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RE: SPT Report & Calculated Passive Returns

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I, too, was constanly staking and delegating my SPT tokens each day, but I got to thinking that I might be missing out on some tokens due to not having any undelegated to earn from my posting/commenting/upvoting. So I continued to stake, but not delegate. I have almost earned (staked) as much as I have delegated. At the point they are equal, I will do a comparison to determine whether I earn more from delegating to @monster-curator or from being active in posts. Once I have this information, I am planning to lean more in the direction of the option that offers the highest return.


I'm looking forward to the comparison. For me, delegating mostly helps in terms of time management and I'm quite ok if I don't maximize everything.

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I can totally understand that. My hours at work fluctuate from week to week so there are days that I find it hard to get all of the posting/commenting/curating done that I would like. If I find I can make just as much delegating, I will not be so pressed to make sure everything gets done every day. I will not stop my engagement, but it will not be as much of a priority. However, I think I will find that I make more there and will continue to split my engagement/delegation efforts in order to take advantage of both regardless of my available time. The only thing that might change is the percentage of my stake that I allocate to each.

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