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I think the key thing to take away from this is that this is not an option of choices lol. It's not like i want it to happen or many want it to happen. it's more like we have no choice. This not even negotiable. It's more like the probability is outperforming the possibility.

The other statement you made about anyone in crypto can be a whale. I think that statement is utter ridiculous. If you look at the crypto economy it almost follows the standard economy hand in hand in fact it's severely worse always has been.

The probability is that a whale in the standard economy is going to be a whale in the crypto economy. That's the probability. I deal with probability not possibility. Anyone can look at this economy as well as, most economist can agree the future looks horrible.

I don't know how people feel we will continue to outpace these super machines. That's just a suspension of logic. The crypto space are morons because whilst they running around trying to build more businesses on the chain that don't even need to be on the chain. They could be putting their resources and brainstorming together to make ubi programs work on the chain so they don't have to work on the government level.

However they so busy trying to speculate with no use cases lol. That's why bitcoin is falling down now because it as well isn't really used by anybody significantly. Sure there is a few examples of collapsing economies but thats not going to be enough bitcoin as manipulated as every other currency.

So instead of focusing on an important useful topic a power to the people system that's designed specifically to combat this problem. We still are trying to use an old 20th century model that doesn't work anymore. Machines will perform all the labor task .. they will fix and repair themselves.. according to experts not me but experts. It is said there won't be a job robots and ai can't do that a human can.

So who are all these folks getting upset.. these far right folks about what is fair. if the machines don't all the work do they still have to own the entire world? They still don't have logical brains to figure this out yet. As i said earlier all the breadcrumbs are there. This is'nt even an if situation but a when. It's just going to happen anyway no matter what we do.

Some form of ubi is going to be administered they trying their best to do it now. We gotta change with the times. All this thinking back to what we use to be has gone now. We gotta live under the circumstances of where we at with the most efficient way to address it.

The reality is the way the future shaping up its just not going to be any good reasons for whales to exist anymore. I know people link the idea of freedom and prosperity with this tremendous sense of individuality. The problem though is that system is imploding. It's not even working on a ratio that makes sense. That's just the data. This is just unavoidable so we can soften the impact by creating collections of ubi systems and maybe somewhere in the midst we find the better ones people prefer to use.

However the government will have to do this. Simply because in crypto now you all showing me you don't have the understanding to do this. So that means like with many things the government is going to lead the way. Hopefully communities will find a way to do it better.

You all can't even prioritize the bigger issues from the smaller ones. So how can we expect you all to handle this. You all so far aren't showing you can.

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