Winters are supposed to last for 3 months...not 3 years...

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I am pretty sure that everyone has heard or read a story about how crypto changed one's life overnight or in a very short period of time, and turned them from next door's guy, to a superstar who doesn't have to worry anymore about anything -financial wise of course-.

And while I usually take everything I read or hear with a grain of salt, there's always a grain of truth as well in each and every one of there stories.

Yes, there are many people whose lives changed completely because of crypto...they are among us too. In case you need a reminder of how rapidly things can change so that one can hit rock bottom and then rise from the dead, I suggest you listen to this podcast, and this one too, back to back.

I must have listened to these two like 10 times each lately, no shit, especially now that my life is a bit of a mess and things are going to the shitest...

What I was saying? Oh...about crypto changing lives...

There's no doubt about it. It's just that 95%+ of the people that hang around here and on second thought, of all the people I know who happen to be involved in crypto have something in common. All of them decided to give it a shot when the previous bull run was over.

Winters are supposed to last for 3 months...not 3 years...



Therefore their experience mustn't be so great. Mine definitely isn't. I mean sure, writing on Steem and then on Hive is great and sets me free...but at the same time watching your investment going down day after day isn't exactly a great feeling...let alone when it keeps happening for 3 full years. Just to give you an idea...back in June 2018 I decided to spend 5K Euros and buy Steem. Those 5K bought me about 3K Steem...can you even imagine that? Bought at $1.6...$1.2...and so on.

These days those 5K Euros would buy me 40K Hive maybe? You see the difference?

And while we are all waiting for that new bull run that might start tomorrow or 5 years from now I keep thinking of which coins will perform better so that I can refill my bags. Thankfully the only asset I am still holding tight is XMR. Actually I am holding a fair amount of them and I am glad I do. As you probably know since I've mentioned it many times now, I only invest in projects that have a real use case and XMR definitely falls into that category.

Privacy will be people's first priority in the years to come. I mean in a world where governments want to know and track everything XMR is like a sunshine...All privacy coins actually but there's no doubt that XMR is the undisputed king of privacy.

Just look at this chart. This is the 4 hour chart on Binance. A beauty...

20201214 16_14_460.008065 _ XMRBTC _ Binance Spot.png

Now look around and show me a similar chart. There isn't...Visit Coinmarketcap and have a look at the charts. Identical to BTCs...expect from XMR. At the moment it feels like it is the only crypto asset that isn't correlated to BTC and is performing independently. On March 7th 2020 it bottomed out at $35 dollars...9 months later it's up almost 5x...sitting comfortably at $155 and the bull run hasn't even started yet...

I see no reason why it wouldn't go 20x or more when the domino effect begins, but I wouldn't say no even at the pace at which it's currently going up. Could XMR be one of those coins that will change lives? Why the hell not?

I've seen @edicted discussing many times about BTC's doubling curve and that somewhere between October 2021 - December 2021 we'll witness the same thing as in 2017. I wish things will play out exactly as in 2017 but if you think about it for a moment it is only the only reference point we have regarding alts...back in 2012 (that's 3 BTC halving events back) most of the alts that performed exceptionally in 2017/18 didn't even exist...


At some point BTC will cross the $20K mark and it will keep going up for some time. Then big investors will take some profits and money will flock to alts. So it would be wise to invest in projects that will go up for a reason other than just speculation...and real life use cases is definitely one of those...

Have a good one people.


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Very true life goes around and when you are celebrating today because you have a lot of money tomorrow you have to eat the soles of your shoes because you are broke.

That's why you have to celebrate in silence and enjoy the benefits of good investments in silence.

And I also believe that xmr is the best crypt currency in the world not only because of the privacy but also because of the solidity it has had in these months even better than bitcoin.

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At some point BTC will cross the $20K mark and it will keep going up for some time. Then big investors will take some profits and money will flock to alts.

This is simply the truth. That will be the peak of everything, what turns the entire table around. But I think that before that cycle, we'll continue to see some alts mooning in their own ways. Thanks for sharing your story.

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It has been a very complicated and challenging phase (especially for those who took money out of their own pocket to make investments), but I think that next year will be better.

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Two days ago I was talking with a good friend of mine who introduced me to crypto about XMR, ZEC, DASH and some other ones in the OG category that are still a bargain, but also managed to recover well from the March crash.

I subscribe to what @edicted is forecasting and I am doing that based on previous halving cycles and how long it took BTC to get to new peaks after every halving, which is around 500 days.

I assume $20k will be conquered this month and once BTC does we'll gonna witness volatility at the level of thousands of dollars not tens or hundreds. That's when the show really begins.

What you could learn from your mistake with STEEM is to not get into any project when there's euphoria around it and extreme greed... and people act like a cult refusing to see the reality and rather fantasizing about what could come.

That's the way I see it and follow the good old rotchsild's advice: buy when there's blood on the street and sell when others are greedy.

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I fully agree about BTC cycles. Yet the only example we have about how alts behave was in 2017/18 because there were no alts in 2012/13...well there were but only a few...

So we are speculating too. BTC might do what we are all expecting it will but nobody can guarantee that alts will perform the same this time. Maybe they will...maybe not...

As for buying when there's blood on the streets...everyone knows that...but only a few live by that rule ;)

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The alt market is going to be super weird this time around. The next mega-bull run will clearly be fueled by institutional adoption. The vast majority of these institutions aren't going to want anything to do with altcoins.

This creates an awkward situation of hoping that either institutions will change their minds about altcoins (not likely) or Bitcoin retail holders with inflated bags will diversify to alts.

Considering all the money at stake and how small the market caps are of altcoins, we should get a nice run up no matter what, but we might not see those crazy x100 run ups this time around because the money coming in will likely stay in Bitcoin.

It also creates another interesting scenario where Bitcoin is being coopted by corporations, so all the Bitcoin holders who see that as a threat and a disadvantage may move to alts on purpose.

Have a good one too, I believe making the right decisions is all that that matter, sometimes we do our research and yet it still doesn't work out. But then I'm buying into my favourite alt hoping the bull will come quicker. 20k has so far been elusive

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I think the moment it will cross 20K it will reach 30K in no time...

Patience till then...

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Smart people buy DOGE

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Of course they don't.hehe

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Smarter ones buy dogs... two of them actually.

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I've got 4 of them actually :P



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dogs :P

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Any pics with them on your blog?

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Must have made a post some two years ago...if I can't find it I'll shoot you some pics to see my pits:)

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Will love to see them.

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Very true, except here winter lasts half the year. I know you weren't trying to talk about weather, though. haha.

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Nice thoughts sharing with us :)

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