also know the div left - div right command? I thought I had bookmarked those commands yet I can't find them anywhere

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By the way do you also know the div left - div right command?

<div class="pull-right">

I have a really thorough resource on Markdown that covers most everything in detail, it's an old post but still 100% relevant. I tried to cover most everything.


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Bookmarked. Thanks Mark

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Ditto. Bookmarked. Thank you.

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Killer! Thanks for this, a lot to learn from this post Mark

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Awesome! Thank you for this link! You may consider recycling it and reposting it. It received 280 votes four years ago and with all the new people here, I would think it would probably get that many again. I, for one, wouldn't begrudge you getting the upvotes twice. It's really a great post.

To be honest, I thought about making a post of my own and just linking yours.... haha!!! That would be cheating! :-)

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Don't forget the sub (subtitles) and code commands!



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I prefer ``` (3 backticks) for code.

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ah... so easy.

You can use a single backtick if you are only doing one line.



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sub command is smaller scale than 6# ?

Wtf am I the only noob around here?

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Shit bro you can even do nested subs!




Check out this crazy shit!


Get with the program, noob!


Where have these things been all my life

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Is sup command still working?


seems like working.

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Geeks...everywhere I look...left or right a dev...always a dev.

Good stuff. Bookmarked too. Thanks...

My posts need some style.

PS. Wtf can't even read sub3 on Leofinance front end. Goes to 4 5 6 etc?

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yeah sub3 is fun if you want to write something that would need to be copy/pasted to read :D

This is what we call bull-run ^^ We need more new people involved in crypto 😌

I cannot imagine the price of Hive, so do Leo, after a couple of years when Hive ecosystem is much more popular... As early investors, we will be really happy 😄

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Eventually people will stop looking the other way and will flock to Hive.

Also...the more people get banned on other social media platforms the higher the chances that Hive will be the perfect shelter for them.

Some are in this game for the money only, but when they can't make any they'll look for decentralized solutions ;)

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I imagine those people who had a new year's decision to go into crypto! Hats off! You are all early!

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Early indeed...Now I am not suggesting that the entire year prices will keep heading south no matter what, but I wouldn't be surprised too if they did.

Besides everyone's expecting BTC to climb a lot higher during Q4...and it will def drag everything to new highs...

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Cool to see the massive increase! A lot of friends are calling me to tell them about crypto, so I think the bull run will last a little longer this time. I tell them where I'm invested and they can chose what they want. For some I open the accounts and guide them till a point.

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Wish my family would do the same...but they are way too stubborn...Meh...I'll prove them how wrong they were when I'll be millionaire :P

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Help them when you are a millionaire, that would be the best thing as slap to do.

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To think that leo was birthed in the bear and has maintained an upward trend matters a lot. Even without more application, a stronger infrastructure will only make the leo token more demanded for because of its utility. I see leo as another bnb, but better

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It we accomplish 1/10 of what CZ has done with BNB then I'll be a happy man

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Baby steps

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Imagine how most of them will perform once back above 2018 ATHs.

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That includes Hive too?

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Of course. It hasn't claimed back its previous ATH.

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BTC such a laggard :D
And now M. Musk boosted Marscoin up +450%...

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Super impressive gains so far this year. With Bitcoin getting past the 50k wall, i think we could go much higher. Hopefully, some of the forgotten alts get some love along the way too.

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let's hope Hive will get some of that love too...

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All those moneys going up and down! I missed the change to invest in DOGE too! Ha, ha, ha. I need to make the only silly joke I can about this and the one I'm entitled to do as a Venezuelan. What about the PETRO scam? I mean we have our crypto, but that thing is banned everywhere. The only use it has is for buying gas nowadays.

Jokes aside. I need to start making investments around to have some incomes for future old me. No one else is going to take care of me.

That's a massive increase and it's so good to see this happening.

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$YFDAI still has a long way to go and in the meantime you can stake for 72% APY

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Good stuff.

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I love it that you included HIVE even if it is still below the top 20. :)

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I would think DASH should be on this list but maybe not. It will be interesting to see which ones will actually continue to thrive and which will fall by the wayside again. There are coins out there right now not being talked about which will become widely known in the next few months. Now, if we could only figure out which ones those were...

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This is fomo nightmare fuel LOL Very interesting post though, thank you for the insights!

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Need more listing privacy coin dash zcash and others. Though privacy coins do not comply with kyc the demand increase slowly

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For me, HIVE and Hive tokens is just the best place to have a good ROI. I advised a friend who wanted to invest about $2k in crypto to come to Hive and perhaps the second layer tokens like LEO, CTP, SPORTS and many more with huge prospects. Looking at curation, such investment would start yielding profit from Day 8 and onward till a favourable price is reached in the future.

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Some of Blockchain base gaming are giving high ROI. For Example Dicty

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