Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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I had a really interesting conversation with my colleagues at my day job in an attempt I made to persuade some of them to join Hive and Leofinance. Despite the general lock-down that is in full effect for some 10 hours now the place I am working at will remain open. It's a small market or...mini super market as I like to call it since one can find more than 6000 goods on the selves.

Did I mention that our small coffee shop wasn't excluded of course?

This is the second time during 2020 we are "forced" to comply with law enforcement, first one was on March where we had to shut down for 65 days. God knows how we managed to pay those 3 rents and a shit ton of bills. The only, and I repeat, the only reason we managed to go through with all that was because of some successful crypto choices I had made and a few good trades. Real talk.

If it wasn't for crypto...trust me there wouldn't be a coffee shop to shut down this time. But since luck isn't always an ally, I am afraid that this time there won't be a happy ending. You can't even imagine the feeling of having spent almost all of your savings on a little business and being targeted by the government and this fuckin pandemic twice within 6 months.

Devastated...that's how I feel right now.

And most like my inheritance will be a huge debt to the IRS. Great stuff...

On the bright side of things, I still have a day job. A shitty one of course from which I can barely cover my month's expenses and one that I also hate doing but at least I won't be homeless too...

And this is exactly the reason why I had this conversation with my colleagues in the first place. It all started when I asked them:

-"Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source? One that wouldn't even be...a job. No 9 - 5 /6/7 schedule any more. Would you?"

To my surprise everyone said NO. They even started to calculate how much money they needed, all at once for an early retirement...

They started throwing numbers...800K Euro is what I want to quit my job....1 mill...2 mills

-"Are you people mentally ill? You are getting payed 700 Euro each month which is less than 10K per year and you're telling me that if you could earn those 700 without working like slaves you would say NO? You ain't gonna get those 800K in this lifetime with a salary like that pal...let alone 1 mill or 2..."

What I had in mind was to demonstrate to them the benefits of being part of the Hive and LEO ecosystem. That anyone could earn a reasonable amount of real money as long as they are persistent and love what they are doing.

That there are cases where people make a living off of Hive and LEO. You can check this post and see for yourselves.

I am pretty aware of the fact that eventually it comes down to here someone is living at. It's one thing o live in the US and another one to live in Venezuela where blogging and curating on Hive / Leo could be far more profitable than an average job.

But trust me, living in Greece which has a completely broken economy, it won't take long before people realize that alternative ways of earning money and making a living is what they should be looking for...

To be honest with you all I wish I could do that. But in order to achieve something like that either HIVE and LEO should go 3x up or I should triple my stake...which is high unlikely to happen any time soon...

So how about you guys? Would you do it if your...math was correct?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Have a good one people and stay safe.



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I wouldn't think twice. But here in Venezuela a salary is equivalent to 0.92 per month or 1 $ a total disgusting, My sister @ celi130 she did venture to leave her job to earn more money, without a schedule, close to her daughter, she is a single mother every day. I observe how he gets up in the morning and attends to his daughter. To then sit at the computer to work on post in Hive, sometimes it does well and sometimes not. But she did not continue with a job that did not pay even for a diaper for her daughter. She met Hive from there she has brought her daughter daily bread.

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Excuse me... are you serious? $1 per month? That can't be right...



And that was a year ago.

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in the 90s here, my father would have to pay 3-4x more than a paycheck for a buss to get to the job then the paycheck it self. and you would have to buy $ they day you get the check or in a day it was worth 3-4 times less (we used German marks at the time, because our dinar was worthless). And the check would be 2-3 marks. we would buy fuel in the streets packed in 1.5L plastic bottles (and some sellers would boil the bottles as they shrink after that).

It is a crazy time when country goes to shit. we had that for 2 years, Venezuela is in this shit for a while now.

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Brother I'm from Venezuela, I live every day this damn economy that is getting worse and worse

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Absolutely disgusting. And people really wake up in the morning to go to work knowing they'll earn a dollar or less? Geeezzz

Are there other options? Migration maybe?

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If much they go out every day to work with that salary.

