When numbers speak the truth...

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There is this line written by @khaleekazi in the latest post he published from the @leofinance account that went unnoticed but it is pure gold and exactly the reason why every single Hiver regardless if they love or hate the progress being made by the LEO team and the exposure and appreciation LEO / wLEO are enjoying right now, should stand by these efforts and help LEO grow even further.

The motto of this entire launch has been to step outside of the Hive ecosystem and shine the light on our project so that we can bring new people into the fold and onboard them onto the platform.

A successful LEO token is a big win for the entire Hive ecosystem.

I am sure you've seen @nealmcspaden talking about $2 LEO or even the possibility of a $37 LEO token, right? Some think they are crazy...they aren't crazy...they just dream big and there's a reason for that.

They speak about reaching a target of 4000 active users and how through burns from ad revenue those targets could be achieved. Are 4000 users such an extreme number? I think not.

20200928 22_01_13Leo DEX.png

Now have a look at the screenshot above.

The circulating supply of the LEO token is really small. Like tiny...

5 mill tokens in circulation...

3.55 mill staked...

700K+ already in the liquidity pool in Uniswap...

About 40K LEO ready to be sold n Hive-Engive / Leodex.

20200928 21_59_52Uniswap Info.png

which leaves us with roughly 700K LEO floating around...

Some of those are sitting in wallets whose owners don't even know they possess them...so the real number might be even smaller...

Now try to imagine how many people will be curious to see what this wLEO is after all, after the latest listings on Coingecko / Coinpaprica / Blockfolio / Coin-Logic.

And what happens when some of these users decide that this whole thing is worth a try?

They'll need a Hive account...

They'll need RC's...

They'll start buying both HIVE and LEO...

It's a win win for the entire ecosystem and I'd love to see more tribe owners follow the same path @khaleelkazi did. I'd support them with all my powers.

PS. Show me a coin with such a small circulating supply of tokens whose price didn't moon. $$$ wise...

I dare you...

Have a good one people and stay safe.


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Good rationale in your words. Hope you will be right for the sake of all Hive ecosystem ;-)

Well, they try hard mate...we try hard...

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It is pure gold. To me, the future of hive is in it's communities become draw cards in their own right. That means custom domain names, custom sites, maybe tokens. Leo is doing all of these things. The new UI is a huge step.

It's a huge step indeed...they even managed to make us forget about Steemworld (remember that tool?)

Hivestats.io is pure gold...meh maybe I am biased...everything's pure gold

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It was just a matter of time when will this happen... Tribes WILL overtake Hive as a whole... I mean, tribes will/should be the FIRST line of onboarding... LEO team was the first to realize that, and they had the strength to push the story out... Now it is the turn on other tribes to step out if they want to thrive!

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Now it is the turn on other tribes to step out if they want to thrive!

And how awesome would that be eh?

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I think the listing on Coingecko will even bring more exposure, I'm eager to see how the next three months will seem like. Do you think coinmarket might follow with time?

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Khal dropped a link with stats somewhere in discord...the listing on Coingecko surpassed all the rest of the impressions / searches collectively. In just a few hours...

Do you think coinmarket might follow with time?

I am sure they will. It might take some time but eventually they will. They made a clean up recently and delisted more than 2K coins...99% of them were scammy...

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Oh wow, I'll just have to check to see the stats

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I fully agree that it's communities that will take Hive to the next level. Completely self branded communities, with users not even knowing or caring that they're on Hive. But gaining all the benefits of being on this blockchain.

It's mind boggling to me that we don't hear anything from those with control over the dev fund. Leo is literally all @khaleelkazi, the one-man-band just on a crusade.

The penny will drop soon enough.

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And he's doing great so far doesn't he?

Lol LEO dust is a real thing, as the price moves up people will take note and put those few coins on the market I am sure but it will be small orders that won't move the price I am sure of that.

We're moving up to a $1 million market cap, won't be long

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$1 mill? we'll be there in no time...aim higher

Lol I like to aim low that way I'm never disappointed 😂