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RE: Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 13 - Saturday 27 March 2021 - Win EDS Tokens for Comments!

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Great advice being given away for free above. Thank you- @fruityfruitz and @bearmol you will need to give me some coaching on the savings 😎


Hello @missaj good to see you 😍.
Let's all get rich slowly!

Greetings neighbour! Amen to that but I would not turn away quick gains legally and ethically gotten 😂

Me neither, truth be told 😁.
I just need someone to tell me where to get them!

Thanks too @missaj. Wait a minute, thought you were coaching us. Lol!
We help each other eh.Right ministry! Lol

I’m not consistent in the ministry of finance and planning.

Neither am I. Let’s work on it. 😃

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Greetings coach @missaj

Bless your heart my brotha!