Many have left for a while I went to Colombia, but I returned for my father I was very bad. I'm still here after my father died, I help my sister with her daughter, my mother. Well from today I ventured to return to Leo. I had not written for a long time due to lack of internet. But my brothers and I invested to color a private one. That now I will activate from the Leo platform. Also start Stem Geeks.

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I guess it's hard to migrate the whole country... but I still remember Romania in 2005 when millions were migrating to better countries.

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These numbers about Venezuela keep surprising me. A country like that is an example of how the fiat monetary system has totally failed. It's insanity.

I hope many Venezuelans can quit their slave jobs, thanks to the blockchain.

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Yes, in Venezuela every day we are more of a slave to this bad economy. If the block chain is a door to get ahead, to be able to carry our daily bread.

Leofinance is a great platform that we can learn about investments, make money

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Wish you people all the best. So Hive can be a life changer after all.

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Thanks for your good wishes

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I though Romania was bad... How does the country has gotten to this situation.

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Previously, Venezuela came to this country before many, because it was a good country.

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The problem with crypto is that it requires people to have fiscal responsibility, a skill that less than 10% of Americans posses by design. With Bitcoin creating these insane 4 year pump/dump cycles people need to learn how to cost-average buy/sell, play it safe, and take enough gains during the mega bubble to not only last them 4 years, but actually have the self discipline to save the money and not impulse buy everything they want in the moment. It's a big ask.

This is why fiat currency and wage-slavery have been so popular for so long. People are so bad with money that these systems, while exploitive, keep their horrible money management practices in check while providing a stable/steady income.

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Eventually it all comes down to education. Those who had enough of it try to find solutions, not necessarily ways to be millionaires or to have access to easy money but real solutions and alternatives.
That's why both you and I are here, right? You see the potential...you educate yourself every single day...that's because you had enough of it. Just because you know that if you follow the herd you'll keep dying every single day for the rest of your life.

Too bad they usually realize that when they hit 65+

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My thoughts are i pretty much have 2 jobs now. I work for a construction company owned by my folks and i have a ranch i farm and do various things one growing food etc., It's full of deer and wild turkey. So i would probably eventually quit the construction part. I would never quit the farming part because i feel that's natural to the human being and i like being close to the land.

Unfortunately the way crypto is presented. It doesn't seem like a viable option for me to replace any of that lol. I don't earn enough i don't trust i will earn enough the way the growth is happening with many of these crypto projects so i wouldn't wanna bank on any of that.

I"m actually surprised people prefer to be stuck in jobs they don't wanna do and slave all day and not use crypto to create opportunities that solve those problems. The issue is as i've expressed on many threads is that the average person doesn't have alot of disposable income. Even myself alot of my value is locked some place. So i don't really have it to be just investing in risky cryptocurrencies. What i hoped was that the crypto space would have found new ways to approach the problem but seemingly they approach the problem like our traditional financial markets and treat crypto like risky penny stocks or something.

I would hope crypto would be inspired to change the world with new models. I live in america the richest country in the world per capita and the average american doesn't have $400 in the bank. That's for emergencies they aren't going to be putting that into crypto too quickly. So when i created my ubi coin we tried to find solutions to many of the problems unfortunately many in crypto are still looking for the big payday that they often times never get. The ones who do get it are not representative of most people. So we're slowly pushing on and i'm proud of us going in the direction of not the traditional idea of just buy my obscure cryptocurrency coin and stake it that i and my friends don't have any clue about.

So i wouldn't even wanna tell my friends to get into crypto or encourage them until the space starts creating new systems that can work. im not convinced it's doing that right now. if it were it should be easy for them after over a decade to go into all these developing nations in africa and venezuela and by now have a gigantic foothold. if they can't do that then i see no reason it can solve any other problems right now in that arena. Anyway those are my thoughts but yes i think some ubi coin will end up being the solution.

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Well. Before I quit my last job, then yes I would have quit in a instance :D

I can't really quit a job I don't have :P But I live in Denmark and I have a union, so its all fine. No biggy.

