What will you buy if HIVE moons? HBD of course!!

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There's been a lot of talking whether HBD and back from the day SBD is a good thing for Hive or just something that is dragging Hive's price down and won't let it loose. People have come up with many ideas over the years on how they can make it work as it was supposed to but every time something goes south...

Whether it was burning posts or various initiatives or direct transfers to @null ...you name it...

It's probably what I like to call it, the most "unstable" of every single stable coin there is out there...So if you ask me what I think of HBD I'd probably say that if we can make it work and be finally pegged to $1 then I am all in for it...

But if you look at the screenshots below...

20210212 21_23_08Hive Dollar price today, HBD marketcap, chart, and info _ CoinMarketCap.png

...you'll understand that so far it fails, and there is a really good explanation about it. It's really tiny supply ~ 4.5 million tokens is the perfect gift for possible manipulators. It doesn't matter to them that it is supposed to be a stable coin. They treat is just like any other coin with really small supply.

Why on Earth people spend even $0.01 more to buy something that is supposed to worth exactly $1???

Ever seen USDT / DAI / BUSD...or any other stable coin at $4.21??? Maybe at 39 cents? Of course not. It's because there are hundreds of millions of those tokens in the market and price can't be manipulated more than +/- 2%.

Now I am not gonna delve into its mechanics but since HBD is a necessary evil, then make the most out of it.

I am sure that there are hundreds of users around here which can't afford to invest neither in HIVE nor in LEO not in any token so to speak either because their financial background isn't that great or because they are in debt etc. So their only option is to blog and grow their accounts organically.

So let me give you a piece of advice. Not only to those who can't invest money to grow their accounts but it probably applies to everyone.

3 trades that will make you Hive account grow a lot. That's all it takes assuming things will play out the same they did 4 years ago.

Let just say that your daily routine is to write at least one post every single day or even two...or more if you have time and you're not repetitive...

Let's also say that you earn 2 HBD per post. A few weeks ago one could convert their HBD through the 3.5 days procedure to HIVE (also another reason why Hive can't moon, because we keep injecting new tokens to the ecosystem) for ~ 8 Hive/HBD so your 2 HBD's would give you 16 liquid Hive per post. 32 if you make 2 posts and so on and so forth...

Right now exactly because Hive's price reached almost 23 cents if one convetrs their HBD they'll eventually get something more that 4 Hive/HBD...the higher the price the less you earn and if by some miracle Hive's price goes > $1 if you convert HBD you end up losing money. So...

For many months in a row Hive was cruising at 13 - 15 cents so you'd get ~15 HIVE should you use the conversion method. So 15 Hive per day * 30 days * 6 months = 2700 Liquid HIVE

Now if you are patient enough, when Hive which is usually invited last to the bull party by some other miracle go to $8 just like STEEM did you can sell those 2700 which by then should be way more...for $21.000!!!

If you stick to the plan you'll become a Hive whale without investing a penny. Note that this is IF and that's a big if, things play out the same way...

And here's the best part...

Usually when Hive is mooning so is HBD our stable coin. Last time it went all the way up to $18 I think. It was called SBD then :P

Anyway, eventually it comes down to it's peg. It takes a while but what's a few more weeks of patience when you know that within the next BTC 4 year cycle you'll be a whale?

So you got your $21.000. Before you spend it on hookers and drinks, just wait. And when HBD is back to its peg you buy back 21K HBDs. There's a high chance that it moons again...so you might sell it at $3 or $5 or at $10...you never know where HBD's next jump gonna be...

But even if it doesn't moon again...and exactly because when the upcoming bull run is over prices will be depressing again...you can use those 21K HBD and buy back Hive again...at 15 cents or at 10 or ...

There you have it...within a year or two you're half whale...

Just make two posts a day or three and enjoy the ultimate Hive status a couple of years down the road :)


It sounds crazy? That's because it is...But 100% doable...

Have a good one people.

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You blowed my mind 😅 Are you a genius or something 😶

It sounds quite crazy but you are %100 right. There is an opportunity for people to utilize HBD-Hive Convertibility to make some more gains.

You know what, after reading and liking the post, I had to read it 2 more times to be able to understand thoroughly 😂

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Hehe.. At your service

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Well that's utterly playing with HBD and hive. It's a pity I don't understand the tokeconomics but it's practical. Selling when its high to buy back and all. Except HBD should be pegged or supposed go be pegged at 1$

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Ya it's supposed to be pegged at $1 only at the moment it's at $1.4 again...

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It's probably what I like to call it, the most "unstable" of every single stable coin there is out there...

This made me laugh.

Man, this is an interesting read. I couldn't help but notice that the HBD to HIVE swap is getting less and less interesting as of late. I'm kind of trigger-happy. Click a little too often in my Hive wallet and had the tendency to convert HBD to Hive as soon as it was over 1 USD. I felt hesitant to do so now, as the Hive price has risen quite a lot.

This is just what I needed to read. I hope I manage to let my HBD grow though. Up till now, I haven't managed to do so but I'm gonna think twice now before I sell or exchange it for Hive.

Thanks mate! :<)

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Since it is really unstable it could moon before Hive just like it is now...The thing is as long as you have both liquid Hive and HBD you can arbitrage the market.

The other root is to do what I said in the post hoping that Hive will start mooning at some point

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And then Hive started rocketing...
Let's see if this is, indeed, the start of something beautiful ;<)

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I was thinking that maybe DEC would be a good alternative if Hive moons and DEC hits the bottom idk.

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I have no idea how DEC performs...I don't hold any

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Interesting. One question I have though is why is HBD not listed on other exchanges like Binance against other currencies like ETH or BtC. Thankd

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I don't really know the reason why. but I think there a specific fee one has to pay in order for a token to be listed ...maybe it didn't worth that fee

Besides there are many alternatives if someone wants to buy a stable coin. A really stable on ;)

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i honestly don't know where i would invest the hive/hbd earnings if the price reaches new heights ofc. Most likely i would invest a part to other coins and convert some in euro in order to pay for a master's degree. But that's just way too long term in my eyes.

i have 5k of hp and 300 hbd. So even if the price reaches 1$ there is no point for me to cash out. If it reaches 5$ then maybe some of the above might happen :P

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This is kind of risky with many if's attached to it and prefer to just stake it. Lately we are scoring as we are getting more Hive compared to HBD against post rewards as it is calculated at the peg of $1 and not at $1.30 or whatever it is currently. Over the last week it is adding up on my posts to be around 4 or 5 Hive extra per day which is a bonus.

A $10 post payout = 50% for you 50% for curators.

so for your $5 = 2.5 hbd and $2.5 worth of Hive. With Hive at 10 cents you'd get 25 Hive. With Hive at 25 cents you'd get 10 Hive.

They only reason you might be getting more is because upvote values have gone up hence your payouts too

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I get that part but this is what I was trying to explain in possibly an unclear and confusing way. My one post reward was this today to give an example 33.889 HP|7.183 HBD. when I converted the HBD not even bargaining on the exchange I received 7.193 HBD|41.668 HIVE. My thinking is Hive is pegged at $1 in the payout as a maximum so if at $1.40 we simply score the extra right now. Am I wrong in thinking like this?

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Ya because unless you already have HBD on theses exchanges "Upbit Bitrrex" deposits are closed so you can't benefit from that.

When one uses the convert method HBD is always calculated as $1 regardless what exchanges do

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