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RE: What can you Buy in Greece with 10 LEO

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Interesting....5$ in Nigeria will make you a whole chicken stew, you'll buy a full chicken and pepper and youre good to go.

Home made food is way cheaper to get than eatery food here, in an eatery, 5$ will only get you a plate of rice and 1chicken laps,...very non economical...

5$ can also get you 9gig of internet subscription...

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$5 here gets you 1 GB apt data lol Nigeria is cheaper than South Africa fuck I’m living in a real shit hole when Nigeria is kicking your ass at cheaper internet access

Loool 5$ for 1gb!!!! Dang thats expensive,...thats why a lot of Youth in Nigeria find it easy to stay online, its only sad that most dont use it for productive stuff, plus internet coverage can be so shitty that 9gig will make you feel like 2gb...

wow the difference between eating out and eating at home is huge!

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