I do wanna be FI at some point in my life and just live off dividends from Crypto and maybe Stocks if thats around in 20 years :D

That's the plan mate. Wouldn't that be awesome? Living off of dividends and staked crypto while traveling the world when this Covid shit ends?

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That is 100% the plan! :D

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I work as a customer care for an energy multinational and frankly I'm already tired of hearing people's complaints.

As I have repeatedly told my wife, if I had a chance to earn the same salary by writing articles about Hive and Leo, I would do it right away because that's what I really like.

Here in southern Italy having a contract is difficult and I consider myself lucky. we hope that in the coming years the value of Hive and Leo will reach such a value that we can say: I quit my job and dedicate myself to my blog (and not only) 😍

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hope that in the coming years the value of Hive and Leo will reach such a value that we can say: I quit my job and dedicate myself to my blog (and not only)

Wouldn't that be awesome?

I have a feeling that world will never be the same again after/ if this Covid thing ever ends therefore the need for alternative sources of income will be greater month after month.

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yes, that would be great 🎉

We hope we don't have to wait too long 🤓

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To be honest , I can quit even I earn 70% here what I earn my job.
For job , I have to live in big city, where I have to pay some hefty house rent and everything come with premium pricing.

Will migrate to small city, my expenses will be reduced by at least 30% .

Anyway I keep stacking, and I hope in next 15-20 years my stack will allow me to retire somewhere in peace.

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I live in the capital so I know the feeling mate. 2/3 of what I earn from my day job...and after we've shut down the coffee shop, my only job, go to rent. Let alone gasoline, electricity, Internet connection, mobile...

Anyway I keep stacking, and I hope in next 15-20 years my stack will allow me to retire somewhere in peace.

I'll drink to that.

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I live in the capital so I know the feeling mate. 2/3 of what I earn from my day job...and after we've shut down the coffee shop, my only job, go to rent.

And that is exactly how the cities hold us prisoner. With mortgages, study debts and all.

Aside from the fact that they're not much fun at all this year.

I'm seeing it clearly now, since I moved to the Portuguese countryside.

Come to Portugal! There's an abundance of food and like minded people here, willing to help others.

In a way, it feels like Hive, but then in real life :>)

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lol. Did that 3 years ago. A beautiful morning packed my stuff and went to Cyprus. Stayed there for 2 years.

Don't tempt me...I am telling ya...

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Cool to hear that story!

And sorry ( not sorry ), I can't help it.
It's pretty awesome here, in real life, and the positive energy and community is growing fast.

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as you said that about portugal this came to my mind right away. our movie from first part of 2000. the whole movie the cop was talking about how he wants to move to portugal :D

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so almost same, we are paying too much premium for "doing our daily job" then.

Yeah I would immediately take that opportunity, not because I hate my job that much, but time is limited in supply and I can’t see myself wasting 40 years basically living the same day.

but time is limited in supply and I can’t see myself wasting 40 years basically living the same day.

Well mate, I was expecting someone to say that. Wonder how people manage to stay at the same job for decades...

Some fancy riches and fast cars. Making a living through writing or collecting rents(?) or whatever and travel the world when the pandemic is over would work fine for me.

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wonder how people manage to stay at the same job for decades...

It wasn't easy but it has its ups too, once the kids are grown your may be making enough to save, invest in LEO and retire!

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Hehe, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

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Good for you, don't get stuck in that trap!

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So many people are stuck in their own 'Groundhog Day' ( Job ). I quit mine 4 years ago, 9 months before I discovered crypto. It hasn't been easy but I never regretted my choice.

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I was recently offered to join a writers collective. $0.04/word,but topics defined by client, of course. Contrarily to many they were OK paying in crypto.

Now, while not top echelon, $0.04 isn't too bad a deal. The pitch was "we will not send you requests below 500 words" and they knew I'm mostly a news and opinion writer, averaging around 900-1,100 words, which fits in the modern journalistic standard.

Of course, I did expect the odd more tedious task. And they didn't let wait long for themselves, as I had agreed on an evaluation period. The evaluation being me assessing the orders sent my way.

