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RE: Hive Is Changing Lives

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You mention the financial gains from the Hive rewards but Hive provides so much more than that! I wouldn't bee here if it weren't for Steem (2018), I was new to the crypto world and I landed on Steem (I don't know why or how) but it changed my life. I became part of the Portuguese steem community and learned SO MUCH from reading posts and exchanging messages with other members.

I lost a lot of btc investing in steem back then but the knowledge I gained allowed me to make 10x the amount I lost. The big value of Hive is the community and how we usually support each other.

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There certainly is a lot more to be gained than just financial rewards. That I cannot dispute. The relationships we form and the interactions we have are equally as important.

However, we do live in a monetary world, one where we cannot get away without having some resources. For this reason, we need to get as many people involved in the process as possible.

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