Soon it was obvious that the gig would mostly be writing referential content, long-form referential content. The pay would start at on average $1,800 minimum at an almost daily activity level. Depending on how skilled and good you are, that could double. The best people could make $1,800 in 15 days only.

Would you take it? Minimum $1,800 monthly with option to double.
Remember this is on a self-employed basis so you have to file taxes and take care of your health insurance. This is gross revenue.


I rejected because the demands would mostly be +3,000 words referential articles to be delivered within 48 hours. To me that seemed pretty much sweatshop work.
I also wasn’t looking for anything like that level of commitment.

Edit: CC @forexbroker

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1000% yes. Although if you are talking about crypto I will have to wait for a couple more cycles on para olic gains followed by 90% loss.

Would be nice to have 5 to 10 projects providing a similar amount of cash each month so if one fails I am not screwed.

Then I will rest for some time before dexising what the next chapter looks like.

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1000% yes.

Good to know. Pretty much everyone feels tired following the same routine and 90% of the people also hate their jobs...

Although if you are talking about crypto

No, not necessarily.

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So how about you guys? Would you do it if your...math was correct?

Tough question, since I do love my job right now compared to the previous ones that I worked with. But having what we call "freedom" from your normal 9 hours work maybe?

We are currently in a WFH set-up, and because of that the chances of me resigning becomes more thin. My goal back then is to look for a company that offers WFH.

But providing the figures like having them doubled I guess.. time to bid goodbye to the company :)

My love for them wouldn't increase my salary twice for sure unless I become their manager which is quite impossible as I want to work on my own pace and not handling multiple people.

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Tough question, since I do love my job right now compared to the previous ones that I worked with.

You're a minority and I really am happy for you. Usually people hate their jobs.

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Thanks! Before landing on this job oh boy! |I am always looking at the clock waiting for 5pm to hit so that I can leave my workstation. There are days where in I would pretend sick so that I will not be reporting to work.

It was a nightmare experience, plus the pay is like slavery.

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There are days where in I would pretend sick so that I will not be reporting to work.

I def feel you. That's the stage I am right now. Trying to find excuses to nt report to work. Nightmare indeed

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I hope that you feel better soon man. Been on that situation and decided to do an AWOL on the other company. One of the worst decision that I did as I had a hard time finding a job afterwards.

Think gazillion times, if it is worth to keep. If it is not healthy anymore then take a leave perhaps? |If it is not really worth keeping let them know that you can't do it anymore.

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Quiting job, I had the experience. I quit job in 2017. I earned good income from crypto bounty jobs I quit the job as teacher with 150$ /month salary. I earned huge income that time almost every week from bounty works. Then I bought a house worth $15000 Usd in my country. It was not big house. Suddenly, bounty jobs gave no more good earning. I did not invest my saving to a business then I got bankrupt. In the end 2018 I broke. I started very small business. The time was hard. I did until June 2020. Then I got a job again.
Quiting job without fixed income or stable income from business or part time jobs....ehm? I will think many times

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Quiting job without fixed income or stable income from business or part time jobs....ehm?

Nobody like uncertainty, that I know. But what's the point in keep working 9-5 for pennies if you could make those same pennies using other skills you may possess or your creativity?

The question is kinda generic, think out of the box.

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That there are cases where people make a living off of Hive and LEO.

And I think, this was true for many, when the price of steem was more than a $. Coming to quit the job, I think, given a better choice, that would guarantee same income with less stress and legit, anyone would do that. But that's not the case, especially not with crypt as the price is not consistent.

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One solution would be to be able to somehow harness all the earned blogging tokens and sell only during bull markets, this way you would make the most. That would be the perfect solution for me, but it would mean that I would need to live on savings for about three years or so.

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three years

for the bull market ? 😜

I'm currently a full time content creator. All my reveneue is generated from the content I make. Thankfully I discovered decentralised social platforms at a crucial time in my life. I have a degree in insurance and have considered getting a day door. However, insurance is highly underrated in this part of the world (labour is undervalued here due to the excessive supply of it). My girlfriend who happens to work for an insurance company earns less than $100 per month and I kid you not. She has been promised a staff contact which would see her salary go up to $300--still very poor. So when I consider these factors there is not motivation to get a day job. Could rather continue creating content while I learn new skills. Recently started learning web development. So I will say this pays more. I love the freedom.

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I love the freedom

Oh I love freedom too bud. And I feel ya. Why spend 1/3 if not more of your life working so that someone else gets rich while you can control your fate?

I keep telling that to myself...

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When I come across articles like this, I often wonder if normal people are just mentally ill. Why would a person ever say anything except yes! Maybe they are afraid of making a change. Maybe they like being told what to do. mYabe they actually fear success and greatness - the very thing most people active on HIVE and LEO are after.

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Keep wondering that myself too. I dropped a simple question and they've started making dreams on how their life would be if they had 1 mill or 2.

Makes me sick tbh.

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Funny thing is that they would do just fine and even become millionaires if they slowly invest in their future and keep working to improve their lives. @taskmaster4450 used to talk about $100 STEEM which I thought was very realistic. I'm a highschool dropout living with my parents. I put all my liquid net worth into crypto in 2017 and HODLed through the worst of times. I was with STEEM at ATH and bought in as the prices were falling. I only powered down after the Justin Sun takeover.

It's easy to spend wealth. It's hard to build wealth. The patient people who stick around good projects will have better security for the future.

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Fingers crossed, we are all involved in 2 of them

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I was a teacher teaching literature and I love the job just that I was earning really poorly and the working conditions were terrible. I'll quit not because I hate the job but because it's not paying nicely

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50% away from...happiness.

Eventually it comes down to whether you can put food on the table and live a decent life. They've forgotten what freedom and happiness is.

Pawns of the new world's order....

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I quit a 15-year job for a better world. Income to help me cover my daughter's expenses. I took refuge in Hive, there I have helped myself meet my daughter's needs. Together with my brother @ junior182 who is always helping me, we are both with my mother, well seeing how this economy we move forward.

  • Yes, I advise leaving a job with a fixed schedule, to be at home doing post, sharing as a family.
  • You do not have a fixed schedule, you are your own boss.
  • You get more earnings in a day than a month's salary, of course here in Venezuela.

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What else can one ask? Sounds great only even I did great -rewards wise - it still wouldn't be enough to cover my expenses...if Hive / LEO goes 3x up then it's a whole different thing

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No, I wouldn't quit my job. Not for any amount in the world actually. You see, I truly love my job. Well, that's only half true... I don't truly love my job, but I truly love what I do at my job so I could never allow myself to give that up.

I work as mental health nurse/assistant nurse specialized in psychiatry or a psychiatric nurse. Whatever you want to call it. It appears to have many names.

What I do is fulfilling. I help people who suffers from mental illness. Sometimes, I "fight" and "brawl" to gain control over situations, to prevent patients from cutting themselves with knifes, forks or whatever. I prevent them from hurting themselves. I talk with them, I treat them and I show that they are not alone. I am a pillar of support in desperate, scary and dark times. The thrill and satisfaction from actually helping someone who is in the darkest place and the darkest moments of their lives, to help them heal so they can continue to live their lives is amazing. It's a fantastic feeling, so I wouldn't give that up for money.

That being said though, with money, I would most certainly reduce the working hours. I would most likely only work 50% maximum, instead of my current 150% lol.

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I totally agree with you but I really like my job too.
If there is something that Covid19 crisis taught me is that I don't want to spend my time on my own behind a computer screen at home.
Nice colleagues and the appreciation the work you do (apart from salary) are very important to me.

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That is true, in my line of work it's scary though. As I work so close with Covid-19, and because I work within the psychiatry, we don't have the same regulations and guidelines as the rest of the hospital. We don't use safety equipment etc, because our patients "shouldn't have covid", as they have mental issues. The only time we use safety equipment is when a patient is having symptoms, but if they have Covid-19 at that point, it's most likely too late already.. That would make it spread across out entire department.

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Jobs in healthcare have different requirements indeed. Let's hope there will be a vaccine soon so life will become a bit more normal again.
Take care!

Would you use the vaccine if there will be one?

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I don't know yet. I think people in the risk categories are going to receive one first. Just like the yearly influence vaccine they are providing.
If it's necessary to stop the virus I'll consider it.

That's not a job. You've found your vocation. Hats off to you. Jokes aside we'll need more people like you in the not so distant future due to that Covid shit....

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Yeah, we've already started to see the consequences. Especially among older people, or elderly. Whatever the name is. They've been in quarantine for so long so many of them have started to become depressed and many of them have severe anxiety problems. All of that leads to increasing suicides as well. It's terrible. Most of our other patients are often having troubles such as ADHD, depression, EIPS and a variety of other diagnosis. One of them or all of them. Most often multiple.. And this Covid-19 shit doesn't make it easier.

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Think most if not all on here wishes to a certain extend earn crypto to increase our wealth and wellbeing. I would not necessarily want to quit a day job as I want to make as much of a contribution to society as I can. If everyone blogged then where is the necessarily laborers for specific tasks. Bottom line it would be icing on the cake to earn enough crypto to live on while working 8 to 5 gig. Think of it now as a side hustle that in a decade or two becomes a pension I can live off of.

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Many people are scared to leave their 9 to 5 loop.

I'd be happy to do that, in fact, I'm on my way to do it! Can Leo be the cornerstone to my success? We'll see.

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Ha! Risky move but at least you're moving bud.

Stagnancy is shit...

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I agree! Moving forward every single day is a must!

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Vivo en Venezuela y cada día estoy más convencida que las criptomonedas pueden dar solución a nuestros problemas, porque un salario aquí no alcanza para comprar una harina, me motivo cada día para publicar en Hive, y aunque tengo poco tiempo puedo ver los resultados, para mi y mi familia, esto ha sido de gran ayuda.

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Well, we already don't "work for someone" because much of the time here in the US it's a dead end unless you have a high salaried job.

I work at a number of different things — eBay, book editing, my art, giving workshops — to make it through the days and months. Writing on LeoFinance/Hive is more or less my version of a "savings account." If I keep working away at it, hopefully it will amount to something in another 3-5 years.


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How did we end up like this? I keep asking myself that question...Really...

I remember my grandparents...they had no concerns and lived a happy life...

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Couple of thoughts on that:

The world was "slower" in our grandparents' time. The idea of getting a good job in your 20's working your way up the ranks, staying with the same company till you were a "manager" in your 40's and retiring with a gold watch and a pension at 65 was a reality. Now the average job lasts someone less than 18 months, and people make an eternal series of lateral moves in hope of getting ahead.

I also think corporate culture went wrong when corporations were granted "personhood" and became entities that existed only to maximize profit for investors, rather than to employ people and produce goods and services. Employment and goods/services used to be the primary objective... now they are just a disposable vehicle for higher profits.

And yes, I say that as very much a free-market capitalist.


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I have done that 10 years ago when I left the company that I have created... So, in general, I didn't left my job, as I was created another one... And I have done exactly that you said... I had 3-4 different sources of income, and that gave me the confidence to "quit my job"...

And I never looked back... The best decision ever!

What's that smell...Is it...success?

Happy for you buddy!

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Hahahaha... I wouldn't go that far... :)

But I like my freedom... As much as that sounds weird in this lockdown-shit-period... :)

I know right? Lock down kicked in 14 hours ago and it feels like a month already

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Really? Here in Spain, it didn't stop from the beginning.. hahaha... Having restrictions from February, just changing the "shape" :) From prison lockdown, through "easing", to coming back to night curfews, and who knows what will happen tomorrow...

It's nice to be sheep and wait to be slaughtered... But hey... if crypto goes up, and all other shit goes down (real-estate, products and shit), we will be rich :)

I already had this kind of conversation with some of my friends, but unfortunately, they are still very skeptical about these opportunities to make money.

Well... What can I say? Too bad for them! ;P

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yeah i mean that's exactly why it hasn't happened yet. People are in disbelief and slow to change. Just need time.

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And...more for us

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Short answer, yes.

For me, working is all about managing a balance between time and money, with the goal of maximising both.

If LeoFinance offers me that, then I'd grab it with both hands.

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Short answer. Good to know there's also another reasonable man around here :)

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Seems a pretty straight forward concept, right? ;)

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We are close to a sort of a lockdown as well so I know how you feel. I am hustling what you're talking about for about three years, since I discovered crypto. Except seasonal working with a friend of mine which is quite profitable and not too much of a hard work, I am unemployed for more than three years and although blogging hasn't yet solved the financial puzzle I have high hopes. A day job is definitely something I want to stay away from

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A day job is definitely something I want to stay away from

I wouldn't mind a day job as long as it is something that I really enjoy. Being "forced" to have a day job and often a part time job also to make a living sucks bad

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I never had any that I really enjoyed.

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I used to enjoy working as bar tender some 20 years ago. Different times tho, less responsibilities...better money...

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Many things were better 20 years ago. Greece was probably way better from a financial stand point. Now it's even cheaper to go to Greece, than it is to our Romanian sea side... Things change, economies are rotten, and work has become more of a burden nowadays than it was two decades ago.

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We can thank our politicians for that. Traitors...for the past 40 years or so...Nobody ever did something good for their country

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I'm already living the dream. I have other sources of income and family business but most of the money I earn comes from Hive and other crypto. Back on February I was working on a Call Center, when Hive was born the Covid Pandemic also gained a lot of strength on the city where I was living, so I made a difficult choice. I quit the Call Center, which I hated anyway and focused 100% on Hive.

At that moment I was not making a lot from my post and my wife's posts but it paid off with the bull run that Hive had. We were able to move back home (in January we had moved to another city to test our luck), and we bought an iPad Pro for my wife.

I know I have a great opportunity and I really appreciate it. I have been working with Dan and it has helped me stay afloat and pay all my expenses.

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I am really happy for you mate. Sometimes those difficult choices we make end up having the best possible outcome.

Dan is a great guy and really helpful. Trust me I know first hand ;)

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In South Africa I'd say if you can make $800 you're doing better than the vast majority of the country, id love to just supplement my fiat income at the moment. Stuffing my fiat in bitcoin and few alts and then using my effort to earn crypto so I can have a bigger portfolio

Every dollar I can make outside my job is a blessing for sure so glad I found crypto

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What's a day job? ;<)

It sucks that small business are hit the hardest but, as you say, at least you're already in cryptocurrency.

I quit my last job 4 years ago ( not because I could but because I had to - depressed and burnt out ), aged 35. Discovered crypto about 9 months later. Shared my story on here recently in Talking Crypto with Friends 1 and 2.

I moved from The Netherlands to Portugal, in 2018, to be able to live on crypto. Am in the middle of downsizing now and setting up all kinds of passive income streams ( and am working on getting my own fruits and veggies ), mainly in crypto, to be able to live comfortably and to never need a ( 9 to 5 ) day job again.

All the best and have a nice weekend!

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Really? Damn...look at you. Others would kill for what you have. Well deserved bud. I wish I could one day ask that very question: wtf is a day job anyway?

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I had to struggle loads before I finally broke free but I did it!
I hope to inspire ( and am already inspiring many I meet in real life ) to follow suit, hopefully long before they reach retirement age.

Retirement eh? What a beautiful word. Especially if you're 40 tops

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Yeah man! In the end, it's all about freedom and spending as much time doing the things we enjoy doing while being in the company of friends and family.

It is indeed possible and we don't need to wait till we're too old and sick to enjoy life. I sure learnt that lesson from my father ( he showed me a mirror of what I didn't want to turn into - sorry dad )

lol brutal.

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"AMEN" to that! ;<)

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I have my own business so it would be a no. I can do both though and both have endless possibilities. Business is down right now forcing me to work more on here as I feel I am at least still moving forward.

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Having your own business is great. I have a small coffee shop too. We had to shut it down though due to Covid. It remains to be seen whether we'll be able to cover all the expenses required for a second time in 6 months...

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